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Chapter 8 The white martial soul

"It turned out to be the son of Master Zheng." The three martial artists saw Zheng Changfeng come to the futon with Zheng Zinuo. They all had a much better attitude.

"Well, thank all three masters for the trouble my son causes to you." Zheng Changfeng nodded and said.

"Master Zheng is too polite. This is our duty." The master in the middle said with a smile. "I am looking forward to the surprise your little son will bring us. Let start."

"Little kid, what's your name?" A trick to distract the attention of the candidate as usual. But it didn't seem to take any effect on Zheng Zinuo.

"Sir, I know you want to distract me to let me look into your eyes, right?" Zheng Zinuo said with his eyes closed.

"hrr!" The three martial masters were suddenly shocked. Even Zheng Changfeng on the side was a bit surprised. He immediately sighed and yelled to his little son "Zinuo, don't mess around. Follow the master's instruction."

"Oh, I know." In front of his father, he did not dare to provoke.

Zheng Zinuo opened his eyes and looked at the martial master on the left. When the master was about to take out the purple crystal, Zheng Zinuo suddenly said "Hey? Sir, there is a big wax in your eye."

"Ah? Wax? " The three masters looked at each other in shock. The master on the left scratched his eyes with embarrassment.

"Little Nuo, you..." Although Zheng Changfeng was very worried, he could not be angry in front of his little cute son. He pretended a sullen face and said "Zinuo, shut up. If you don't cooperate with the master's test, I will punish you at home."

"Oh." Zheng Zinuo was a little sullen and wanted to speak back to his father, "He did have a wax in his eyes." But after seeing the sullen face of his father, he stopped his words.

"Martial soul." The martial master did not say much but directly took out the purple crystal and shouted to Zinuo's eyes. Zheng Zinuo felt a sudden blur, as if he lost his spirit, a white shadow emerged at his back.

"Huh? White soul? The standard waste spirit!" The three masters and Zheng Changfeng scowled at the white half-transparent shadow. Zheng Changfeng felt that his nervous heart had dropped into the bottom of the valley. He felt completely faint, with no strength at all.

With their years of training experience, they knew that the higher the talent, the higher level of their martial souls. If the martial soul was of a low level, the person's martial talent was not good.

So seeing the half-transparent white shadow behind Zheng Zinuo. Zheng Changfeng felt hopeless.

"Martial talent level zero." Though the martial master knew that white martial soul was the standard waste soul, he still decided to test the level of Zinuo's martial soul, just to make Zheng Changfeng feel better. Though he was sure this kid was not suitable for further martial training, he still tested with his crystal ball. There was no martial strength shown in the crystal ball at all.

"Level…zero…" Although Zheng Changfeng knew that Zinuo's soul was a waste soul, he was still struck by the result of level zero strength. It took him a long while before I accepted the fact in a sigh and said to the three masters "Thank you all three". He then took Zheng Zinuo directly towards the outside of the martial palace.

Zheng Zinuo, when he heard the man saying that his martial talent was zero, he immediately woke up from a state of confusion. He was deeply disappointed and followed his father out without a word.

Zero level, ha ha... I didn't expect him to be a waste. My daughter was a level four martial fighter after all." Boss Chen acted as if he had received a million-dollar bonus. But when he saw Zheng Changfeng walking by with a gloomy face, he still didn't dare to confront him and took his daughter away quietly.

"How's Zinuo? What's his level?" Seeing his father took Zheng Zinuo out. Zheng Zizhou hurried up and asked.

"Let's go back home, Zizhou. Your little brother is not suitable for martial training. The glory of our family will all depend on you Zizhou. Don't let your father down." Zheng Changfeng did not blame Zheng Zinuo. But what he said to Zheng Zizhou had deeply hurt his little heart. Zinuo vowed to himself. "I will still learn martial art, regardless my talent. I will prove to my father and my brothers that I will become a martial Sheng without talent."

The innocent idea sprouted from this moment. Maybe many children who could not pass the martial test would only feel sad and decadence. Or they might worry about being scolded at by their parents after getting home. But Zheng Zinuo was determined to pursue martial arts regardless of his zero talent. Would he succeed?

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