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Chapter 914

Luo Feng stood beside the vast galaxy, gazing at the Ice Hell star. Even though it was very far away…it was similar to how earth humans could easily see the sun. Luo Feng's vision was at a level where he could see one's facial hairs up to 10,000 km away, naturally he could see the distant Ice Hell star easily.

"Black metal board." Luo Feng felt the strong calling from there.


"That one!"

He fixed his gaze on one particular star, "It's coming from there! The coordinates the great being gave was right. The black metal board is there on that star."

"The mission he gave me was very simple. It was to enter the Ice Hell star, take the metal board and leave."

"However, the stars are nests for special life forms, and every star represents a type of special life form." Luo Feng thought. The special life forms that lived within each Ice Hell star was named Doku by the other races of the universe.

Doku were life forms formed from extreme cold. They were demon like in appearance and incredibly pure. Though pure, they were purely bloodthirsty, as killing was a game to them, and they felt no sense of evil.

Even though they had no way to reproduce, they were all naturally talented. It was said that there were a thousand Dokus within the area, and this was their nest! According to the information from the Virtual Universe Company, among these thousand Doku, there were a hundred that became undyings and two that even became knights!

Among which the hundred undyings built their own Ice Hell stars.

"Dokus are special life forms, and even at the same level, they are stronger than humans by hundred times." Luo Feng thought. A human emperor's body limit was 100,000 times that of sector lord strength, unless there was some genetic evolution. For the Dokus however…an emperor could reach 10 million sector lord strength. This was their pure god body, and not accounting amplification techniques.

Just like how the golden horned beast

was 10 times stronger than humans.

The special life forms of the universe, the weakest of the lot were comparable to the beast.

"Every Ice Hell star is very dangerous. I may be able to fight a doku undying, but the moment there's a commotion, I'll be exposed." He thought. There hasn't been anyone that had survived after being exposed within Ice Hell star, because there were two knights there!

They were special life forms, hence they were much more powerful than many human knights.

Just as Luo Feng had finished observing the situation and pondering. Suddenly, a blurry silhouette rushed out from the vast space ahead.



A crisp voice filled with cold energies pierced through the space and spread throughout, the laughter was filled with joy.

"Hm?" Luo Feng gazed. In the distance three silhouettes rushed out, one purple in color, and two green colored. The purple one was about 3.2m tall, tall and graceful, and was completely purple. He had a hundred purple braids from his head, the crystal like armor on his body was translucent. From it, one could see its body,and it took on the form of a human lady. The other two green ones were 3.6m tall, extremely handsome, with a hundred green braids each. They donned a green armor, and were similar to human males in looks.

As special life forms, they had no sex distinction, this outer appearance purple represented the difference in their talent level

The purple were rarer, the green were more populated.

The cold air around the purple Doku could easily freeze souls, and the green ones could freeze the bodies.


The three of them laughed and cheered about. Their speeds were incredible, easily reaching light speed and going through universe travel, disappearing from Luo Feng's sight.

"Universe travel?" Luo Feng looked on carefully. "The rubbish

rubbish about the space about have been cleared, it's easy to reach light speed. Hm, the three dokus earlier…they are weaker, they should be sector lord level! But their strength is similar to a normal undying, and they can easily go through universe travel to return to their nest."

"Looks like I have to do it this way." Luo Feng nodded.

Within his world ring.

Black clothed Luo Feng stood there, the twelve warriors bowed respectfully, "Master."

"Tian Chen." Luo Feng looked over.

"Master." Tian Chen replied.

"You have a few officials under you right, call them out. The more nimble the better, the smarter ones." Luo Feng said. Tian Chen and Chi Mang were both soul masters, both with a group of slaves under them. They may have few emperor slaves, but there were many officials.

"Yes." Tian Chen waved his hand, and beside him a 1.1m tall little crooked being appeared. It was filled with black scales, and its eyes were jade green. This was the demon race's Devil Shell monkey.

