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"Xia Yu likes Shen Yan too?" It wasn't that Qingqing didn't believe her, but the key point was, would Shen Family accept her? Shen Family loathed people like Qingqing, let alone Xia Yu.

But since Zeng Mina said so, Qingqing could not help but be suspicious. She then looked at the direction Shen Yan left. Since Xia Yu wasn't here today, as the host, he shouldn't have left so early.

But Shen Yan had already left. Was he going to meet Xia Yu?

Seeing Qingqing's suspicious expression, Zeng Mina could not help but laugh: "What question did you ask? Can you find a woman in S City who doesn't like him?"

Qingqing also laughed, Shen Yan was a super dream lover, any girl from the age of three to eighty would definitely like him: "What I mean is, Xia Yu is not afraid of the Second Madame?"

The old woman's anger is not something ordinary people can bear. Qingqing had already experienced it, and she was still afraid.

Zeng Mina smiled, and just as she was about to speak, Wu Qing's mother and Mr. Qi walked towards her daughter.

Wu Qing immediately smiled and went forward, Zeng Mina nodded and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

"Qingqing, what are you talking about with Miss Zeng?" Wu Qing's mother Wu Qiaofen saw that her daughter's expression was not good, so she walked over, and the moment Zeng Mina left, she started to ask.

Wu Qing did not hide anything, "What else can we say? Just that shameless Xia Yu."

"Yo, is there anyone more shameless than you two?" Shen Qiang put his hands in his pockets as he looked at them with a cold smile.

"Xiao Qiang?" Seeing Shen Qiang, Wu Qiaofen walked towards him with a smile: "Child, we don't mind you criticizing us like this, but you have to be wary of your father's feelings too, how sad he will be!"

Sad? Yes, they were the person he doted on the most. If Shen Qiang embarrassed them, his heart would definitely ache for them.

Shen Qiang glanced at Wu Qiaozhen and continued: "Really? I also want to see how he dotes on you all in public during the charity meeting held by the Shen Family. Director Qi, please! "

"Little bastard, you dare to say that again?" Director Qi was furious. He didn't want an unfilial son like Shen Qiang.

The child was crazy. Hong Yu's scalp went numb, so he searched everywhere for Liu Sijie, hoping that he would come over and rescue him.

Unfortunately, Liu Sijie was entangled by Zeng Mina. She had waited for an entire night, and now there was an excellent show to watch. How could she let go of this opportunity?

Shen Yan had just left, and Liu Sijie was unable to escape. Hong Yu became anxious and took out his phone to call Xia Yu: "Miss Xia, please advise Xiao Qiang … …"

At this time, Xia Yu was accompanying Jiang Yayan and her son with Zhang Peng. She predicted that the donation ceremony would soon end, and just as she was about to go back and see if there was something she could help her with, she suddenly received a call from Hong Yu.

Xiaoqiang really knows how to cause trouble. Xia Yu smiled bitterly and said on the phone: "Director Hong, please forgive me for being frank. Why did Director Qi go there today?"

"... Secretary Xia, of course, it's because Director Qi is supporting the Charity Event of the Shen Family. " Hong Yu felt helpless, shouldn't he have called Xia Yu?

When Director Qi heard Hong Yu's words, he became even more furious. He had endured the Shen Family's contempt for him for so many years, and today, he had to participate in the activities organized by the Shen Family, so why couldn't they see that?

Since that was the case, there was no longer a need for him to do so. Director Qi took over Hong Yu's phone, and just as he was about to hang up, Xia Yu spoke again.

"Director Hong, we are outsiders. We shouldn't intervene in things. It would be fine if Director Qi were an ordinary person, but is he expressing his support for the Shen Family by bringing his lover and his daughter to the scene of Charity Event? "

Xia Yu did not know that the phone was already in Director Qi's hands, and was still talking. Although she felt that Shen Qiang was impulsive, since the two sides had already started quarreling, she naturally had to stand on Shen Qiang's side.

Director Qi was startled, did the employees of Shen all think that he was here to cause trouble? It seemed like he had been overthinking.

Shen Yang, you are really ruthless, what thoughts did you imbue the employees with? Qi Guogang felt a sense of desolation!

In that case, what else could he say?

He picked up the phone, "Xia Yu, who told you that Lady Wu and I are a couple and that Qingqing is my biological daughter?"

This was related to a person's reputation. Even an average person would not accept being framed so casually, let alone Director Qi.

How could it be Director Qi? Xia Yu was so shocked that she almost threw her phone away.

She reflexively jumped up from the sofa. "Whoa … Director Qi, why is it you? "

"You haven't answered me yet!" Director Qi's expression was already rather ugly.

Shen Qiang saw that Director Qi was making things difficult for Xia Yu and immediately wanted to rush over. If Qi was angry, he should be mad at Shen Qiang. Why vent your temper on an unrelated person?

Wu Qiaozhen immediately gave Qingqing a meaningful look. Qingqing understood and immediately hugged Shen Qiang, and shouted at Qi: "Go, godfather!"

"Let go, or else I won't be polite." Shen Qiang struggled a few times but failed, since Qingqing was hugging him tightly.

A few guests, who were about to leave, heard the commotion and came over.

Liu Sijie realized that something happened, so he said "excuse me" to Zeng Mina and turned to go to Shen Qiang.

But how could Zeng Mina let him go? She grabbed him, "You can't go. The mother and daughter of the Wu were too arrogant. If Shen Qiang doesn't teach them a lesson now, what actions will they take towards the Shen Family in the future? "

This is not the reason why Zeng Mina stopped him. Liu Sijie was clear about this in his heart. However, what Zeng Mina said was reasonable so he could not refuse her.

