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Chapter 401

“Stop arguing!”

  Suddenly, the old man standing on the highest seat opened his mouth and said, looking at Redrick and the other 5 young men from the corner of his eyes, he did not hide his dissatisfaction .

  “Listening to Frye, they are already very close to the large creature . ”

  “For the next event, stay here and watch . ”

  Once the old man’s voice sounded, no other person dared to speak in that spacious room .

  Everyone looked at the holographic projection in front of them . Redrick connected his watch to a large projector, projecting the image of the control center of the Archangel command ship in front of Redrick and the senior leaders of the El family .

  Frye was shocked and scared as he listened to the conversation of the higher-ups of the family through the holographic projection . Redrick’s words made them all have no way out .

  If the large creature they detected this time is not the serpent-Pathogen, then neither he nor Redrick will have a good end . Especially Redrick who will be accused of deceiving the family higher-ups and wasting a lot of resources .

  “Master Redrick, don’t worry, if we encounter the serpent-pathogen, then I will definitely cut its head and dedicate it to you . ”

  Redrick nodded indifferently upon hearing this .

  Immediately afterward, Frye walked to the middle of the control center and started checking the data shown by various instruments . According to their artificial intelligence prompts, they are getting closer and closer to their target . The instrument responsible for detecting the life fluctuations of large creatures was madly ringing at that moment .

  “According to the reaction of the instrument, the creature is very close . ”

  Frey ordered his fleet to stop, then carefully searched the nearby area, because according to the signal of their detection equipment, the large creature is very close .

  “Search carefully, you must find that Pathogen!”

  Frye solemnly gave orders to his team .

  The space fighters suddenly spread to the surrounding space area, searching behind every planet fragment and meteorite, leaving no possible place for the large creature to hide .

  In the meeting room of the El family, Redrick and the others were also waiting for Frye’s investigation results . There was a look of nervousness on Redrick’s face .

  The other five heirs had similar expressions to that of Redrick, but their inner expectations were completely different from that of his . They were praying internally for Frye’s fleet to never find the serpent-pathogen .

  “Damn it, why haven’t they found it yet . ”

  Inside the control center of the command ship Archangel, Frye was feeling extremely anxious . He nervously paced around the control room, looking from time to time at the holographic projection with a look of fear .

  At the same time, he kept asking from time to time the staff in the control room about whether they found the large creature, but all he received were disappointing answers .

  The anxiety in Frye’s heart became bigger and bigger, making him unable to stay still . From the beginning to the end, he never expected that the creature they were looking for is right above their fleet, using its concealment skills to hide .

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  Fang Yun quietly stared at the incredible fleet below . In the face of a fleet that can destroy any high-class civilization, he had no fear .

  “Unexpectedly, the SkyRiver Empire actually dispatched such a large fleet this time . ”

  Fang Yun was a little surprised, the power of this fleet is beyond his imagination . Especially the three large spaceships in the middle of the fleet . Thye gave him a strong sense of danger .

  These three ships are absolutely incomparable to the other 30 planet destroyers, they are the only ones that can pose a threat to him .

  Even so, Fang Yun had no thought of escaping, he’s just feeling excited at the feeling of the long lost pressure .

  “Hoof… I wonder about how much bio-energy can I get after devouring this fleet!”

  Fang Yun’s vertical pupils gradually expanded as they shone with extreme excitement .

  Currently, he is right above Frye and his fleet . The reason why he was not found is that he is hiding in the void between the hyperspace and the material space .

  This is one of the uses of the space manipulation he got after upgraded “Light Speed Field” to the max level .

  The area of space he is now is like the folded space near the central continent, but much smaller .

  He’s neither in the material space nor the hyperspace, so they can’t find him, nor see him . They could only feel his existence due to the electromagnetic waves emitted by his huge body unconsciously, and even that only allows them to roughly judge his location .

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  Of course, it doesn’t mean that this skill is unsolvable . On the contrary, just blasting the area of the space where he is currently in with enough firepower is enough to force him out .

  “These guys appeared just at the right time . The bio-energy provided by such a huge fleet won’t be small, and they’re just the perfect target to test my new skills . ”

  Fang Yun didn’t feel nervous . Such a fleet might be very powerful, but he’s not a vegetarian, especially with his new skills .


  Suddenly, in the space area above Archangel, a black crack suddenly appeared, after which a huge monster suddenly broke out and headed straight towards Archangel .


  The moment Fang Yun appeared, the people in Archangel below felt it . Inside the control center, a staff member immediately yelled loudly, attracting Fry’s attention .

  Frye, who was constantly pacing around, suddenly felt his heart skipping a beat . He quickly looked at the main screen and saw that a huge monster was heading towards them at an unimaginable speed .

  “It appeared!”

  Frye’s face had a look of excitement, as he immediately shouted loudly .

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  “Attack immediately!”

  Above the command ship, Archangel, there are many space fighters . These fighters also immediately detected Fang Yun’s existence, then headed straight towards him, trying to intercept him .


  As the space fighters headed towards Fang Yun, their weapons were immediately turned on, shooting countless laser beams towards him . `

  These laser beams landed on Fang Yun’s body one after the other, but none could cause effective damage to him, and they weren’t able to even reduce his movement speed .

  “Boom! Boom!!”

  Along with the sound of one explosion after the other Fang Yun destroyed one space fighter after the other on his way . At the same time, his body didn’t recede in the slightest but continued accelerating more and more .

  “Damn, they have no way of stopping that monster!”

  In the control room of the Archangel, Frye yelled with a look of astonishment on his face . Despite the constant attack of hundreds of advanced space fighters, they couldn’t slow down the serpent-pathogen in the slightest .


  Suddenly, the void in front of them seemed to sway, and even the entire Archangel was trembling . Frye and the others in the control center were shocked at this moment . They closely started at the display screen .

  Suddenly, a pair of striking and huge golden eyes appeared on the ground, the black vertical pupil exerted incredible pressure on them .

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