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Chapter 84
Chapter 84 Awe-Inspiring

August 17, 2020oniichan69

    After all, Elder Mude was the Yunxia Sect’s Council Elder, and although he had been called blind before because of the Chixiao Monarch’s matter, he was at any rate a Jindan who had been cultivating for seven or eight hundred years .


    What did this Gu Qingfeng dare to say right in front of him, saying that he had refined a dog for the past eight hundred years?




    How much nerve does he have!


    Don’t you want to live?


    Gu Qingfeng’s words went down, hearing Ouyang Fei Yue’s scalp go numb, Fei Kui was even more frightened, Elder Rende’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch twice, if any other disciple dared to say that, Elder Rende would definitely lash out and teach him a lesson, but the one who said that was Gu Qingfeng .


    The world would ascend into chaos once his identity was exposed, said a Huo De .


    How would Rende dare to take action to teach him a lesson, not even dare to reprimand him, seeing that Mu De was shaking with anger, Rende could only stop to persuade him .


    “Brother, get out of the way, if I don’t teach him a lesson today, what face will I Mude…I Mude have in the future…how can I do that! It’s really outrageous . ”


    “Mude, you’ve always valued Qualified Spiritual Roots, opening your mouth and closing your mouth, how many disciples originally had great prospects, but were rejected because of your words Qualified Spiritual Roots, it’s good to have Spiritual Roots, it’s no big deal if you don’t have them, it’s really pedantic and foolish to cut off someone’s future with a small Spiritual Root . ”


    Gu Qingfeng stood with a negative hand, his arrogant posture seemingly like a solitary peak and a heavenly sword, his look indifferent, his eyebrows somehow became cold and stern, and his eyes were no longer so calm, even his tone seemed to be domineering .


    “Having a spiritual root is nothing more than being more in tune with the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth and absorbing spiritual energy faster, but that’s all, a weak spiritual root doesn’t mean you can’t cultivate, and not having a spiritual root doesn’t mean you can’t absorb spiritual energy . ”


    Saying that Gu Qingfeng fiercely sucked down a large inhalation, and the various Yang auras emitted by the trial formation were all inhaled by him .



    exhaustively .


    An inhalation drew the Yangyang aura within the trial formation cleanly, and everyone witnessed the various auras being sucked into his body in a split second of effort .




    The multitude of deacon elder guests on the high platform had a count of one, the ministry was dumbfounded, their expressions shocked as if they had seen something unbelievable .


    The enraged Mu de was also completely dumbfounded when he saw this scene, he simply couldn’t believe his eyes and mumbled, “Impossible, simply impossible…”


    “There’s nothing impossible, I’ve said that things in the world are never absolute . ”


    Gu Qingfeng said indifferently while asking, “Next Level “


    The next level is refining .


    It takes only one hour to refine a Green Tortoise Crystal Stone .


    Although this level was called refining, it was a test of the purity of spiritual energy .

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    In today’s world, too many people focus on the realm of cultivation, but ignore the purity of spiritual energy, especially now that all kinds of pills are widespread, with the aid of all kinds of pills, breaking through the barrier of the realm has no difficulty, although the realm has been raised, the spiritual energy has become more and more turbid .


    And once the spiritual power is cloudy, there is no cohesive power, the more cloudy the spiritual power, the more undisciplined the spiritual power is, and in the long run, the empty cultivation, the realm is not low, and the cloudy spiritual power is too undisciplined due to the lack of cohesive power, so the power of spiritual power will also be greatly reduced .


    There were many such people, like Guang Yuan, although he had cultivated the Golden Pill, he was also high on various pills, he couldn’t exert the power of the Golden Pill at all, he might not even be able to defeat a true cultivator with pure spiritual energy, he was like this, so was Fei Xue, Mude, including Rende .


    Soon, Fei Kui handed over a green turtle crystal stone, it was very hard, although the average cultivator could refine it, it would take a few hours, not in an hour .


