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Swordmaster Healer - Episode 13

TL: Boko

Editor: Ren

Chapter 4 - Unlimited Power (3)

After that, they fought orcs and trolls for about two minutes. Soon after, enemies befitting a B-Rank Dungeon came out.

'Living Armors…'

The Living Armors appeared from the darkness. They were extremely powerful monsters that both lived and moved and could only be taken out through aura or magic. Sung Joon furrowed his brows. He didn't have fond memories of them.

There were three Living Armors that had appeared. However, they didn't attack Sung Joon and his party. Perhaps the Living Armors weren't aware of their presences.

"Can you use aura, Mr. Ji Byung Chul?"

"Unfortunately, I cannot," Byung Chul said and shook his head.

Hunters' weapons had a fixed amount of mana infused into them, so they could fatally injure monsters. However, aura sharpened that mana. There weren't many Combat Hunters that could use aura.

"Can you use aura?" Byung Chul asked skeptically.

"I can use it for a small amount of time."

Sung Joon understood his own limitations. Based on his current condition, a high ranked technique like aura would put too much stress on his body.

"That's amazing. You can even use aura! What exactly are your limits!?" Byung complimented and went from admiration to astonishment.

Aura was a sharpened mana blade that could that could cut through even steel like it was paper. While it seemed like a simple technique in theory, aura required skill in handling mana.. Therefore, aura was classified as a high ranked technique.

A part of Sung Joon's memories contained information regarding aura and the accompanying method of handling it. In his past life as Roukel, he had spent dozens of years training until he had figured  out this method.

Therefore, Sung Joon could use aura. However, Sung Joon didn't have the same physique as Roukel and aura would stress his body.

"I can only do it for a few seconds," Sung Joon said humbly.

Although he acted humble, in an actual fight, a few seconds decided life or death.

"Let's take care of the Living Armors first," Sung Joon said.

If he didn't stop Byung Chul from talking, he felt like he wouldn't stop interjecting.

"I can definitely take down one of them, but there's a problem. The remaining two will approach us until I'm done casting my next spell."

"I'll try tanking," Byung Chul said. He knocked on his shield to uplift his spirits.

"For now, I'll focus on my job," replied Sung Joon.

Due to his fatal swordsmanship, the others had forgotten that Sung Joon was a Healer.

"Then, I'll start."

Both Byung Chul and Sung Joon nodded, signaling that everyone was ready.

Joo Yeon began casting her magic. The three Living Armors raised their swords and marched forward. Amongst B-Rank Monsters, they were as slow as their name might imply. Although they were lacking in speed, they were extremely powerful.

"Fire Spear!" she said, completing her magic through the activation words.

The Fire Spears pierced the front Living Armor's breastplate.

"That's one down!" she yelled happily.

However, there were still two Living Armors left. Byung Chul raised his shield and blocked them.

The Living Armor's sword struck his shield. Because of the massive strength behind the sword, Byung Chul's body shook. A different Living Armor seized that opportunity and slashed his flank.



Compared to the battle before, the distance between the party members was quite close. Sung Joon used Heal unhesitatingly and the white light began to heal Byung Chul's wound.

Although it wasn't a full recovery, the wound didn't limit him as much, so he was able to evade the next attack.

"I survived thanks to you!" Byung Chul managed to say, despite the battle.

"Byung Chul, get back!"

Joo Yeon once again completed her magic. Byung Chul got the signal and immediately after he backed off, Joo Yeon's Fire Spear pierced through the Living Armor's breastplate. Now only one Living Armor remained.

While Byung Chul blocked the Living Armor's attacks with his shield, Sung Joon quickly pushed through its defenses and attacked its blind spot, destroying its nucleus.

"It's the Boss Room."

After they had taken care of the Living Armors, the Boss Room appeared.

"I just hope the Boss has nothing to do with Living Armors," Joo Yeon said.

A Living Armor-type boss would be a pain to deal with. Sung Joon simply smiled and activated the machine to open the door.

The giant steel gate creaked open with a rusty sound. Joo Yeon's flying Magic Light illuminated the room and revealed the Boss.

-Welcome, uninvited guests! I, Bellonin, greet you with my sword!-

A magic-made voice spread throughout the graveyard.

"It's a Living Armor," Byung Chul said.

Sung Joon nodded.

"It's also the type that has its own ego. It'll be quite a pain to deal with," Sung Joon said.

If a Living Armor had an ego, it differed from a normal Living Armor. A Living Armor with an ego had superb swordsmanship. The Living Armor-type Boss, Bellonin, drew his sword and approached them slowly.

"We have to figure out its patterns. I'll leave the tanking to you, Mr. Ji Byung Chul. Ms. Seo Joo Yeon, please use highly accurate, guided Magic Missiles to restrain its movements. I'll give healing support from the rear."

Although Joo Yeon was the Party Leader, they found that Sung Joon quickly began to give orders, as if it were natural. Byung Chul and Joo Yeon obeyed without any complaints.

Sung Joon's remarkable abilities in battle made the other two trust him quite greatly in the dungeon. Though they both had met him for the first time that day, they had faced death together and now trusted one another.

