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Chapter 334: SkyRiver Civilization
On the screen was a CGI scene made by their most advanced computer. In a vast expanse of space, there is a vast expanse of stars and nebulas, which gather together to form a circular glowing ring.

  ”As you can see, this is our galaxy.”

  At the head of the conference table, Lu Cheng glanced at the six old men sitting in their positions and continued talking.

  ”Our planet, the earth is currently in this position.”

  The moment his voice sounded, the image on the screen started to change, the picture started zooming on a certain area of the galaxy, passing by giant stars and nebulas and finally focusing on a planet.

  It’s a huge Azure planet. Bigger and bluer than their original habitat, the blue Planet.

  From this point of view, perhaps calling this planet the true Blue Planet is more appropriate.

  It’s worth mentioning that both the Earth and the Blue Planet belong to the same galaxy, the Milky Way.

  “The Earth is far from the center of the Milky Way but compared to the desolate place where the Blue Planet is, this area is much more lively, hence why we receive so many electromagnetic signals from space.”

  Lu Cheng leaned on the edge of the conference table and said with a serious look on his face to the people in front of him.

  ”The source of these electromagnetic signals is undoubtedly some spacecraft passing by near us, or simply an alien civilization near us.”

  ”In the present age, we can easily answer the old age question that sparked so many debates. Yes, there are alien civilizations in space and many at that. These are the information we got from the Star Tree.”

  Suddenly, on the holographic screen in the middle of the conference table, a dazzling array of stars appeared, and amongst these dazzling array of stars, there are many flickering red dots.

  ”According to the information obtained from the star tree, there are more than 40,000 civilizations in the Milky Way alone, and many civilizations are occupying more than one planet.”

  ”The most powerful civilizations regard habitable planets as cities. The territory of their country is composed of countless habitable planets and star systems.”

  ”The Skyriver Empire is one such civilization.”

  A dignified look appeared on Lu Cheng’s face.

  ”This civilization is the most powerful civilization in the Milky Way galaxy. They are the rulers and master of this galaxy.”

  As Lu Cheng continued talking, the holographic screen above the conference table changed again. A starry sky appeared, and in this starry sky, there were 28 stars marked in red.

  ”Although the SkyRiver civilization rules this galaxy, it doesn’t really interfere with the development and growth of other civilizations. As long as they don’t threaten its rule, then any civilization can thrive. With the exception of one thing.”

  “If that thing or accident happens in a certain civilization, the SkyRiver civilization will send an expedition to destroy that civilization.”

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  Lu Cheng’s voice paused, causing the elders who were looking at the holographic projection with a serious look on their faces to look at Lu Cheng once again.

  Lu Cheng didn’t continue to hang their appetite. He directly said a word.


  ”Previously, Moriko mentioned the word “Pathogen” along with the name of the SkyRiver civilization and mentioned that it’s very important, but! Neither she nor we knew what this word meant before!”

  ”This time, she finally got a detailed explanation of what is this Pathogen from the Star Tree.”

  “The so-called ‘Pathogen’ is an extremely powerful alien life. Their way of birth is unknown, and not much information is known about them, but their danger degree is indisputable.”

  “They can control intelligent creatures with weaker spiritual power than them. We’ll call these controlled people the infected for now.”

  ”Infected people can infect other people. It’s like a virus, quickly spreading between the intelligent creature of a civilization, and the more people are infected, the faster the spread of its control. Without drastic measures, a civilization can easily fall under the control of those creatures.”

  ”After a civilization is usually controlled, it sends them to other civilizations, controlling more intelligent creatures and quickly spreading its influence.”

  ”It is precisely due to the threat of these creatures that the SkyRiver civilization formed a special task force called the silver fleet. The task of this fleet is to travel through space and search for traces of Pathogens in their area. As long as a Pathogen is discovered, it will be immediately destroyed.”

  ”If an intelligent civilization is infected by the Pathogen, they will also be destroyed, even if it’s only partly infected. This is all due to the fact that these Pathogens have a miraculous resurrection ability. Even If they are killed, as long as a single infected person is left, they can eventually resurrect through the prayers of the infected person.”

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  After Lu Cheng’s narration was over, an old man quickly asked him.

  “Old Lu, do you mean that this pathogen is on our planet. Wait a second… Is that ‘Great Will’ the Pathogen?!”

  ”Furthermore, if the SkyRiver civilization discovers that there is a Pathogen on our planet and that there are in fact many infected people amongst our people, is it possible that they will destroy us?”

  ”It’s not a possibility.” Lu Cheng corrected the old man.

  ”It’s a certainty, a fact. If there is a Silver Fleet near us, then we will definitely not escape the fate of destruction.”

  After saying this, Lu Cheng sat down in his seat somewhat dejectedly. He looked really tired and disheartened.

  ”The Great Will activities are becoming more and more frequent. The silver fleet undoubtedly has a way to detect its activities. So the actions of the ‘Great Will’ are almost the same as proclaiming its existence to the creatures in space.”

  “It’s almost like saying, ‘Here! There are Pathogens here! Come and destroy us!”

  ”So, if we to avoid the fate of total destruction, we must kill that ‘Great Will’ as soon as possible!”

  The other elders had a serious look on their faces at this time. They did not expect the situation to be so serious. In the beginning, they were only facing the threat of the ‘Great Will’, but now there is an additional Silver fleet hanging on their throat.

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  Moreover, they consider that this silver fleet threat is much higher than that of the ‘Great Will’.

  Although the current human technology has made considerable progress, it’s undoubtedly nothing compared to a galactic empire like the Skyriver empire.

  A civilization of such scale and power probably just need to dispatch a spaceship to destroy the entire federation

  The human leaders finally reached a consensus. It’s necessary to destroy this ‘Great Will’ as soon as possible. It’s not just due to its threat, but more due to the trouble it brings to their civilization.

  ”Unfortunately, we didn’t get any scientific or technological information from Star Tree.”

  This is Elder Lu’s biggest regret.

  After learning that the Star Tree has the entire information of the Earth stored in it, he hoped to get some technological knowledge from it that will help their technology to greatly advance.

  It’s a pity that the original inhabitants of Earth weren’t very good with technology. The only amazing technology they created is space crossing and wormhole technology.

  After describing humanity’s current situation to the other elder, Lu Cheng became worried again.

  The ‘Great Will’ won’t be easy to deal with. Who knows when they will be able to deal with it. For now, they can only pray that no Silver Fleet will pass next to this area for the next period of time, otherwise, they are really over.

  While the human leaders were still worrying about the ‘Great Will’ and the silver fleet. On the side of the Forbidden Land, Miller and his army’s intrusion into the Forbidden Land has reached a white-hot stage.
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