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Chapter 1866: Chapter 1881 was the best way to admit it

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“This matter has nothing to do with me. I’m not the one whose bone marrow was extracted by you, and I’m not the one who went missing. “When Sun Yuhan went in, you should have thought that there would be such a day. You were really generous to Yan Huan that she let you go. She has nothing to do with you? “I’ve said it before. She doesn’t have time to care about you, but that doesn’t mean that she has forgotten everything that you’ve done to her.”

In this world, one had to pay what one owed.

It was the same with karma.

If it wasn’t today, it would be tomorrow.

It wasn’t that it wasn’t time, it was just that the time hadn’t come yet.

“Then why didn’t you tell us?”

Su Muran also stood up with a whoosh. “Zhu Meina, you did it on purpose. You deliberately wanted to destroy me. You wanted to destroy the entire SU family.”

“Why should I tell you? What does this have to do with me? Why should I tell you?”

Zhu Meina mocked Su Muran with a smile that was not a smile.

That’s right. Why should she tell them? What did she have to do with them? She was not a member of the Su family. So what if she destroyed the Su Family? Besides, wasn’t it not destroyed?

It was still there. So what if the Su family lost Su Muran?

How could the SU family fall.

“You…”Zhu Meina’s ruthlessness made su muman almost go crazy from anger.

“What About Me?”Zhu Meina was still smiling. “I warned you not to go out. You didn’t listen.”

“What else can I say?”

Yes, she had warned him. She had really given him a warning out of goodwill. Of course, her warning was only because su muman would not listen to her. Su muman was too conceited, she thought that everyone in this world wanted to harm her and fight over something with her.

Including Yan Huan and herself. Everyone in this world was her enemy.

If she did not listen to her advice, what did it have to do with her, Zhu Meina?

Su Mu ran’s reputation had been completely destroyed. She suddenly burst into tears. In the future, she would be like a rat crossing the street. She would be beaten up by everyone, let alone acting, she would not be able to live in peace.

What should she do in the future? What should she do? She did not want to be locked in the same room as before. She could not endure such a dark life.

Zhu Xianglan finally got up from the ground and ran over to comfort Su Mulan.

“Ranran, don’t be afraid. There’s nothing to worry about. Your father has already arranged everything. How could anything happen to you? You had the surgery abroad. All the surgeries were done abroad. We are not afraid. If we let them investigate, they will definitely not be able to find out.”

As Zhu Xianglan spoke, she also looked at Su Qingdong. Was It Like This? Was it not? It had to be like this. They had done everything well back then, and there was no problem at all. So what if they found out, at most, it was what others thought in their hearts, but it was impossible to find out.

However, she seemed to have forgotten that the so-called evidence was in Yan Huan’s hands. If it was really what she thought, then why was Zhu Meina still here? Why didn’t they dare to touch her at all.

Even if Zhu Xianglan really couldn’t help but touch Zhu Meina in the end, she might have paid more than she imagined.

However, they should also be grateful to Zhu Meina. If Zhu Meina hadn’t been so angry, Yan Huan might still have played with them for a while instead of starting now. Of course, it wouldn’t have ended so easily either.

Yan Huan wanted Su Muran to fall from heaven to Hell. He wanted her to know how hell worked. If she fell into hell, she would suffer a fate worse than death.

That’s right. If she suffered a fate worse than death, she would suffer a fate worse than death.

That was what Yan Huan wanted. Otherwise, why didn’t she mention anything about the Su family for more than a year? Why did she need someone to support Su Muran without anyone knowing? She wanted Su Muran to think that he had hit the jackpot. Everything had been going smoothly for him recently, don’t underestimate Yan Huan’s abilities. Yan Huan definitely had such connections now. She could easily promote a person, and of course, she could also destroy a person to her heart’s content.

She herself had her own talents. In addition to Lu Yi’s work, she also had ye Chuji to add fuel to the fire in the dark.

Not to mention a mere su muran, even if it was the entire Su family now, Ye Chuji would not blink his eyes. However, Yan Huan did not kill the entire SU family. It was also because of the things that Lu Yi had mentioned before.

In order for those people to have jobs and to be able to feed themselves, she spared the Su family, but she would not spare su Muran and Zhu Xianglan. As for Su Qingdong, without Su Muran, it was no different from death.

The Su family had no more descendants. For the rest of his life, he would think about his daughter.

Death was the solution. Living was actually suffering.

Zhu Xianglan comforted Su Muran and told her that everything would be fine. Yes, everything would be fine. As long as they did not admit it, nothing would happen to them.

Su Qingdong stood up and walked out.

“What are you going to do?”

Zhu Xianglan thought that Su Qingdong did not care about her and her daughter anymore. She screamed in a high-pitched voice.

“What can I Do?”Su Qingdong’s face was as if he had smeared ink all over his face. There was a few folds between his eyebrows, but he could not suppress his powerless heart.

“I’ll go find that reporter. I want to take a good look. Why are they throwing dirty water on my daughter and our Su Family?”

Su Muran’s face turned green for a moment, and she hurriedly wiped her tears away.

Yes, she would not admit it. Her surgery was done overseas. She still had evidence. She wanted to sue that entertainment company. She wanted to sue them until they went bankrupt.

Even if there was a doctor’s case, what else could it be?

They might have grasped this point, but they had really forgotten that there was still a person present. That person was holding a glass of water and drinking. He had not said a word all this time.

When Su Qingdong opened the door and was about to leave, Zhu Meina finally put down the cup.

Her voice was like a thorn. Just like that, it pierced through the hearts of countless people.

“This matter, you better admit it. Don’t try to challenge that person’s bottom line. Believe me, you can’t afford to provoke him.”

“What did you say?”Zhu Xianglan’s voice rose again.

“Zhu Meina, I eat our food, drink our food, and live in our house. Do you really think that you can become a member of the Su Family? Get lost, get lost right now!”

She stretched out her finger and pointed at the door forcefully. Her blood-red eyes were as if they wanted to eat human blood and drink human flesh.

As long as it was related to Su Muran, she would lose her intelligence and rationality completely.

If Zhu Meina could be chased away, she would have left long ago. It was impossible for her to still be here. She could still make sarcastic remarks and hurt their hearts.

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