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Chapter 930: A Small Surprise

When her small body was lifted, she could sense a familiar smell again.

“Guagua.” Little Xunxun smiled so brightly her eyes narrowed into two small crescents. Lu Yi had become used to the nickname his children used for him.

“Mmm, good Xunxun.”

Lu Yi praised his daughter and squeezed her nose lightly. Then, he asked, “Well, it’s time to take a bath. Why don’t we take a shower with your brothers?”

Little Xunxun loved being clean. In fact, all his children liked it as well.

After bathing his three plump kids, he was exhausted and was panting heavily. It was really tiring for him to bathe the babies one by one.

Fortunately, there were many people other than him here. Besides him, there were also two nannies. Otherwise, they would be burned out by now. Furthermore, it would be impossible for Yan Huan to free some time as she was busy shooting her commercial.

Yan Huan had gone to Linlang again while Xunxun was sleeping. She must ensure that the shoot was a success this time. One or two takes would be fine, but they should definitely not reach the third one. Anything more than two, it would make Yan Huan feel really embarrassed.

Yan Huan had never made a fool of herself when filming commercials. She was extremely experienced in acting, so she must not make any mistakes. Of course, she could not bear to embarrass herself in front of others either.

Luckily, she did not humiliate herself. The commercial was filmed in one take, and all that was left was post-production.

Luo Lin was pretty satisfied with Yan Huan’s performance. Thankfully, Yan Huan did not drop the ball, or Yan Huan’s career would be completely ruined. She still had plenty of star potential, yet she chose to become an old hag instead.

A mere old hag.

Luo Lin scrutinized Yan Huan’s entire body and pondered to herself. Is she really an old hag? A hag would never have a good figure like Yan Huan, with that perfect hourglass figure and all her curves. Even the shape of her breasts is absolutely perfect.

This was not scientific at all. They were both mothers now, why did she remain flat-chested instead? Even though Yan Huan had gained some weight, they did not accumulate anywhere else, except in her chest. As for her, all her fat had gathered in her belly.

Luo Lin touched her belly secretly and pinched the flesh on her waist. Sigh. She seemed to have put on weight again. Then, she stared at Yan Huan’s slim waist enviously again. What is the size of her waist? Is it even two feet? How could she stay so slim after giving birth to three babies in one try? Why did she not gain weight on her waist, but on her breasts instead?

“What are you thinking of?” Yan Huan turned around and asked, her face was innocent yet seductive enough to captivate others.

“Not much/ I was just thinking about dinner.” Luo Lin wiped the sweat off her forehead. She decided that she would not eat dinner anymore after today. No, she would only have one meal every day. Then, she could definitely lose weight, and would not remain as fat as a pig.

Yan Huan blinked. Oops. She had forgotten about dinner, so she had to go home as soon as possible. Lu Yi’s birthday was around the corner. Since so much had happened in the previous years, it had been some time since she could celebrate his birthday with him.

She must not miss Lu Yi’s birthday this time.

After leaving Linlang, she walked around town, thinking about what she should get for Lu Yi. The gift must be surprising and something different, but it had to be something sincere as well.

However, Lu Yi had probably forgotten about his birthday. After all, he never remembered it every year. Only his parents would remember his birthday, but Lu Jin and Ye Shuyun had possibly forgotten his birthday this year too. Ever since they had their grandchildren, all their eyes were on them and they barely had time for their son.

Yan Huan stopped her car, and ordered a double-layered cake for Lu Yi. She requested them to deliver the cake to the Lu family’s house precisely on his birthday.

As for Lu Yi’s birthday gift, Yan Huan searched the entire shopping mall without finding anything suitable. Thus, she decided that she would think about it again that night. She should be able to make a decision before then.

As she was leaving the mall, Yan Huan passed by a shop that was selling watches.

She headed over and saw that all the watches on display were the latest and trending models. The smiling and amiable sales assistant’s insistent promotion helped Yan Huan narrow down her choices to one of the watches.

“I’ll take this,” Yan Huan liked the dark gray color of the watch, as it exhibited a sense of humble luxury that matched Lu Yi’s personality. Lu Yi did not prefer overly fancy things. He bought the watch that he was currently wearing, and had worn it for years. Every man had three treasures, namely a good belt, a handy lighter, and a trustworthy watch.

Lu Yi did not have a lighter since he did not smoke, but he had belts. Most of the time, Lu Yi wore his prosecutor’s uniform, which came with a customized belt. As for his watch, Yan Huan wanted to buy him a new one.

Prosecutor Lu often stopped to check his watch and plan his time at work every day. When he was working, he constantly raised his hand to check the time, so he saw his watch the most every day.

Yan Huan decided that she would purchase the watch, as she loved that it had a simple design. There were only Arabic numerals on the watch, without too many flashy decorations, thus Lu Yi would surely like it. She believed that Lu Yi would wear anything she bought, even if it was a lady’s watch or an electronic watch, ignoring the others’ ridicule.

However, she would not do so and embarrass Lu Yi in front of others.

The sales assistant was astonished to hear that Yan Huan wanted to buy the watch. The watch had been in the shop for a long period of time, not because it was not good enough, nor was it because it was old or unwanted.

In fact, it was the best watch in the shop. It was made of top-notch materials, designed and produced by an internationally-renowned watch designer. It was a limited edition with minimal quantities globally. Many customers were interested in the watch at first glance, but it was too expensive. The sales assistant had thought that nobody would buy the watch, unless the customer was a billionaire. After all, their store was so tiny, a real billionaire would not buy from them anyway.

It was a great surprise that someone would really buy that watch today. The sales assistant was still in disbelief.

“Miss, is this the watch you want?”

“Yes, I’ll get it.”

Yan Huan opened her bag, retrieved a card, and passed it to the sales assistant.

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