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Chapter 882: 882
"What is certain is that since Bai Jin met Huang Zhishu, his relationship with his girlfriend Hu Lewei has become worse and worse, while his relationship with Huang Zhishu has become warmer . Qian Yang said that Bai Jin once told him that an impression was very difficult . The deep thing is that after Hu Lewei quarreled with him, he went to the bar to drink, then became so drunk and had relationships with other men . Originally, the woman Bai Jin wanted to marry was Hu Lewei . After that, he broke up with Hu Lewei . After a long period of depression, Huang Zhishu has been by his side to comfort him . Huang Zhishu became Bai Jin’s wife . After marriage, Bai Jin found out infertility, and under Huang Zhishu’s advice, he adopted the orphanage’s Huanhuan and Xixi Two children . After Huanhuan entered Bai's house, he changed his name to Bai Chenxi, and Xixi changed his name to Bai Jingrou . Later, after Bai Jin passed away, his driver Qian Yang left the Bai's house . The young lady ordered Huang Zhishu to be investigated, and it was naturally found out . What happened to her husband's life is gone . "

Bai Qinghao praised blankly, "Good job . "

Liu Li immediately showed a look of gratitude, "Boss, you never boast of your subordinates . It's a great honor for you to reward your subordinates with these three words . "

"Stop flattering . "

"Yes . " Liu Li stood up straight, still very happy inside .

After all, BOSS has never boasted . Of course, except for the young lady who got his heart .

"BOSS, your elder aunt Huang Zhishu, no matter she was or is now, people who know her give her a thumbs up, saying that she is virtuous and virtuous, and her character is quiet and does not cause trouble . " Liu Li said, "and, she In the Bai family, there seems to be nothing bad to do . "

"Really . " Bai Qinghao thoughtfully, "This woman, I'm afraid it is too deep . She disappeared for three years . . . Huanhuan, Xixi . . . "

Looking down at the photo of Huang Zhishu and Guan Jiping embracing each other, he ordered, "Go to the prison and draw a tube of Bai Jingrou’s blood, and Bai Chenxi’s, and combine the two of them with Guan Jiping and Huang Zhishu’s blood . Take it for a paternity test . "

"Yes . " Liu Li took the order and was about to leave .

Bai Qinghao said, "Go and investigate, what happened to Bai Jin's ex-girlfriend Hu Lewei?"

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"Yes . "

After Liu Li left, Fang Xinxin stared at Guan Jiping's picture and said to Bai Qinghao, "Husband, Zaiji takes care of Guan Jiping, Bai Chenxi and Bai Jingrou are just a little bit like him . "

"Moreover, the age of the two siblings is more than one year apart . Huang Zhishu has disappeared for three years . Isn't it just enough for her to have two children with Guan Jiping?"

"If this is the case . . . " Fang Xinxin shuddered, "Huang Zhishu squeezed out Hu Lewei from the top . Your uncle Bai Jin was not only green hat, but also brought Huang Zhishu and his concubine's two children into Bai's house . She is too powerful . Up!"

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Bai Qinghao's face was unusually ugly, "I remember that his uncle Bai Jin was full of praise for his wife Huang Zhishu . He also packed a ticket and said that he had sent someone to check Zhishu's details and was a virtuous woman . Back then, he Don’t be a fool, and grandfather has no time to care about him . He wants to marry Huang Zhishu, and the other party’s wealth is innocent, so he will go . Now, it is really thanks to my dead uncle, who brought him in to the Bai family . Three wolves . "

He hugged Fang Xinxin into his arms, "My wife, fortunately, you suggest to check Huang Zhishu's background, otherwise, I don't know how long it will be concealed . "

She stared at him heavily, "I don't worry about anything else . Your people traced Xiang Feili to Guan Jiping some time ago . . . Xiang Feili is a desperado . "

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