    And Gu Qingfeng held the Green Tortoise Crystal without even looking at it, his palm glowed and his spiritual energy condensed and diffused, his spiritual energy was odd, it didn’t look that pure, but rather cloudy .


    The purer the spiritual energy was, the more crystal clear it was .


    Conversely, the more turbid the spiritual energy was, the more it was like a haze .


    Gu Qingfeng’s spiritual energy was like a haze, but not like that, it was as if there were electric sparks mixed in the haze, it looked very odd, and he had never seen such strange spiritual energy before, nor had he seen any action, when the spiritual energy was condensed and diffracted, a shocking scene happened, the green turtle crystal stone dissipated in a flash of time…




    Yes .


    Refined .


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    In an instant .


    His spiritual energy was obviously muddy, so how… how could he refine the Green Tortoise Crystals in a split second?


    Ouyang Fei Yue knew that Gu Qingfeng was extraordinary, but as for how extraordinary, she didn’t know and couldn’t guess, having just witnessed Gu Qingfeng absorbing all of the Yang aura in an instant was already unbelievable to her, and now seeing Gu Qingfeng refining the Green Tortoise Crystal Stone in an instant was simply incomprehensible to her .


    Her cultivation was not high, and her spiritual energy was not very pure .


    However, she had cultivated a rainbow foundation, erected a colored true body, and opened a colored violet house, and her spiritual power was not pure, but it was Nature’s Tri-rainbow Spiritual Power, and her spiritual power could be much stronger than ordinary violet foundation cultivator, even if she was not afraid of it compared to a jindan cultivator, at least Ouyang Fei Yue was confident that she could defeat Guangyuan, a jindan cultivator who was high on pills, with her Nature’s Tri-rainbow Spiritual Power .


    But even so, to say that she could refine the Green Tortoise Crystal Stone in an instant, she couldn’t do it in any case .


    She also couldn’t understand, couldn’t figure out how this guy’s spiritual energy could be… so terrifying when it obviously looked so muddy .


    She didn’t know .


    No one knew either, even the knowledgeable Mu De and Ren De who had been cultivating for seven or eight hundred years just didn’t know, and just found it unbelievable .


    And the trial stage .


   Gu Qingfeng’s demeanor was still as calm and indifferent as ever as if refining the Green Tortoise Crystals in a flash just now couldn’t be any easier for him, as simple as blinking his eyes, only saying softly, “Next level!”


    The next level of the test was comprehension .

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    The chief examiners would then pick ten cold techniques for the disciples to comprehend, and as many as they comprehended, in order to prevent the disciples from having practiced one of the techniques, so the examiners would then pick the techniques to test .


    On the platform, after recovering from the shock from earlier, both of them, whether it was Elder Mude or Guang Yuan, realized the seriousness of the problem, they didn’t know where Huo de had found such a mysterious and strange and inscrutable person from, nor did they know how strong Gu Qingfeng was, but they knew one thing better than anyone else .


    They absolutely couldn’t let Qingfeng pass the test, otherwise, it would be a great threat to the competition for the position of the Palm Reserve .


    The two of them thought this way, but what did Fei Xue Zhenren, who was auditing on behalf of Elder Shui De, not know?


    She was also aware of the seriousness of the problem .


    She also knew that if she let Gu Qingfeng pass the examination, it would definitely pose a threat to the competition for the position of palm reserve .


    He absolutely must not be allowed to pass!


    “Gu… Gu Qingfeng, you have one hour to comprehend, at which time we will then draw a test . ”


    Perhaps the shock brought about by Gu Qingfeng today was so incredible that Elder Rende spoke with a shaky voice .


    “There is no need for an hour . ” Gu Qingfeng casually flipped through the ten manuals, while remaining on the ground and said, “Take the test now . ”


    Elder Rende had some difficulty believing it, “You… are you sure?”


    “Ten basic immortal arts are just ten books, why bother comprehending them, a casual glance is a great success . ”

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