-Uninvited guests, receive my sword of judgment!-

Bellonin approached them. Joo Yeon threw Fire Spears at him. However, Bellonin, unlike a normal Living Armor, nimbly dodged them and aimed for Byung Chul.

Byung Chul raised his shield.

Sung Joon saw Bellonin's sword and instantly recognized the magic enveloping it.

"It's aura, Mr. Ji Byung Chul!" Sung Joon warned.

Byung Chul quickly ducked his head out of the way. Even a steel shield was like paper against an aurclad blade, unless it was a high-class item.


As Sung Joon expected, the shield was useless against an aurclad sword. The sword easily sliced through the shield and Bellonin cut through the space Byung Chul's head had previously occupied.

While Bellonin withdrew his sword, Byung Chul took the time to step back.

"Thank you! If it wasn't for you, my head would've been cut off, Mr. Kang Sung Joon!" Byung said, thanking Sung Joon while simultaneously falling back.

Joo Yeon threw a Fire Spear once more but Bellonin swung his aurclad sword and split the Fire Spear.

-Impressive! You have a Mage! However, even magic is meaningless in front of my sword!-

Bellonin began running towards Joo Yeon. He was much faster than any ordinary Living Armor, such that they couldn't even be compared.

"You cannot pass!"

Ji Byung Chul stood in front of Bellonin and blocked him but…


Bellonin swung his sword and lopped off Byung Chul's left arm. He didn't stop there, but swiftly swung his sword in a continuous flurry of attacks.

Despite the pain in his left arm, Byung Chul quickly retreated. However, Byung Chul had deep injuries in his chest and his stomach and couldn't evade the attack.

"Heal!" Sung said urgently.

Byung Chul's wounds began to heal quickly but Sung Joon couldn't regenerate the lost limb.

Then, Bellonin aimed for Joo Yeon.

"It's definitely an Elite Boss!" Joo Yeon warned.

There was a low chance that an Elite Boss would appear in the Boss Room. An Elite Boss had extraordinarily high combat abilities compared to normal bosses.

"Mr. Kang Sung Joon! Ah!" Byung Chul screamed.

Bellonin kicked Byung Chul and he spit out blood. He fell to the ground and tumbled on the floor. Although he couldn't finish his sentence, Sung Joon got his message. Protect Joo Yeon.

Sung Joon ran fiercely towards Joo Yeon, blocked the charging Bellonin from the front, and drew his sword.

'Can I win?' Sung Joon suddenly thought.

Even Byung Chul, an experienced Combat Hunter had been defeated. However, he soon smiled confidently.

'Yeah, I can do this. I'm the reincarnation of the Sword Saint.'

His sleeping past self awoke from within.

"I just need to thoroughly crush him," Sung Joon spat out and threw himself at Bellonin.

Sung Joon operated on instinct. However, that instinct had the experience of dozens of years surviving on the battlefield.

It looked quite careless but Bellonin was caught off guard.

-This is Sword Saint Roukel's…!-

A petty monster like him was taken aback? Sung Joon glared at him icily and aimed for the chinks in his armor.

-It's no use!

Bellonin parried Sung Joon's sword and immediately began his counterattack. Sung Joon's left thigh bled from the injury.


Sung Joon swung his sword to distract him and used Heal to treat his wound. As it wasn't severe, it was able to heal quickly.

Sung Joon finished healing and clashed swords with Bellonin once more.


Bellonin's swordsmanship was excellent. Sung Joon hadn't awakened fully, so he continued to amass injuries.

He was pierced in the stomach, his inner organs were slightly damaged, and his right thigh had been cut deeply. However, Sung Joon didn't lose his composure.

That was because all he needed to do was Heal them.


Again, the wounds began to heal. Although they didn't fully recover immediately, his Heal was enough to stem the bleeding. The wounds began to close, allowing him to continue the fight.

Although he had consumed a lot of mana using Heal, he'd absorbed the mana of the monsters on the way there. Therefore, it was as though he had just entered the Dungeon and he had a lot of mana left over.

"Fire Spear!"

Sung Joon stepped back to recover fully while Joo Yeon covered him with her magic.

-You cockroach! Don't be a coward!- Bellonin roared.

If Sung Joon received even the slightest of injuries, Joo Yeon would cover him with her magic and he would retreat and heal himself. However, Sung Joon's cowardly tactics angered Bellonin.

'At this rate, there's no end in sight,' Sung Joon thought.

He had already attacked several times and received several attacks and had used Heal over ten times. If there were other monsters in the Boss Room, he could recover by using them. Unfortunately, the only monster in the Boss Room was Bellonin.

His mana would soon dry up.

In that case, there was only one solution.

"Your name is Bellonin? Do you want to fight fair and square?" Sung Joon asked and raised his sword.

-That's right, you cockroach!- Bellonin replied.

Sung Joon smirked.

"Fine. If that's what you want, the Sword Saint will take you on," Sung Joon responded and lifted his restraints.

And so, the Sword Saint descended onto the earth once more.


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