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Chapter 42.2
Chapter 42 (part 2)
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Bai Xiao saw her like this, and quickly followed up and stood up: “Don’t be angry, aunt Yu, it’s just a matter of falling in love about Yu Yi, it’s a normal thing . ”

“Falling love with the staff in the restaurant?!” Yu Yi’s mother unconsciously raised the voice, and Yu Yi had always been very good in her heart . Even if she did not join the family company, he ran out to work hard and also turned the Yu Group into a business as a well-known food kingdom .

So how can she accept that Yu Yi fell in love with a restaurant employee?

Bai Xiao licked her lips and looked at her: “Aunt Yu, do you know Tang Mi?”

“Why should I know her? Our Yu Yi is going to marry you!”

Bai Xiao sighed and said: “Aunt Yu, feelings can not be reluctant, you are so angry because you do not understand Tang Mi . I have been in contact with her, she is very good to get along, she does things very seriously, very responsible . Maybe you don’t know, she has always been my pastry teacher . Every time I go to class, she is very patient to explain to me . I have learned a lot from her . ”

Yu Yi’s mother’s slender eyebrows gathered slightly . She looked at Bai Yu: “What about this? Even if she is a good girl, does it mean that Yu Yi should be with her?”

Bai Xiao said: “She is still a very good pastry chef . The cake she made you will definitely fall in love if you take a bite . ” She said that, and smiled at Yu Yi’s mother . “I know that aunt Yu also likes cakes . If you have an opportunity, you should really taste the cake she made, just like magic, it sells very well in Dream . ”

Yu Yi’s mother was silent, and held Bai Xiao down on the sofa: “Hey, even if Tang Mi is as you said, the character is good and capable, but you also have these, and no worse than her, why does Yu Yi want to choose her instead of you?”

“Because Yu Yi likes her . ” Bai Xiao took hold of Yu Yi’s mother’s hands and looked at her seriously . “Aunt Yu, you should be very clear . Yu Yi meets a person he likes is not so easy, so I hope that he can be with someone he likes . ”

This sentence seemed to touch Yu Yi’s mother, she did not speak again with a calm face .

Bai Xiao said: “Aunt Yu, I will not marry Yu Yi, but this will not affect the cooperation between Bai’s family and Yu’s family, and Yu Yi will still be the best partner in our business . ”

When she finished, she stood up from the sofa and said with Yu Yi’s mother: “All I want to say is over, I hope you can consider what I said, goodbye . ”

After Bai Xiao left, Yu Yi’s mother still sat on the sofa . After a while, the doorbell rang and Yu Yi came in from the outside .

Yu Yi’s mother looked up at him and did not speak . Yu Yi asked: “Why are you looking for Tang Mi?”

Yu Yi’s mother laughed, and the voice was a bit ironic: “She complained to you?”

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Yu Yi said: “She didn’t say anything, but you are so anxious to find me back, isn’t it for this?”

Yu Yi’s mother exhaled and got up and went to the dining room: “Don’t say this first, since you came back, have a meal by the way, I will let grandma Wang steam squid for you . ”

Yu Yi looked at her back and suddenly said: “In fact, I have never liked to eat steamed squid . ”

Yu Yi’s mother paused and turned to look at him .

Yu Yi moved his legs and walked toward the dining room: “I just didn’t have any food that I liked so much, so you think I like to eat steamed squid . I have no objection . ” He pulled the chair and sat down at the table . “But recently I started to have something I like to eat, grandma Wang, is there silver cod? Make a fried silver squid . ”

Grandma Wang worked in the Yu’s family for more than 20 years . It was the first time she heard Yu Yi said what he wanted to eat . She was so excited that her tears almost fell: “Okay, I will do it now, very soon!”

Yu Yi’s mother stood in the same place for a while before she came to sit opposite him .

When they were eating, neither of them spoke . Yu Yi’s mother had half eaten and suddenly put down the chopsticks . “Even if I agree with you and Tang Mi, your father will not agree . ”

Yu Yi said: “I will tell him this thing . His disagreement will not affect the final result . But if you want to know Tang Mi, I can introduce you, so don’t sneak up on her . ”

Yu Yi’s mother looked at him and took the chopsticks to continue eating .

Tang Mi’s nerves were tight today . She was nervous and she was going to see her mother . She was curious about how much denomination she would give if she really took a check on her face .

Would it be a blank check, and then fill it out by yourself?

She thought, and was still a little excited . After all, she grew up so old, there was no one has ever used money to smash her .

