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Luo Feng felt the mountain quivering right after he landed on its top, even before he moved. He was bewildered… Was this the sign that the treasure was opening?

The mountain kept trembling more and more fiercely.

The heirs who had been chatting casually or looking for treasures all shot up and looked toward the mountain Luo Feng stood on. Soon, the sky was filled with heirs from all races in every direction.

"The treasure!"

"The treasure will be opened."

"He opened the treasure!"

Bark Mirror Emperor flew up too. "Impossible!" He opened his golden eyes wide and saw that there were seven heirs on the trembling mountain, including Luo Feng. "It has to be one of the other six heirs. It has to be!"

He hated Blade River Emperor from the bottom of his heart and was not willing to see him get the valuable. It was the 106th tallest mountain. Although it was only ranked 106th, it was still one of the top 108 valuables, and each was as valuable as a true treasure. Even the lower-ranked valuables were a match for most average true treasures.

Bark Mirror Emperor only had one ordinary true treasure and refused to believe that Blade River Emperor could also get one.

Unfortunately for Bark Mirror Emperor, that wasn't his decision.

The other heirs standing on the mountain were thrilled.

"The valuable. It's the valuable!"

"The mountain has started to tremble."

"The treasure will be opened."

"It's me! I just touched this tree. I must have triggered it."

"No, it's me! I triggered the valuable!"

The heirs were all excited and nervous. Even though they all knew that the mountain had only trembled after Blade River Emperor landed on it, they still held out hope that it could be one of them. They wouldn't give up, as long as there was even a slight trace of hope. After all, this was one of the top 108 valuables!

Hua! Hua! Hua!

The Five-Colored Aurora Lake was right above the mountain, and suddenly, thousands of auroras started to swirl like whirlpools.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Thousands of auroras dropped from the sky, each of them more than six thousand miles long and comprised of five colors. They dove like meteors and enveloped the mountain instantly—separating it from the outside world like an impossibly massive bead curtain.

The heirs felt an upwelling of emotions looking at the magnificent scene! Breathtaking! The thousands of auroras bore incredibly energy. Just a few of them was all it would take to kill a universe knight! It was, after all, the guarding true treasure of the first power of the universe, and also the most powerful true treasure in the universe.

The heirs continued to argue with one another.

"It's mine!"

"The valuable is mine."

The auroras shrouded the entire mountain, together with the heirs standing on the top and hillside. Suddenly, strong forces swept across them, teleporting them outside the veil.

"No, no! It's mine!" The heirs from other races complained.

Outside the veil, the many onlookers speculated the implications of the scene.

"Who opened the valuable?"

"It has to be Blade River Emperor. I saw him land on the mountain."

"There are lots of heirs on the mountain, and some are on the hillside. Perhaps it's a valuable hidden at the hillside."

They were engaged in a heated debate when they saw—Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!—one creature after another, large or small, covered with scales, transparent, or liquid alike, were kicked out by the Five-Colored Aurora Lake.

"Who triggered the valuable?"

"They're all kicked out."

"All of us?"

"It's Blade River Emperor. He's the only one still there."

The heirs who got out grudgingly looked at each other, confirming that only Blade River Emperor was still there. Those watching from afar started to search for Blade River Emperor, but they couldn't find him. They knew instantly that he was the one who had triggered the valuable.

Bark Mirror Emperor clenched his teeth and showed his fangs, watching furiously. But what could he do?

The heirs beside him looked at each other but didn't dare to make a sound, as they knew that Bark Mirror Emperor was infuriated.

Bei Shan Knight looked at Bark Mirror Emperor afar and cursed him. "Imbecile. An idiotic, crazy, ferocious beast with no intelligence."

Ferocious beasts were creatures in the universe with great power but limited intelligence.

Even though Luo Feng couldn't see anything happening outside, he could guess what was happening. He smiled, feeling the mountain tremble under his feet.

"It's me who gets the valuable."