Liu Sijie forced out a smile and said: "Even though that's the case, today is, after all, Shen's charity ceremony, it wouldn't be fine to let them make trouble here...

Zeng Mina just wanted to let them make trouble. If today's ceremony ends perfectly, how would Zeng Mina be able to sleep at night?

Seeing that Liu Sijie was about to leave, she directly grabbed onto his arm: "I won't let you pass."

Zeng Mina was acting shamelessly.

While Shen Qiang and Director Qi were both in a rage, there were a lot of people watching, but not one of them went to try to stop them.

Why bother? Everyone knew that Director Qi had abandoned his wife and son for the Wu family. If someone said that the mother and daughter of Wu were at fault, they would have offended Director Qi. If someone said Shen Qiang was wrong, they would have hurt the Shen Family.

This was an optimistic prediction. It was possible that this person would offend both sides.

Who would be so foolish!

Xia Yu couldn't see them on the phone, but she could hear them.

Wu Qing was too evil. Didn't she purposely cause the conflict between the father and son to grow bigger? Xia Yu thought, "since you're evil, I won't be polite."

Director Qi was still waiting for a reply when Xia Yu directly told him: "Director Qi, it was you who asked me to say it. I answer you as a child. "

"You are Shen Qiang's father, not Wu Qing's father. Shen Qiang naturally has the right to take back his father."

What? Director Qi was startled, why are children so selfish now?

All these years, Director Qi had always thought that Shen Qiang was instigated by Shen Yang to go against him. Hearing Xia Yu's words, he realized that all children were like this.

"You mean his father is his personal property?" After a long while, Director Qi finally said that.

"Director Qi, a father can have several children, but for a child, the father is unique. If someone gave his own father away, then what was there left for this person to live for? Shen Qiang has already shown restraint. If it was me, a person who is not my brother "nor sister wanted to snatch my father away, I would have already fought with her. " Xia Yu said without any trace of politeness.

Unique? Director Qi was stunned yet again.

Why hadn't he thought of this? If one gave his parents to someone else, whose child would he be?

If a child lost his father but managed to keep quiet, as if nothing had happened, then he should be sad. Because that meant the child had no father in his mind.

Xia Yu's words reminded him, this person who didn't understand. Director Qi was startled for a moment, then hung up and returned the phone to Hong Yu.

"Hello? Hey! Director Qi... " A beep sound came from the other side of the phone, causing Xia Yu to jump in anxiety.

"Sister Xia, what's wrong?" Zhang Peng asked with concern.

"Shen Qiang and his father are at loggerheads, I have to go take a look." Xia Yu grabbed her bag and rushed out.

"Sister Xia, I'll send you off …" Zhang Peng was anxious too. If these two people were to quarrel, wouldn't that be like Mars smashing into Earth?

Today was the first time Shen Yan had hosted such a large-scale activity in Shen Family so he couldn't mess things up. As Shen Yan's friend, Zhang Peng had to go and help.

"Hey, you've all left. Aren't you afraid that I'll cause trouble?" Jiang Yayan was watched at by the two as if she was a criminal. They have initially been afraid that Jiang Yayan would cause trouble.

Alright, Jiang Yayan did not create trouble, the others did.

"Mom, he's my dad. You can't go and cause trouble for him!" Jiangjiang said timidly as he pulled on his mother's sleeves.

This little thing, Jiang Yayan said unhappily: "Does he take you as his son?"

Jiangjiang nodded his head, then shook it: "Not yet, but uncle and aunty will persuade him."

Heh, those two bastards had actually brainwashed her son!

Jiang Yayan gnashed her teeth in anger. Seems like he shouldn't be with them alone in the future, "Jiangjiang, they are lying to you. Your bastard dad wouldn't treat you like a son. "

Jiangjiang nodded gravely: "He will. Auntie said that I am so well-behaved and handsome that when I grew up, I must be an outstanding man. If he doesn't admit that I'm his son, it's his loss, so Dad will definitely admit that I'm his son. "

Jiang Yayan was startled, then laughed: "Xia Yu said that?"

Jiangjiang nodded: "Yes."

"She's talking nonsense!"

"Mom, do you not want Dad to admit that I'm his son, or am I not handsome enough?"

"... Mom didn't mean that!" How could Jiang Yayan explain it clearly to a child? But would Shen Yan really admit it? Jiang Yayan was not optimistic. Her son missed his father so much that she couldn't let him down, so she had to lie to him.

At the charity party.

"Qingqing, let him go!" Director Qi walked two steps towards Shen Qiang and raised his head to look at him.

This brat was already taller than him, and Director Qi needed to look up to him.

"I won't let him go. He will do something disrespectful to you." Wu Qing hugged even tighter.

"How could that be? What son doesn't respect his father? " Director Qi sighed, he looked at Shen Qiang, and his eyes became teary: "Child, Daddy was wrong, Daddy has let you and your mom down, all these years I have made you guys suffer."


Not only Shen Qiang, everyone present was stunned as well.

Shen Qiang was making trouble, and he was reasonable? Zeng Mina loosened her arms on Liu Sijie.

Qingqing also subconsciously let go of her hand and stood there at a loss of what to do.

"Son, are you willing to accept father's apology? I mean it." Director Qi held onto Shen Qiang's shoulders.

Shen Qiang was utterly stunned, was he still the high and mighty Director Qi?

"Xiao Qiang!" Liu Sijie walked over and pushed him. Director Qi had already admitted his wrongs, what else was this fellow doing?


Shen Qiang regained his senses and looked towards Liu Sijie.

"Hurry up and call him daddy!" Liu Sijie told him.

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