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And the cracking sound from his body came out now and then. But Xiao Lingtian did not even groan for once.


"That's enough for today. This loser may not handle this much. If he really died, we will all be responsible for his death." Lin Yang stopped the guards an hour later.


"Hey loser, turn in what I want or you can enjoy this treat everyday." Lin Yang snorted and left.


Watching them leaving, Xiao Lingtian's eyes were fulfilled by regrets and hatred.


In a world ruling by the jungle law, power determines everything. If you are not strong enough, you could be bullied by anyone.


"I will be powerful! I will be strong!" Xiao Lingtian told himself.


The light shone through the window grew darker and darker.


It's all black now. It should be night outside.


Although feeling aching all over his body, Xiao Lingtian sit cross-leg anyway.


At this moment, determination and confidence appeared on his face.


It's time to wake up his Soul of Destiny. Black lotus, please help me.


Then the mysterious black lotus presented itself in the center of Xiao Lingtian's abdomen, swirling rapidly.


Wisps of black spiritual soul exuded from the black lotus, fulfilling the whole abdomen in a second.


These wisps of black spiritual soul were formed by Xiao Lingtian's destiny soul. But they became stronger now and more powerful now because of the black lotus. Now they could be really helpful for waking up Xiao Lingtian's Soul of Destiny.


The fulfillment in the abdomen brought up the releasing of the spiritual power.


"Destiny Door! Open now!"


Next thing Xiao Lingtian knew was the speedy backward-moving view and a growing pressure on him.


But the pressure on him now could not stop him. After a while, seven rainbow-like rivers presented before Xiao Lingtian.


"Are these the Rivers of Destiny?" although Xiao Lingtian had not stepped into the rivers yet, he could sense the infinite power endowed with them.


Without any hesitation, Xiao Lingtian set his foot into the orange river which housed all sorts of Soul of Destiny in it. But Xiao Lingtian did not stop here.


To the fourth-stage of the Rivers of Destiny, Xiao Lingtian felt the pressure even more.


There were also many kinds of Soul of Destiny here in the fourth-stage and the Phoenix one of Lin Ruoxi's was here. But Xiao Lingtian went on his journey and to the fifth one.


In the fifth river, the Soul of Destiny were of higher-class so they were less than the ones in the former rivers.


When he wanted to checking out the Soul of Destiny in the fifth river, a force coming from nowhere brought Xiao Lingtian to another place.


But this place was not any part of the rivers.


Weirdly, there were Soul of Destiny here, but just a few.


And these Soul of Destiny were wrapped up by fog, hiding everything about them.


Xiao Lingtian was totally confused for he had never heard one's Soul of Destiny came beyond the rivers.


Suddenly, Xiao Lingtian was enveloped by one Soul of Destiny.


"How come the Soul of Destiny could choose a cultivator here?"


While Xiao was still talking to himself, a giant shadow of black lotus appeared in his back.


Although it's a shadow, the lotus could be seen and felt like it's real, smooth as jade and swift as dancing, with a glowing light circling around it.


"Is this a black-stage Soul of Destiny?" Xiao Lingtian was quite satisfied with this Soul of Destiny for it's higher than Lin Ruoxi's.


The only bad thing would be this was a plant Soul of Destiny, good at assisting cultivation and battle, which could not exert its power like a ware one or a beast one.


But what happened next surprised him. The color the this black lotus turned into blue and eventually into purple.


"A purple?" Xiao Lingtian was astounded.


Then the purple grew even darker and became a colorful one.


"What..." Xiao Lingtian was so astonished to say anything now. Obviously, a colorful one overwhelmed a purple one.


But it's colorful only for one second and turned into white. These colors seemed integrate into white.




Surprises kept coming. Another Soul of Destiny was all over Xiao Lingtian before he knew it.


"What is happening now? Am I going to wake up the second one?" This was so much for Xiao Lingtian to understand now, because he never heard there was a second Soul of Destiny for one cultivator.

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