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Chapter 1519: I don’t want to hear Chapter 1519, and I won’t forgive it

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Tang Chen pressed the button on the armrest, and the wheels rolled over automatically. “Shen Zhiyi, are you asking an old cow to eat young grass?”

“Young grass is delicious. Who wouldn’t want to eat it?”

Shen Zhiyi retorted indifferently and looked at XI Xiaoyan wickedly. “Young grass, are you willing to be eaten by me?”

Xi Xiaoyan blushed and nodded slightly.

“You’re so obedient.”

Shen Zhiyi suddenly felt that it wouldn’t be too bad if she found such an obedient boyfriend to be her pet for the rest of her life.

“Young lady, I quite like you. If you’re willing, we can go further together.”

“I’m Willing!”

Shen Zhiyi smiled in satisfaction, but Tang Chen’s expression was as calm as water.

She let go as she pleased, as if she had never liked him before.

“Let’s go. Don’t be distracted by irrelevant people.”

“Okay! I’ll listen to You!”

Shen Zhiyi reached out a hand to him, but before Xi Xiaoyan could grab it, it was intercepted.

Shen Zhiyi only felt that the part that Tang Chen was holding was particularly hot.

“Let Go!”

Tang Chen held on tightly, his ink-black eyes were like a deep pool of water.

“Shen Zhiyi, are you taking revenge on me?”

“Huh?”Shen Zhiyi seemed to have heard a joke. She laughed twice and said in a mocking tone, “Tang Chen, you’re really funny. Don’t say that I don’t like you now. Even if I still like you, don’t tell me that you won’t allow me to fall in love with someone else?”

She doesn’t like him anymore..

For some reason, Tang Chen actually felt a little depressed after hearing these words.

Was it true that at the beginning of human life, one’s nature was cheap?

People wouldn’t cherish things that were within their reach. Once they couldn’t get them, they would start to feel unwilling?

“Yes.”Tang Chen’s tone became calm. “However, I owe you an explanation and an apology.”

“I don’t want to hear it, and I won’t forgive you.”

“Then, let’s just be stubborn here.”

At this moment, the young girl said weakly, “Sister Shen, you’d better talk to this gentleman. I’ll wait for you outside.”

Shen Zhiyi gave him an electric smile, which made his face even redder.

“Sister, you’re really beautiful.”

The youth’s Frank and sincere praise made Shen Zhiyi very happy, and her smile became even wider.

Tang Chen felt that this scene was very dazzling. He looked at Xi Xiaoyan and smiled playfully. “Do you really want to be with Shen Zhiyi?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”He nodded like a chick pecking on rice.

“Then, allow me to remind you.”

Tang chen sized up Shen Zhiyi meaningfully.

“It’s said that men are thirty like flowers, and women are thirty tofu dregs. When you’re thirty, Shen Zhiyi will already be in her late twenties. Her face has collapsed, and her breasts are sagging. Are you sure that you’ll be able to get even with her when the time comes?”

”…”Xi Xiaoyan blushed.

Shen Zhiyi forced a smile. “It’s better than someone who can’t stand up now.”

Tang Chen chuckled. “Can I? Didn’t you experience it with your own hands last time?”

“Yeah, I really regret not cutting you off then.”

“Unfortunately, there’s no medicine for regret.”

Shen Zhiyi’s gaze drifted. It had been a long time since she quarreled with Tang Chen like this.

Other than anger, she was actually a little satisfied.

Shen Zhiyi secretly cursed herself for being cheap and gave Xi Xiaoyan a look.

The moment the young girl left, Shen Zhiyi sat down. “I’ll give you five minutes. Say It.”

Her tone was cold as if she was completing a mission. Tang Chen felt a little uncomfortable listening to her. He said half-jokingly and half-seriously, “Shen Zhiyi, I wonder if you really liked me.”