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Chapter 1425: True colors revealed (2)

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“Thank you for your concern, aunt. Your niece’s body is fine now.” Xiao LAN stood next to Xiao Lin very politely and even tried to fill Xiao Lin’s Cup with tea. However, the teapot was snatched away by Yin Xuan.

Yin Xuan smiled.”Cousin’s body has just recovered. It’s not good for her to overwork herself. Just leave this kind of rough work to me.”

“Younger Biao sister is thoughtful.” Xiao LAN said as she suppressed her anger.

“LAN ‘er, if there’s nothing important, you can go back to your room and have a good rest! I won’t be sending you off. ” Xiao Lin said.

“Aunt! LAN ‘er is here to see you. ” Xiao LAN said in a slightly aggrieved tone, and a layer of mist appeared in her beautiful eyes.

“Yup! Sister! LAN ‘er’s injury has just recovered, and she’s in a hurry to see you. Look at how filial she is!” Ru Ping also chimed in.

“I know that LAN ‘er is filial! I appreciate it! However, LAN ‘er’s body has just recovered, and I can’t bear to see her overwork herself, so I’d better let her go back to her room to rest!” Xiao Lin said with concern.

“This …” Ru Ping seemed to want to say something, but she was pulled back by Xiao LAN, so she kept quiet.

“I’m really grateful for aunt’s care and concern. I’ll go back first. I’ll come back to see you in a few days.” Xiao LAN said in a very understanding manner. After she finished speaking, she bowed to Xiao Lin, then turned around and left with her mother.

Out of the yard, Ru Ping asked unwillingly,””LAN ‘er! We’re leaving just like that?”

“What else can we do? Let’s go and see uncle!” Xiao LAN suggested. Ru Ping nodded and then the two walked toward Yin Ping’s study.

However, when they reached the door of Yin Ping’s study, they couldn’t go in because the guard at the door told them that the substitute family head had important things to deal with and wouldn’t see anyone! The two of them had no choice but to return to their own residence.

In fact, Yin ping didn’t go to the study room today. He stayed in his room and watched his wife and daughter talking and laughing in the garden. When Xiao LAN and her daughter came, he saw them, but he didn’t go out. After they left, Yin ping opened the door and walked into the garden.

“Father! You’re finally willing to come out. ” Yin Xuan, who was chatting with her mother, teased Yin ping after seeing him.

“You little girl, you even dare to tease your own father! You’re really looking for a beating!” Yin ping patted Yin Xuan’s head as a token gesture.

“Mother! Look, father actually hit me! You have to make the decision for me!” Yin Xuan pouted her pink lips and complained.

“Bad girl, you’re getting naughtier the older you get, good hit!” Xiao Lin said with a smile.

“Mother! How can you forget your daughter when you’re with her?” Yin Xuan’s mouth pouted higher and higher! He pretended to be dissatisfied.

“Hahaha!” Hearing Yin Xuan’s complaint, Yin ping and Xiao Lin couldn’t help but laugh.

“You guys are too bad. I’m going to ignore you guys. I’m going to find my sister to play.” Yin Xuan stomped her feet, turned around, and ran out of the courtyard.

After Yin Xuan left, Yin ping furrowed his brows and said,”Sister Lin, has LAN ‘er’s injury really recovered?” He hadn’t visited Xiao LAN in the past few days, but he had heard that Xiao Lan’s injuries were slowly recovering. He didn’t see it clearly in the room just now, so he asked.

“Alright! However, that’s only on the surface. ” Xiao Lin sighed helplessly. Xiao Hua and his wife’s shortsightedness had harmed Xiao LAN, and Xiao LAN had brought this upon herself. Therefore, she would have to bear this bitter fruit alone.

“Then can we trust Leng ruoxue’s words? Are you lying to us?” Yin ping still had some doubts. To be honest, he had never seen such a poison in his life! Not only could it heal on its own, but it was also said that if it relapsed, it would become more and more serious. If that was really the case, then wasn’t this poison very terrifying and a little too vicious?

“I believe her. She has no reason to lie to us. If it’s only for money, it’s even more impossible. Besides, the poison in Xiao Lan’s body has indeed been cured as she said. As for what will happen in the future, we can only take it one step at a time.” Xiao Lin said softly.

“AI! We’ve watched LAN ‘er grow up, and I really don’t want her to be like what you’ve said. So, I’d rather that Leng ruoxue was lying to us than let LAN’ er suffer for the rest of her life. ” Yin ping couldn’t bear to say.

“Brother ping! I understand how you feel, but we’re not related to Leng ruoxue in any way. She has no reason to lie to us about such a matter. Furthermore, I believe that Leng ruoxue isn’t that kind of person, even though I haven’t spent much time with her. ” Xiao Lin comforted her gently.

“Yes.” Yin ping nodded his head. He could choose not to believe Leng ruoxue, but he had no choice but to believe his own wife.

“Brother ping! I’m now a member of the yin family, so I don’t plan to care about the Xiao family’s Affairs anymore. What will happen to Xiao Hua’s family in the future will be up to them. ” After thinking for a while, Xiao Lin spoke in a serious tone.

“Sister Lin! I understand!” Yin ping gently pulled Xiao Lin into his arms, but he didn’t say anything. The two just kept hugging each other, and a faint warmth surrounded them.

At this moment, Leng ruoxue was still basking in the sun in the garden as usual. Yin Xuan’s voice could be heard from afar.

“Sister! I’m here to see you!” Before they even entered Mingxi garden, Yin Xuan had already called out loudly. As soon as she ran into the garden of Mingxi garden, she saw Leng ruoxue lying comfortably on a recliner with two beautiful maidservants serving tea and water.

“Sister! Your life is so comfortable! I’m starting to envy you. ” Yin Xuan said with a hint of jealousy. Living in such a family clan, there was no way one could live as they wished. Therefore, she was really envious, jealous, and hateful of Leng ruoxue’s carefreeness!

“If you want to, you can be as free as me.” Leng ruoxue opened her beautiful eyes and smiled.

“AI! It’s easier said than done!” Yin Xuan sighed and said helplessly.

“The key is whether you want to be carefree or not. How strong is your desire to be carefree?” Leng ruoxue reminded.

“Sister! Of course I want to be like you, but I have too many things I can’t let go of, so I can’t do what you’re doing. ” Yin Xuan said with a bit of distress. Although she was still young, her future had already been arranged, and she had no choice.

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