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Under the night sky, Ye Yizhi walked into the palace hall in white clothes without making a sound. Ye Yizhe took off his clothes and made sure that he was no longer warm, then lifted a corner of the blanket and prepared to go to bed. He didn't expect to see Shang Wuxin staring at him.

Ye Yi Zhe was frightened to the point that he fell on the ground. He was suddenly at a loss on what to do. He wanted to get close to Shang Wuxin but did not dare to get into bed under Shang's dark eyes. He stood there with his head lowered.

"Did you have fun?" Shang Bin stood up slowly, but the collar of his undergarment was slightly lower than the rest of his body. There were some ambiguous marks on it, but at this moment, Shang Wuxin's mood was volatile, making Ye Yi Zhe even more flustered.

He realized that he wasn't angry, and then he saw an ambiguous scene that he shouldn't have seen. Ye Yi Zhe lifted the quilt and covered Shang's face, explaining, "Xin'er, I didn't go play, I didn't mean to leave without telling you. I just saw that you slept and couldn't bear to disturb you!"

Shang was in no mood to believe his words. He stretched out his hand to pull the man by the bed, and his arms wrapped around Ye Yi Zhe's waist. "You're not afraid of the cold going out in the middle of the night!" It was only a simple hug, but Shang relaxed his grip and lifted up the quilt, the intention of the invitation clear in his mind.

Ye Yi Zhe's eyes flashed with a smile as he went to bed and directly hugged Shang Wuxin, but he found that Shang Wuxin's body became even colder. He immediately blamed himself for not being able to solve the problem of those people, how could he let Shang Wuxin warm his bed by himself? It was as cold as this! As a doctor, Ye Yizhe knew that Shang's body was cold, or rather, most women were cold, but Shang's heart had never cared for him so much. A woman's cold was not something that could be cured in a short period of time.

"What is it? Yi Zhe wants to play rogue again? " Although she did not see any desire in Ye Yi Zhe's eyes, she could not blame Shang for not thinking too much about it. One must know that this man seemed to have a huge gap in power between him and her.

* As he spoke, Ye Yi Zhe held Shang Wuxin tightly in his embrace and asked gently, "Are you still cold?" Although Shang didn't mention it, Ye Yizhi still felt that Shang was very afraid of the cold, not to mention the fact that there was no warmth in the autumn quilt.

"How can I be cold when such a beautiful man is by my side?" It was not the same smile she used to have when she was sneering at him, but a smile that came from the bottom of her heart, making her look more feminine. Fortunately, Shang Wuxin did not smile like this in front of outsiders, otherwise it would have been very easy to see through her.

Ye Yi Zhe smiled and embraced Shang Wuxin. He felt that he had been tossing and turning for so many days just because he was missing a person. Now, the girl he loved in his arms, Ye Yi Zhe, felt satisfied.

Ye Yizhe originally thought that Shang didn't have the heart to fall asleep very quickly, but instead, he felt something scratching his heart, causing him to want to do something about it.

"Aren't you going to ask me what I'm doing?" Ye Yi Zhe was the first to speak after seeing that Shang didn't fall asleep. Although it was a good thing that Shang didn't trust him, he preferred Shang didn't care about him. Even if he could control him, he didn't care.

Shang unintentionally tapped Ye Yi Zhe's chest, "To the fourth prince's mansion!" As for what he had done, there was no need to say it. In addition, Ye Yi Zhe hadn't even hidden himself from her. In fact, even if Ye Yi Zhe hadn't done it, she wouldn't have let Yi Shui live.

Ye Yi Zhe laughed at his awkwardness. It was easy for him to guess what he was doing, and sure enough, he became a little childish when he met Shang. Ye Yi Zhe was about to say something, but found that the girl in his chest had already fallen asleep.

Maybe it was tonight, but Yizhe did not feel sleepy at all. He held Shang unintentionally, touching his eyelashes from time to time, and after a while secretly kissed his lips, playing alone until daybreak.

Shang had no intention of waking up when he was kissed by a gentle kiss. The moment he woke up, his beloved man threw himself into his arms. It was a beautiful thing for Shang, so he was not in the mood to kiss him directly on the lips.

Shang Wuxin's stomach made a sound at this time. He came back late last night, so he didn't even have a chance to eat dinner. After being tormented by Ye Yizhe for so long, he was now really hungry.

"Get up?" Ye Yi Zhe asked, but he had already stood up. Under normal circumstances, only his own men were present in the living room. Shang didn't want Dauntless and the others to come in and serve him, so he didn't want to follow them. Ye Yi Zhe brought his clothes over.

"Ye Yi Zhe's eyes can take down the gauze today. Whether or not he can see it all depends on today!" Although Ye Yi Zhe felt that it was unhappy for the two of them to talk about other men, but that man would be a family member from now on. Ye Yi Zhe was relieved. He would not make it difficult for Shang.

