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Chapter 5 The martial art palace

Zheng Zizhou said: "After the martial art talent test, the masters in the martial art palace will awaken your congenital power. Usually a person's congenital power would reach the same level as his martial art talent. Like my talent was level nine. My congenital talent was also level nine. Then I became a level nine fighter. If one's soul power levels up to level ten, he becomes a level ten fighter. But if one's congenital talent is level ten from the beginning, he is a born fighter. But such persons are rare. When a fighter's power levels up to level twenty, he becomes a level twenty martial Shi. Accordingly, above martial Shi is martial Jiang, then martial Zong, then the martial Wang, then the martial Di, then the martial Huang, martial Xian and martial Sheng.

"Martial apprentice, martial fighter, martial Shi, martial Jiang, martial Zong, martial Wang, martial Di, martial Huang, martial Xian and martial Sheng. In total, there are ten levels, right?" Zheng Zinuo said while counting with his fingers.

"Hey? Brother, you have a good memory. You are able to remember them all in one goal." Zheng Zizhou praised in a slight surprise. For an eight years old who can't count clear numbers, being able to remember all the martial art levels after hearing them only once was really amazing. But though Zheng Zinuo was a bit lazy, he was indeed very clever with amazing memory. He read a lot of words and knew the philosophies at the age of eight, which was much ahead of his peers.

"Oh... of course, of course. Because I am the future martial Sheng." Hearing the praise of Zheng Zizhou, Zheng Zinuo could not help but bragged himself again.

"You... Martial Sheng…Wait to brag after you take your martial talent test." Zheng Zizhou laughed…

The two brothers kept talking and laughing. Soon after, Zheng Changfeng rushed to the martial palace square in the center of the town.

This was a giant square with nearly 100 meters in radius, which was made of white marble. It looked spectacular. On the square, there were people coming and going. Most of them were parents taking their kids here for the martial talent tests.

The riverside city was a medium city, with a population of about 100,000. There were a lot of kids at a similar age with Zheng Zinuo.

At the moment, there was a long queue in front of the modern church-like martial palace. Zheng Zinuo figured there were more than thirty children waiting in line.

Zheng Changfeng parked the carriage and joined the queue with his two sons. All children waiting to be tested stood in one line, with their parents standing next to them.

"Hey? Isn't this master Zheng?" A chubby man in a yellow robe smiled at Zheng Changfeng right after he joined the queue. Then the man looked at Zheng Zinuo and said "Hey…Is this the little son of master Zheng? He is like such a great talent. He will probably achieve big goals in the future."

"It turned out to be the boss Chen. You over-prized my son. How does an eight-year-old kid have talent." Master Zheng smiled. Hearing other people praising his child. He was still delightful. Then Zheng noticed the little girl next to boss Chen and said "Boss Chen, you also take your girl to join the talent test today? "

"Asking an obvious question." The Chen murmured quietly but still with a smile on his face. "Yeah. My clothing business was not good recently. So I bring my little girl to have some fun in the talent test." He looked at the other young boy next to Zheng Zinuo and said so.

"Here also came your elder son! I still remember that year when he took part in the talent test. He was a blue martial art with congenital talent of level nine. That was big news in the riverside city. Having a talented elder brother, master Zheng's little son must also be of great talent…It's really enviable to become a martial fighter."

Although most words from the mouth of Chen were hypocritical and flattering, the last sentence was indeed true. In this continent that admired martial art, it was everyone's dream to become a martial fighter. Martial fighters did not only have a high and respective status but also high income. Every fighter registered at the martial palace would receive an income of their level. Not to mention that not everyone had the talent to become a martial fighter.

If one's talent test result is level red with a congenital talent of level three or below, then he could never become a martial fighter for the rest of his life. Because his congenital power after awakening would be level zero. No matter how hard he practices, he would never achieve the real soul power. At most this person would become a strong sportsman, but not a qualified martial fighter.

There were very few people with talent above level three. Usually there were no more than three of them in every one hundred participants in the test. There were more than 100 million residents in the martial Kingdom, with less than 500,000 registered martial fighters. So the martial fighter was an enviable and respective profession. "There is nothing to envy about. In fact, life or death, richness or poorness is all determined by God. Everyone has his own destiny." Zheng Changfeng said indifferently.

Boss Chen was a little shocked by what he heard. There was a strong anger rushing up his heart. But he immediately suppressed it and continued smiling "What master Zheng said was so true. Everyone has his own destiny." Afterwards he turned to look at the few people in front of them entering the martial palace and said "It's almost about to start. Master Zheng, let's wait here."

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