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Chapter 76

 It was a two-meter-long giant sword, turquoise color, with a mysterious pattern carved into its body and a fierce cold light on its blade .

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    When the giant sword fell, a human figure appeared like a meteor cutting through the sky .

    This man wore a feathered crown and was dressed in a cyan-blue cloud robe, his body was covered in a faint colored light, he stood on the handle of the giant sword, his face incomparably cold, his eyes even more fierce, staring at Gu Qingfeng with a deadly glare .

    Gu Qingfeng didn’t know who this person was, but of course, he didn’t care who it was, still lying on his back in the rocking chair, leisurely sipping the wine .

    However, whether it was Fei Kui, who was bowing like a servant beside him, or Ouyang Fei Yue, who was beautifully and enchantingly flowery, both of them knew this man, who was precisely one of the Nine Pavilion of Yunxia Sect’s core disciples, Li Wang, who was also the most famous, highest cultivated, and strongest of the four brothers of the Li family .

    True Body Sixth Realm .

    Rainbow Root, Rainbow True Body, Dual Color Guard .

    Cultivated in the Yellow Grade Great Wind Lightning Sword Technique, I heard that half a year ago, he wielded the Nine Great Wind Lightning Sword Technique with a single stroke of his sword, killing three real people who had established their true bodies on the spot, and was extremely fierce .

    Soon, many disciples came over, including Li Can, Li Sen, Yun Hong, Ye Hong, and even the Principal Disciples of the Twelve Seats, including Mu Zi Bai and Huang Yao, all of whom had been beaten by Gu Qingfeng and could be said to hate him to the bone, and when they heard that Li Wang was out to find trouble with Gu Qingfeng, they naturally looked forward to the scene .

    Next came a few of the great deacons led by Guang yuan .

    “Li Wang, this is the Back Mountain Spiritual Hidden Garden, it’s the garden of Elder Huo De, you may not act rashly . ”

    The implication of Guang yuan’s words was clear, this brat now had Elder Huo De protecting him, no one could touch him for now, at least not in the Yunxia Sect .

    Li Wang didn’t respond, just stared at him, his eyes were like poisonous snakes that seemed to want to crush Gu Qingfeng into a million pieces, then he pulled out a letter from his bosom The challenge letter, threw it over to them, “I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow at noon, Windy Cloud Terrace . ”

    Gu Qingfeng did not move, the one who received the challenge notice was Fei Kui, he opened it and handed it over, Gu Qingfeng looked at it with interest .

    “If you come, I might spare your life, if you don’t come, I, Li Wang, swear that I will never let you leave the Yunxia Sect alive . ” Li Wang turned to leave, and added, “I know there is Elder Huo De protecting you in the Yunxia Sect, but it’s just the Yunxia Sect unless you stay here for the rest of your life, otherwise, I will make you regret coming to this world . ”

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    As the words fell, Li Wang flew away .

    Guang yuan and the other group of deacons looked at Gu Qingfeng, then at Fei Kui and Ouyang Fei Yue, then they also quickly left .

    After leaving a few harsh words behind, the two brothers Li Can and Li Sen left as well .

    “Nowadays, the little guy is quite disciplined… and he knows how to give a challenge letter . ”

    Qingfeng Gu laughed and placed the letter of war on the table .

    “Brother Qingfeng, If it were any other disciple, Li Wang would have already killed immediately, so how could he still send a challenge letter . ” Ouyang Fei Yue knew that the reason why Li Wang had issued the challenge letter, where it was about speaking about any rules, but was scrupulous of Master Huo De .

    Looking at Gu Qingfeng with a carefree appearance, Ouyang Fei Yue said, “Brother Qingfeng, you should be more careful tomorrow… Not only did Li Wang cultivate a rainbow foundation, but he also established a rainbow true body… he’s powerful . ”

    Hearing about the rainbow foundation and rainbow true body, Gu Qingfeng was quite surprised .

    In the past when he was training, although there were people who had cultivated rainbow foundations and rainbow true bodies, they were really few and far between, and there weren’t many in the world, and there were even fewer like this who had cultivated both foundations and established rainbow true bodies, not expecting that there would be so many in the small Yunxia Sect today, and from what Ouyang Fei Yue said, it seemed like the nine personal disciples were almost all like this .

    “What a generation of gods, a catastrophe all over the place ah…”

    Back then, at the end of the ancient era, there was also a catastrophe of the heavens, and after the catastrophe, there was also a revival of all things, at that time there were also all kinds of geniuses springing up, all kinds of thrones, all kinds of true destinies, all kinds of inheritances…

    Now the end of the ancient era and another catastrophe goes down, what throne, what true life, what inheritance is lost, but pops up some mysterious bloodline, what precious body, what rainbow roots, rainbow true body…

    Gu Qingfeng figured he was a bit behind the times and asked, “Are there any books on the subject?”

    “Which Aspect?”

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    He asked Fei Kui and Ouyang Fei Yue, who were a bit confused by this sentence, to chat about Li Wang . How come this guy suddenly asked about books .

    “It’s this kind of root and true body derived from rainbow spirit roots and such…”

    “What books are you reading, what do you want to know, my sister will just tell you . ”

    “You?” Gu Qingfeng looked up and down .

    “Sister herself has cultivated the rainbow root and rainbow true body, and the opening is also the rainbow violet amulet, to say that she understands the rainbow spirits, the entire Yunxia Sect I’m afraid no one knows as much as you do . Brother Qingfeng, what do you think? Let’s find a quiet place and enjoy this drink . Sister will tell you all about it, okay . ”

    “Okay . ”

    Seeing that Gu Qingfeng didn’t even want to think about directly agreeing, Fei Kui, who was beside him, quickly said, “Young Master, why don’t I go with you . ” As he spoke, he looked at Ouyang Fei Yue and seemed a little worried .

