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They flew out of the resting room and into the space, where ripples from the explosion before were still reverberating.

"Hm?" Luo Feng gazed about and saw the remains of the ship that had just exploded, not seeing any enemy.

"Be careful everybody." Captain Tai Wo communicated, simultaneously keeping the resting room in his world ring. He didn’t care much about the ship being destroyed. Afterall, the most valuable place within was the completely intact F9 metal Tungsten mother rock resting room.

"Where’s the enemy?" Rock’s eyes gleamed and he looked about.

"New recruit, don’t get anxious. Just be vigilant, but leave everything else to us." Demon lady smiled.

The other old soldiers all smiled as they looked around carefully. They had experienced too many such incidents…even in the face of danger, they were completely calm and composed.

"Since they are not showing themselves, let’s go." Tai Wo suddenly flew in a direction.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The other 9 followed him and swiftly tore through space and fled.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

9 spots from the distance shot out a glaring thunder bolt, and all of them were converging around Luo Feng and his group. Even a powerful undying wouldn’t be able to reach light speed in an instant in the actual universe.


Thunder and light etc, the moment it was unleashed it was light speed. Luo Feng and the others however required a certain amount of time to accelerate to close to lightspeed. As for the ships…it required even more time to do so.

Hence as the 9 points shot out its light beams, it quickly joined together, forming a huge thunder cage!

The huge cage completely surrounded Luo Feng and his little group.

Chi chi chi…the instant it formed, countless thunder snakes tore through space and wrapped about the over 1 hundred million km in diameter cage. Without a doubt…Luo Feng and his group of 10 were attacked by them.

"Thunder hell!"

"It’s thunder hell!"

The old soldiers seemed shocked.

"Let’s go, this is the work of the automaton race, and a powerful one at that. It’s very troublesome." Tai Wo ordered.

Immediately, he led the way and the others followed him.

Luo Feng and Rock however were curious.

Why flee?

This thunder hell was no threat at all.

"If the lightning bolts attack us, it can instantly kill a sector lord. However…the cage it formed and its lightning snakes have spread over a hundred million km in diameter. It probably wouldn’t even be able to kill a sector lord or 2, there’s no threat right?." The new recruit Rock asked.

"What’s terrifying about the thunder hell?" Luo Feng asked as they fled too. Being able to multitask was a very normal thing, chatting while fleeing was normal.

"New recruit, you’ll see in awhile, we are definitely in trouble. This thunder hell…it’s not something a normal automaton clansman can set up." Poison’s expression was serious.

Luo Feng nodded.

His perspectives were extremely high, easily seeing that…this thunder hell was able to spread over a hundred million km in diameter. For it to reach so far, the amount of equipment usage would easily range in the millions of mixed elements! And the Automaton race was proficient in this, hence their costs may be lower. However it would still probably exceed hundreds of thousands of mixed elements. This was definitely something not any ordinary automaton sector lord could afford.

As for its energy usage, it wasn’t too shocking.

As the thunder snakes could keep revolving about the cage, if there wasn’t anyone in the cage, they could keep doing so, creating an energy loop, making its usage close to 0!

"Energy loop" It was like the AAA god base. The energy barrier of the huge base was able to withstand even attacks of a knight. The colorful barrier was maintained throughout…as long as it wasn’t attacked, it would have no energy usage at all.


As Luo Feng and his team fled, suddenly…


A blur of light dots shot out from the 9 spots in the thunder cage. These dots swiftly shot towards the group to surround them, forcing them to slow down as a large number of dots shot at them.

"It’s automaton puppets." Luo Feng easily saw through them.

They seemed like light dots from far, however on careful examination, one could tell…

They were silver robots that were 12m tall. They carried a thick alloy blade on their backs and their surface body had thunder snakes wrapped about, countless thunder snakes within the hell didn’t have any effect on them whatsoever.

"It’s thunder Automaton puppets." Tai Wo emphasized. "We are in trouble, thunder hell and thunder puppet army, this is a common combination in the automaton race, however it is still terrifying. Normally only undyings have this level of equipment."