"Master." It smiled evilly.

"From now on, you will listen to my master's orders." Tian Chen pointed at Luo Feng. "Fully submit to him, his orders to you…is akin to my orders."

"Yes yes yes." The monkey replied.

Black clothed Luo Feng looked at this official level undying, "You have a small and large scanner?"

"No." It replied.

"Mas…" Tian Chen was about to speak when he was shushed. Luo Feng flipped his hand and tossed out a scanner, "This one has both the functions of a large and small scanner."

"This is a virtual universe connection device, anonymous device." Luo Feng tossed out an arm band. "Make them both recognize you."

"Yes yes yes." The monkey was very excited, "Virtual universe…"

The helmet devices kept its users anonymous, much less with Luo

with Luo Feng's high status, it was easy to get one that could last forever. The only thing was these devices…were controlled strictly by the virtual universe.

"Listen well." Luo Feng ordered.

The monkey listened.

"When you leave in awhile, you will accelerate to light speed and universe travel. In the dark universe, you will reach these coordinates and come back to the actual universe." Luo Feng's armband projected the star map. It was within the Ice Hell stars, of which he gave exact coordinates.

"When you appear, you should be sixteen million km away from this Ice Hell star."

"Remember, you need to activate the mini scanner and hide your tracks to not be detected."

"Then you will sneak into this star that you are closest to and search for a black metal board, this is what it looks like." Luo Feng explained the metal board to him. He also explained what to do after discovering it, in case the monkey screwed up. It was better to personally tell him what to do.

"Very good." Luo Feng nodded. "Get ready to leave, I will immediately lead you in."

"Yes." The monkey had no sense of hesitation.

Luo Feng's order was akin to his master's order, even if he ordered him to self destruct now, he wouldn't even resist. Hence, the moment one's soul was controlled, its entire core and being would submit to his master.

Amidst the vast space, Luo Feng stood hidden. His mini scanner was activated, and beside him stood the Devil shell monkey.

"Just like that, accelerate and reach light speed and universe travel, go on." He ordered.


The monkey's eyes were lit with excitement.


His speed increased, becoming a beam of light in space, quickly reaching light speed. The space shook before he vanished.

Luo Feng gazed at the scene, at the scene, "The Doku's use universe travel to get from one Ice Hell star to another and to return. The distance is so far, just flying normally would take ten days to half a month, and universe travel ripples occur frequently. Then, the monkey's universe travel wouldn't garner too much attention."

"It'll depend on luck."

"Let's hope that it's luck is good, let this one slave bring me the metal board." Luo Feng thought. "If he can't, at least I'll gain some information about the area." Entering the area was too dangerous, Luo Feng wouldn't blindly enter himself.

Sixteen million km away from the Ice Hell star, the universe space rippled and the monkey appeared, he naturally activated his scanner.

"Hehe, it's been too lonely following the master for so many years with nothing to do. There's finally something to do. Just what is this place, it seems dangerous." The monkey surveyed the area cautiously, using his consciousness to connect to the virtual universe, sending everything he saw to Luo Feng.

"Ice Hell star."

The monkey was clueless but brave. He had never heard of Ice Hell star, and he didn't know just how dangerous it was, but he still flew in cautiously. Sixteen million km was very close, even though he flew slowly, he got close within an instant.



Two beams of light shot out. Two sector lord Dokus appeared, and these two extremely handsome Dokus were chatting and laughing, even though their gaze had passed the monkey, with the scanner blocking him, he was completely hidden. At least he was not visible to the naked eye. The two Dokus laughed and joked, they began to accelerate to light speed…after which they vanished into universe travel, heading to another area.

"Luckily they didn't discover me, however master's master sure is cowardly. The two punks should only be at sector lord level, I can easily kill them. He even made it so that I cannot attack anything." The monkey carefully began to fly into Ice Hell star, finally…he entered the Ice Hell star.

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