    “Aiyah, little mouse, what’s the matter, you’re still afraid that your sister will eat your young master ah…”

    Fei Kui opened his mouth, wanting to say something, it looked like he wasn’t just scrupulous about Ouyang Fei Yue .

    “Come on, stay here, I’ll be right back . ”

    Seeing Gu Qingfeng leave, Fei Kui wept and secretly transmitted: Young Master, you must be careful, it’s not that I don’t have confidence in you, it’s actually because Ouyang Fei Yue, this lass, has too many bad intentions, even the old master has fallen to her scheme several times, you mustn’t fall into her trap .

    Even someone as smart as the old master has been calculated by her? Gu Qingfeng was dumbfounded, wondering if he had to see it properly .

    The two chatted while following Ouyang Fei Yue to a different garden with birdsong and flowers .

    Ouyang Fei Yue said that she was an honored guest of the Yunxia Sect, and of course, she had her own garden in the Yunxia Sect .

     Gu Qingfeng waited in the pavilion for a while, not much later, this voluptuous woman came over with a few jars of wine, also carrying some fresh and delicious fruit, Gu Qingfeng was not polite, he is a good wine man, with wine and everything is easy to say .


  Ouyang Fei Yue didn’t try anything, nor did she play any tricks, as she drank the wine, she also carefully explained to Gu Qingfeng about the rainbow spirits .

    The so-called rainbow spirit usually referred to a rainbow spirit root .

    And the rainbow, on the other hand, represented nature .

    The stronger the rainbow spirit root was, the better its qualifications, the more it could resonate with nature, and also the higher the compatibility with the aura between the world and the sky, the faster it could be cultivated compared to ordinary spirit roots .

    Cultivating a foundation, cultivating a root .

    If one cultivates a rainbow foundation, it is a nature foundation, and this foundation is much more solid than an ordinary foundation .

    However, the benefits of a rainbow foundation were not simply that it was stronger than an ordinary foundation, but also that the spiritual energy would gradually turn into rainbow spiritual energy, and this rainbow spiritual energy could be much more powerful than ordinary spiritual energy .

    With the same cultivation, the same immortal art, if one had a rainbow foundation, its strength could easily obliterate the other side without a rainbow foundation, because after cultivating a rainbow foundation, spiritual power would gradually turn into rainbow spiritual power, and this spiritual power was also called nature spiritual power .

    If you open your body acupuncture points, you will be able to transform your body into a true body, and your flesh will not only become tougher, but also won’t be infected with diseases, and most importantly, your life expectancy will also increase, so it’s not a problem if you live for a hundred or two hundred years .

    If you build a rainbow foundation, you also have a chance to establish a rainbow true body .

    If one hadn’t cultivated a rainbow root, it would be almost impossible to establish a rainbow true body .

    Just like if you don’t have a rainbow spiritual root, it’s impossible to build a rainbow foundation .

    If one cultivates a rainbow foundation and then creates a rainbow body, the rainbow spiritual power in his body will be even more powerful, and it is known as dual-rainbow nature spiritual power .

    The power of this dual-rainbow nature spiritual power is incomparably great, even if one does not perform any immortal arts .

    A true cultivator who possessed a rainbow root and had established a rainbow true body, without exaggeration, was so strong that not only could they sweep away all ordinary true cultivators, even if they faced a true body who had opened a purple amulet, they had the strength to fight .

    This was because not only was their rainbow spirit power strong, they also possessed rainbow spirit guards .

    Hearing this, Gu Qingfeng couldn’t help but remember what Huo De had said .

    Huo De said that in the past, we used to fight for our cultivation and immortal skills, but now we fight for all kinds of rainbow spirits and the strength of our magic weapons, so no matter how high your cultivation and immortal skills are, they can’t stand up to the rainbow spirits of nature .

    The old man also seemed to say that the rainbow spirits were extremely strong and that if people stood there, you couldn’t even fight them .

    This not only made Gu Qingfeng a little confused but was also that Li Wang’s Color Spirit Guard really that strong?

    When asked, Ouyang Fei Yue responded, “The standing true body is inherently transformed, and the flesh is naturally strong, while the rainbow true body is much stronger than the ordinary true body! It’s not important . What is important is that you have a rainbow spirit to protect your rainbow foundation, and if you establish a rainbow body, you will have dual-cultivator! The Spirit of the Spirit guards . ”

    “dual-rainbow Spirit Guard?”

    Gu Qingfeng had fought with both Mu Zi Bai and Li Zheng, they had both cultivated rainbow roots, and what they called rainbow spirit guard was no different in his opinion .

    “You’ve cultivated a rainbow root foundation, established a rainbow true body, and I’ve heard that you’ve opened a rainbow violet amulet as well, so that means that your spiritual power is not only The power of Tri-rainbow Nature, while also possessing Tri-rainbow Nature Guard?”

    “Of course . ” Ouyang Crimson Moon shrugged her shoulders and smiled coquettishly, “Does brother Qingfeng want to see it . ”


    “Come on, brother Qingfeng, sister will give you three moves . ”

    Gu Qingfeng felt dumb, daring this big sister to wait for her here, lifting a glass of wine and smiling, “Fine, you first offer your tri-rainbow Nature Guard, let me witness it . ”

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