Shang unintentionally nodded his head, hugging Ye Yi Zhe, "Thank you for your hard work!" It was not that he didn't know how much effort Ye Yi Zhe had put in these past few days for the sake of Huan Mo Che's eyes. Moreover, he had been wantonly searching for medicine.

Ye Yi Zhe smiled, his eyes flashing with joy. He knew that Shang had never been a kind person, so he was not jealous or jealous. He knew that Shang had a clear mind.

By the time Ye Yizhe arrived at the Illusory Pavilion, Huanmo Che was already waiting there. Although he still had a smile on his face, Ye Yizhe could still see how nervous he was. Putting down the medicine box for inspection, Ye Yizhe opened his mouth, "Today I'm going to remove the gauze!"

The hand under his sleeve clenched slightly. "I understand!" No matter what, I can take it! " Illusory Mo Che looked in the direction of the Illusory Pavilion's gate. His eyes were still wrapped in gauze, but he seemed to be able to see the person standing there.

Even though he was not the least bit nervous due to his injuries, at this moment, he had a perturbed expression on his face. Their gazes met, and even though there was no eye contact, Shang could not help but smile. This man was truly sensitive, even allowing him to breathe easily.

Ye Yi Zhe slowly removed the gauze for Huanmo Che. As he removed the gauze, he heard Ye Yi Zhe's voice just as he was about to open his eyes, "Take it slow, otherwise it will irritate your eyes!"

After hearing his words, Huanmo Che slowly opened his eyes as he squinted his eyes. Sure enough, he felt that his eyes were filled with tears. However, what surprised him was that he could see the sunlight. Ye Yi Zhe looked at his tears and warned him, "Don't worry!" He didn't want to start over again after the treatment.

He waited for a long time until he felt that his eyes had adapted to the light before he slowly opened his eyes, but what appeared in his eyes now was a vast expanse of white light, everything else was blurry, and he tried his best to open his eyes to look at the person standing at the entrance to the courtyard.

Huan Mo Che stood up and walked to the entrance of the courtyard. His voice carried a hint of happiness, "Xin'er, I've seen you!" He did not know how important it was for him to not lose them. Although he had been painstakingly depicting Shang's face thousands of times in his mind in the darkness of the past few days, he was still very satisfied to actually see Huan Mo Che.

Shang Xin took out a chained ring from his sleeve and grabbed the collar of the Huanmo Che, making the latter bend his body slightly. Then, he gave the last ring to the Huanmo Che, and gave all five of the rings to him.

Illusory Mo Che could not see what was on his neck, so he reached out his hand to touch it. When he recalled what was on Ye Yi Zhe and the others' necks, he immediately understood what was on their necks. Suddenly, Illusory Mo Che embraced Shang Wu Xin and said, "Thank you, Xin'er!" Thank you for giving me a chance, thank you for acknowledging me!

Shang Wuxin helped Huan Mo Che return to the courtyard and sit down, then asked, "How are your eyes?" "Tell me the truth!" Just now, she had noticed that even though Illusory Mo Che could see that something was off, there was something wrong.

"It's very blurry, I can't see it clearly!" Then, he raised his smile and touched the ring on his neck. "I gave it to you, Xin'er admits it, but I also saw it and took it seriously!" There are some things that cannot be reneged on! "

"Never thought of going back on your word!" Since she gave him the ring, since she couldn't let the man go, she didn't think about regret. The future was long and she didn't know what would happen, but now, she knew that she couldn't continue to ignore the man.

Ye Yi Zhe smiled and said, "That's very normal. After all, the reason why your eyes can recover from severe injuries is because it's only been a short period of time. As long as you rest and recuperate, you'll be able to fully recover!"

Shang Xin Xin was relieved. He ordered Ye Yi Zhe, "Take good care of your wounds!" Then he left, leaving only Huan Mo Che with a displeased expression. He still wanted to talk to Shang Wu Xin? Could it be that even though he had recovered his eyesight, he was still treated like this?

"Yi Mansion, should we settle it now!" Seeing that Shang had no intention to leave, Huan Mo Che's mood instantly dropped, and he turned to face Ye Yi Zhe who was sitting there and asked. Shang didn't hide what happened yesterday, of course he knew. Of course, if Ye Yizhi did not make a move due to their kinship, he would also not let Yi Mansion off the hook.

Ye Yi Zhe was very clear about the sudden displeasure in Huan Mo Che's heart. He nodded his head, "Don't worry, I will take care of it!" The two men instantly came to a consensus. The Yi Mansion had also been massacred one night three days later.

When Yi Yin heard this news, she could only sigh!

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