After the rest of the afternoon, a black car was parked on time at the restaurant entrance . Tang Mi had a greeting with the manager before, and then she went to the outside after changing her clothes .

It seemed that the driver saw her coming out, the co-driver’s window slowly descended . The driver twisted half of his body and said to her: “Miss Tang Mi, please get on . ”

Tang Mi took a hiccup and nervously swallowed the word “hello” .

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She quickly opened the rear door, and then dumbfounded… How could Yu Yi be sitting inside? !

Yu Yi looked at her sideways and faintly said: “Get on . ”

The big boss’s order, she did not dare to defy, and quickly got on the car .

After the door was closed, the car drove out . Tang Mi looked at Yu Yi beside her, curiously said: “Why do you come?”

Yu Yi said: “Why, not my mother, are you disappointed?”

“…no . ”

Tang Mi felt that Mr . Yu, who is joking, was so cute!

After Yu Yi looked at her for a while, he asked: “My mother asked you to meet, why don’t you tell me?”

“Oh… because I don’t know why she is looking for, so I plan to tell you after I see her, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings . ”

Yu Yi’s eyes moved: “What is it for her to find you? She is to use money to smash you . ”

Tang Mi opened her mouth in surprise . “She will really use money to smash me?!”

Yu Yi frowned: “Why do you seem so happy?”

“Who is not happy with money?”

“Even if the price is for you to break up with me?”

“Well, this…” Tang Mi showed a distressed expression . “It depends on how much she will offer . ”

The atmospheric pressure of Yu Yi was low, and he approached her and threatened: “You dare . ”

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Tang Mi laughed out: “Why don’t you ask, I like your money or like you? I always look forward to it . ”

Yu Yi slightly raised his eyebrows and asked: “So, do you like my money or like me?”

Tang Mi took his arm and leaned her head up: “No, I just like your face!”

The driver in the front row did not hold back and finally laughed out .

Yu Yi looked at him, and the driver immediately said: “I’m sorry, Mr . Yu, I didn’t hear anything!”

Yu Yi regained his gaze and raised his left hand and rubbed Tang Mi’s head: “If my parents look for you again in the future, inform me at first . ”

“Oh . ” Tang Mi nodded her head . “So, will I never see your parents?”

Yu Yi chuckled: “Of course not, I will officially introduce you to them, so don’t sneak up like this . ”

“Okay, I know . ”

Yu Yi rubbed her soft black hair, as if he had thought of something, he pulled his arm out: “I have something for you . ”

Tang Mi blinked: “What?”

Yu Yi took out a delicate little box from the suit pocket and handed it to Tang Mi: “Open it . ”

Tang Mi could not wait to open the box, inside was a silver necklace, a female figure in the middle, Tang Mi looked carefully, and it was even a little similar to herself .

“This is made according to your photo, followed by an abbreviation of your name . ”

Tang Mi listened to Yu Yi said so, hurried up and looked at it, there was really a letter of abbreviations of “Tang Mi”, there is a small row of English below, engraved with “heart” .

“It’s so beautiful!” Tang Mi looked up at Yu Yi and her eyes sparkled . “What is the festival today, how do you think of sending me something?”

“I want to send you something, I don’t need to pick any holiday . ” Yu Yi took the necklace from her hand and set her hair aside . “Go over, I will help you wear it . ”

Tang Mi turned around . When the cold necklace touched the skin on the neck, Tang Mi shook subconsciously: “Is this expensive?”

“It can be worth the money, but you can’t take it for sale . ”

Tang Mi couldn’t help but smile: “This idea is good!”

Yu Yi pressed her, and took a bite on her small earlobe: “You try . ”

Tang Mi’s ear was red .

Yu Yi smiled and helped her buckle the necklace: “Okay . ”

When Tang Mi came back, she was a bit awkward and transferred the topic: “Where are we going?”

“Go to the afternoon tea . ” Yu Yi said that, he looked at the necklace on her neck and was quite satisfied . “Right, I heard that you have been worrying about the debt of your roommate recently?”

Tang Mi’s eyebrows moved: “Do you listen to this from Luo’s assistant?”

Yu Yi nodded . “Well, you don’t have to worry about this . I listened to Luo Hao that he helped your roommates pay off the debts owed . ”

Tang Mi took two seconds to be surprised with her opened big eyes: “What do you say?”

At the same time, Fu Xin also asked Luo Hao with the same tone and expression: “What do you say?”

Luo Hao smiled, and the smile fell into Fu Xin’s eyes . “I mean, I am your biggest creditor now . ”

Fu Xin: “…”

The plot was too fast and too ridiculous, her heart can’t stand it!

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