The 9 members all listened to his orders.

Luo Feng began to feel his own weakness, he was very familiar with battle tactics within humanity itself. However the other races and their strategies, even though he had researched a lot about it through the virtual universe network, the explanations were too ambiguous. Like the automaton race, the sites had said they were living AIs and every one of them represented an automaton empire. Using their own resources, great control, combination and tactics, they could form a terrifying attack.

"Everybody listen."

"Follow me, we’ll breakthrough with the greatest speed, we have to get out of the thunder hell." Tai Wo ordered.


The 9 listened.

The team immediately flew at shocking speed, as the cage was simply too huge, their little team had to fight hard just to get around the thunder puppet army.


Within the broken ship’s control room.

The automaton Palati smiled, "Trying to escape? Army 6, formation ci9, engage!"


These puppets have lower flexibility, they shouldn’t be able to catch us." Luo Feng dodged the thunder puppets and continued to flee.

The closest puppet army suddenly absorbed a large amount of the thunder snakes. Over 100,000 thunder puppets seemed to form an electric circuit, as countless snakes were flowing through them, of which 21 of the puppets suddenly produced glaring thunder balls.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

21 thunder balls, they all formed a special engraving, almost like a thunder fishing net.


The fishing net shot out at light speed.

As it got close to Luo Feng and his team, the powerful binding slowed down and covered the team. The powerful pressure was trapping the team, it was actually infused with space laws, this made Luo feng shocked.

"Ha!" Tai Wo howled, unleashing his undying energy and law domain.

Countless yellow light dots spread throughout tens of thousands of km. Every one of them were extremely heavy, smashing against the huge thunder cage. His undying energy swiftly attacked.

"Break open." The Mother Flame race Hammer used a huge hammer to hit the fishing net.


The sector lord Mad Wu controlled his spirit energy weapon, one of the 9 god weapons for spirit readers the God Tearing Armament. It instantly formed a glaring light wheel and slashed madly at the net.

"Tear open." The white robed sector lord God had a drizzle of light beams float about him, causing the space to warp and tear open.


The 9 members all unleashed their attacks, Luo Feng used his Nan shen armament too.

The thunder fishing net didn’t really attack them but it trapped them there. And from the distance, one of the 9 puppet armies had already caught up.

Rumble! Captain Tai Wo howled and he finally broke a tens of km wide hole in the net.

At the same time…

The entire fishing net instantly crumbled.

Rumble…The originally unstable net crumbled, the powerful lightning energy exploded open, instantly tearing through the surrounding space. The powerful ripples hit Luo Feng’s little team too, Captain Tai Wo however blocked them.

"Captain." Rock looked worried at the captain.

"I’m fine." He said softly. "All of you, looks like this will be troublesome. The puppet army has already surrounded us…looks like we won’t be able to avoid this fight."

"Why flee, since we are heading to a place to fight anyway, might as well start the fight from here." Poison licked his lips, his eyes gleaming.

"Hm." Hammer nodded.

The other members’ eyes all gleamed with fighting spirit.

"Demon lady, Wei, you two be more careful." Tai Wo ordered.

"We can protect ourselves, killing the enemy however will be hard. Against the automaton race…our illusions have no effect at all." The skinny Wei communicated back. Every illusionist knew how to control spirit weapons too, only thing was that they were more proficient in illusions, but not so much at using the weapons themselves.

The space swiftly recovered.

And three teams of puppets had already surrounded the little team. Every army had over 100,000 puppets, with a glance, they had the team completely surrounded. In the distance, 6 other teams were rushing over at sub light speed, it would take only a few seconds for them to be completely blocked off.

"I wonder how the team will deal with this." Luo Feng was very calm. The automaton puppet army, as long as he took out his undying Star eating plant, with its regenerative abilities and ability to grow over a million km, it could wrap all of them instantly!


Within the distant broken ship’s control room.

"The trap is set, time to collect!" Palati said softly in his alloy chair. "One undying and nine sector lords…I’ll at most lose 27% of the puppets before I am able to win."

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