He had heard about the scene when a valuable within the land of valuables was triggered. Some of the supreme beings in the Ancestral God School had designed specific conditions for opening unlocking the valuables hidden there, and those conditions were managed by the Five-Colored Aurora Lake! It monitored everything it covered, and every move by the heirs was under careful surveillance.

For instance, when Luo Feng was assassinated and revived, he had the apparent aura of a sector lord. Five-Colored Aurora lake would then record information that he was a sector lord with clone technique, and the attributes were automatically collected and processed by the lake. Once the attributes matched the conditions of a certain valuable, it would reveal that valuable if a qualifying heir arrived at its location.

However, for the sake of confidentiality, it would blockade the area where the valuable was hidden to make sure that only the valuable contributor, the valuable opener, and the Five-Color Aurora Lake knew what the valuable was. When Seven Blade Emperor had gotten a valuable, nobody had known what valuable he had acquired.

There was only one object in the world ring. An ancient ship!

It was 75,000 miles long and 19,000 miles wide. Shining with silver light, the ship looked more like a seagoing warship than a spaceship.

"What is it?"

Luo Feng snuck his spiritual force into the ancient ship and merged a trace of spirit imprint into the ship. All of a sudden, a great amount of information flooded his mind, which amazed him.

Luo Feng reached out his hand.


A flash of silver flight flew out and fell into his palm. It was an ancient ship the size of a glass marble.

"It is… It is the flying-palace type treasure!" Luo Feng's eyes were blazing, and he gazed at the ancient ship with excitement. "It's only a top-tier treasure, but it's believed to be as precious as a true treasure. No wonder… It's a flying-palace type, and there are definitely great beings willing to trade it with a true treasure."

Luo Feng instantly knew everything about the ancient ship. It was called "Silver Dragon Phantom Ship," and it was a top-tier treasure and functioned like Sky Wolf Palace. It would protect the user as long as he was inside the ship. Unless the enemy destroyed the ship, a material attack would be rendered almost useless, and a soul attack would also be significantly weakened. If Luo Feng had this ship when he was hunted by Bark Mirror Emperor, he couldn't be hurt by Bark Mirror Emperor as long as he hid inside the ship, and he could get rid of Bark Mirror Emperor with the ship.

Similarly, Master of Sky Wolf had escaped the dreadful attack that came from entire burning Nine Remoteness Ocean with the help of his Sky Wolf Palace.

"Armor can only weaken a small portion of material attacks and soul attacks," Luo Feng said, his eyes gleaming. "But this Silver Dragon Phantom Ship is enormous, and staying inside is like being protected by a huge fortress. It's better even than the most expensive godly base of the automaton race."

Though Silver Dragon Phantom Ship couldn't change its direction flexibly, it was incredibly speedy running on a straight line and had mighty defending power.

"Haha! This is a top-tier treasure. Universe knights definitely won't be able to destroy it. As for universe masters, even they might need to use significant energies to damage a top-tier treasure." Luo Feng was overjoyed. Inside the Silver Dragon Phantom Ship, together with his Tower Pearl to protect his soul, once he became undying…

Luo Feng couldn't help grinning.

Of course, a valuable needed adequate power to be utilized. Otherwise, it would be taken by a supreme being if the user couldn't drive the ancient ship fast enough.

"I can use this Silver Dragon Phantom Ship once I become undying." Luo Feng nodded. "When I become much stronger in the future and able to drive Star Tower, that will be my trump card. After that, this Silver Dragon Phantom Ship will be my vehicle only on the surface. Silver Dragon Phantom Ship sounds redundant… I'll just call you 'Galaxy.'"

Luo Feng named it after its aura of silver light, glimmering like the stars in the galaxy. Treasures all had their own original names, but most of them sounded redundant. Purple clock was one such example. Its original name was Demon Note Flame God Clock, but Luo Feng called it "purple clock" instead.

Galaxy, you'll be my partner until I can drive Star Tower, Luo Feng thought, looking at the ancient ship in his hand.

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