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Chapter 343: 343
The sound of praise continued to surround Fang Xinxin, even if she had a face, the old face like Qian Xiaohe, a senior loser who likes to hold Fang Manxue, almost sees every day . . .

Fang Xinxin asked angrily, "I've been thin for a long time, and I'm going to school every day . You all open your eyes blindly, and you never heard you say I'm thin . What kind of madness did you smoke today?"

Qian Xiaohe immediately walked to her side, "Fang Xinxin, in fact, all the colleagues in the school are watching you lose weight . Everyone has been talking behind your back about how fast you lose weight . You are a slimming expert! But . . . …"

Another boy answered, "But Fang Xinxin in the second and third class, you offended brother one, who is the first brother? We are the little overlord of Beijing University . The first brother said you are fat, even if you are really thin . , Who dares to say you are thin?"

"Yes . " Another girl said, "As long as a brother says you are fat, even if you are really thin and become a normal person, you are still fat!"

Qian Xiaohe showed a compelling expression, "Now, you know why, it is clear that you have lost weight during this period, and no one dare to come out and tell the truth? After all, everyone doesn't want to go against the meaning of Brother Yi, lest you I was angered by a brother, and one day I got urine on my head, flying snakes out of the sky . . . "

"Understand, understand!" Fang Xinxin swept around with a look of understanding, "If that's the case, you should be dumb for a lifetime, never say I'm skinny . "

"Oh, it's different now, the situation has changed a lot!" Qian Xiaohe patted his thigh excitedly, "Fang Xinxin, you are the fiancée of Commander Bai, the fiancé of the national male **** Bai Qinghao! Commander Bai is more powerful than a brother . Too much, the two are not a heavyweight . Who dares to open his eyes and tell nonsense, and if you are fat, wouldn’t it be hard to get along with Commander Bai? And, according to the news, Brother Yi has also been relieved these days and said behind the back that you are really thin . It’s grown up, and it’s no longer the fat pig . "

Blinking at her, "Fang Daxinxin, would you introduce me a rich person?"

Fang Xinxin said leisurely, "Didn't you take a mouthful of the goddess of Manxue, who surrounds my second sister every day? My second sister has already agreed to introduce you to me, there is nothing wrong with me . "

After all, she stepped into the campus .

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"Hey . . . don't go . Your second sister's fake tattered goods can be used as an egg . It is still up to you, Commander White's genuine fiancée . . . " Qian Xiaohe chased after a few steps and saw that the other party ignored him . I was able to touch my nose in a jealousy, hating that I had eyes and no beads, and he mistakenly regarded the langhuo as a goddess and the wrong thigh .

Fang Xinxin received another round of praise along the way .

It means that she has lost weight and her skin is white .

It is a pity that the scabs on her face are really ugly-no one said she is beautiful .

Fortunately, the acne scabs are so hard that they almost fall off .

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Before class time, she went to sit on a wooden bench next to a tree-lined path in the school .

He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to his elder brother Fang Shaohua:

[Big brother, take care of your body alone . 】

In fact, after leaving the Hongsheng community, I was afraid that he would not be able to stand the stimulus, so I wanted to send him a message, and I was afraid that he would realize that she understood his intentions .

It had to be slowed down and it was now .

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Fang Shaohua answered almost in seconds:

[I will, Xinxin . 】

The speed of replying information is so fast that Fang Xinxin almost thinks that her eldest brother Fang Shaohua has been staring at her mobile phone .

What she didn't know was that Fang Shaohua had indeed been staring at the phone, editing text messages countless times, and trying to call her countless times . . . In the end all turned into silent heartache .

"Xinxin, you are here . Look, a hospital nurse posted a post saying that you are very unfilial and your conscience has been eaten by a dog!"

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