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Chapter 1241: 1241

Chapter 1241: An Ignorant Clown

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Lin Wanwan glanced at Lu Zhanbei . “It’s tough dating when I have so many rivals . ”

“Don’t you have more admirers than I do?”

“Stop lying, do you even have rivals?”

Lu Zhanbei started listing them, from a real rival like Tang Chen to close friends like Si Han . In the end, he brought up Jiang Zhe and Mu Ge as well .

Lin Wanwan was speechless . “…”

The filming started, and Wu Mingtian gave everyone three hundred yuan, along with a quest to earn money and make a grand dinner .

Lin Wanwan glanced at the notes in her hands and came up with an idea .

“Let’s head to the market!” she said while Zhao Keqing was still complaining about the impossible mission .

To hide their identities, Lu Zhanbei drove a sports car that was normal in his eyes .

The pair was about to get into the car when Lin Wanwan heard Meng Lu quarreling with her partner .

“Lin Wanwan, may I join you for this section?”

She was asking Lin Wanwan, but her eyes were on Lu Zhanbei .

Lin Wanwan smiled without saying a word .

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The silence made Meng Lu a little embarrassed, but she soon put on her puppy eyes . “Mr . Lu, my partner is too rude and is commanding me to follow everything he says . You are different; you are so nice and gentle to Lin Wanwan . ”

Lu Zhanbei frowned and met Lin Wanwan’s eyes .

He was signaling Lin Wanwan to settle it as he didn’t want to talk to her .

Lin Wanwan coughed and raised her voice . “Director Wu!”

Wu Mingtian rushed over . “Yes?”

Lin Wanwan recited Meng Lu’s request . “If Director Wu agrees, I am willing to cooperate . ”

Wu Mingtian’s face sank, and he glared at Meng Lu . “What is going on? This is a couple show . You should settle it with your partner privately . Why are you disturbing Lin Wanwan’s team?”

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Lin Wanwan grinned . “She must want something more than joining the team . ”

She grabbed Lu Zhanbei’s hand and got into the car .

Meng Lu stood still and bit her lips when she heard Wu Mingtian’s warning . “Meng Lu, you know what happened to An Shuyue . Mr . Lu and Lin Wanwan are genuinely in love – do you really think there is space for you? Don’t step on your own foot!”

An Shuyue had been hidden by her company and would likely never appear again .

Meng Lu clenched her fist . Wu Mingtian’s words clearly didn’t make it through . Ambition was the only thing shining in her eyes .

She knew that she would never be accepted into the Lu family, but she didn’t mind being Lu Zhanbei’s mistress .

With his help, she could do anything she wanted in the entertainment world . She could also start her own business .

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Heh, which man wouldn’t fall for temptation?

A powerful man like Lu Zhanbei would never resist having more than one girlfriend, no matter how much he liked Lin Wanwan .

Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei drove to a nearby market and bought flour, eggs, and vegetables . They then rented a small stall by the road and started selling omelets .

Lin Wanwan was afraid that she might be recognized, so she ordered the cameramen to film from a distance .

Lin Wanwan learned how to do omelets online and immediately started doing it while Lu Zhanbei helped her out .

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