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In Wireless Media’s headquarters, after the premiere of "God of War," Zaro’s manager and a few other senior executives were checking the ratings of the movie online.

"Five… five points!?"

Seeing this, a few of them double checked to make sure their eyes were not playing tricks on them. Upon further inspection, there were already more than three hundred reviews for the movie. After a quick check of their IDs, they found that amongst them were the reviews of some reputable film critics as well.

Glancing once more at the rating, they slowly counted each and every star. Their eyes had not deceived them. Five stars! A full five stars!

It was inconceivable. How could a movie with a crappy plot receive such rave reviews!?

A rating of five was only half of a perfect rating of ten. Whether the film was good or bad, the rating was only given after watching the movie. Movies similar to "God of War" termed by the masses as a crappy film would normally receive a rating of about three stars. That was the average rating Zaro’s previous seven films had received. The five star rating was still not comparable to the 8.6 rating of "King of Snipers," yet when compared to Wireless Media’s previous productions, this was an unprecedentedly high rating indeed.

In the eyes of Zaro’s team, five stars was very high. This was the highest rating ever received for one of Zaro’s productions.

Screenshot it! Take a photo!

This was solid proof!

Zaro’s agent was worried that the system had experienced some errors, hence the high ratings. He trusted the reviews of the critics, but this high rating was just beyond his expectations!

Every username was tied to the user's terminal. A large influx of fake fans was also impossible. If there were too many obvious fake fans, in investigation would take place.

What called for the high ratings?

"Are you f*cking kidding me? 'God of War' has a rating of five! There is something suspicious going on!"

"Already 5.1 stars and still rising!"

"Where are the ones who caught the movie immediately after it was released? Shed some light on the truth!"

"I just watched the premiere. How do i put it in words... rather straightforward with a crappy plot. Yet it was really cool. Especially the stunning spectacle of the final battle. I give it five and a half stars."

"The visuals of Senior Master Zaro’s movies are always more or less satisfactory. Just that this time it left a profound impression on me, perhaps due to the soundtrack. I originally wanted to give it three stars, but on account of the amazing soundtrack, I made it five."

Amongst those voicing their opinions, there were also professional critics who were rather famous.

"My rating is five and a half stars. The plot deserves only one star, as everyone should be able to tell. Production deserves two and a half stars. Compared to the previous works, there has been an improvement, especially the acting. Although not great, it is evident that they were serious about their craft. I gave two stars for the previous seven movies. This time, based on the same criteria, the movie would have received three and a half stars on the account of their improvement. Alas, what prompted me to give an extra two stars was that short but exquisite soundtrack. I am sure others in the industry have given an extra two stars as well just for the music."

"Indeed." Another reputable film critic chipped in. "The soundtrack of a film is an important component when it comes to making a film. Without a soundtrack, a movie is just like an empty shell. Music can accentuate a story, draw out emotions, and shape perceptions. Great soundtracks can enhance a film. Just try remembering all the classical greats. Most people might have forgotten how the plot goes, but the the epic soundtracks will remain everlasting.

"The soundtrack in the climax of 'God of War' was indeed breathtaking. During my university days, I minored in movie soundtracks. Thus, from a professional view, I was unable to detect any flaws. That piece brought out the essence of the joys and sorrows of the battle. The bloodshed and glory were all nicely depicted. I just wish to know which great composer produced this masterpiece. To anyone in the industry who has such information, I will be waiting online for any news."

Due to protectionist measures, in Leizhou, music from other continents was not distributed freely. Most people in Leizhou were not familiar with the "Period of Destruction" series. Even with the big hoo-ha of the second movement, the news here was censored. Therefore, some people did not even know of the existence of the virtual idol Polar Light.

As the release of the third movement and the premiere of "God of War" had happened simultaneously, even though there might have been a minority that followed the music industry in Yanzhou, those that had listened to the song had not watched the movie. At the moment, nobody had deduced the source or the composer of the soundtrack yet.

Some people thought that the soundtrack would be under the film’s copyright and would not appear anywhere else. Therefore, in order to hear it, they had no choice but to watch "God of War."

There were also soundtrack enthusiasts who went to watch "God of War" a second time. A large number who saw the reviews online decided to catch it too.

Thus, during the second screening of the movie, Zaro’s agent and production team realized that the second screening had even more viewers than the premiere!

This had never happened before with the seven previous movies.

This was a happy occasion!

It called for a celebration!

Zaro’s agent tried calling Zaro to pass on the good news. However, Zaro was totally uncontactable.

Finding Zaro uncontactable, he moved on to contacting the members in Zaro’s social circle. Alas, not a single one could be contacted.

Had some sort of accident occurred?

Thoughts of kidnapping, blackmail, and hostage situations flashed across the mind of Zaro’s agent, and he nearly wanted to make a police report, but after remembering that Zaro was a member of the Renault family, the agent made a call to an uncle of Zaro’s. From that uncle, he received the news that Zaro and his friends were at home and was told not to worry. Refusing to comment further, the uncle hung up.

Zaro’s agent could tell that something was amiss.

Could it be that something had happened?

At the same time, in Zaro’s residence.

Zaro’s friends were seated quietly in the projection room. All communication devices on hand had been confiscated and they were not allowed to leave. Even a trip to the bathroom required someone to follow them. Two armed security personnel were standing in the doorway, giving off icy stares. No matter which family they belonged to, there would be no such preferential treatment given. The bunch of them sat in fear, afraid to even make a single sound.

None of them even knew what had happened. At that moment, nobody had even dared to go out. All they saw was Zaro kneeling down moments after opening the door, all hints of his normally insolent attitude gone. Before they even had time to look out, security personnel had already entered the room with their guns raised.

In the Renault family, quite a few members were able to boast of having armed security personnel tag along. Yet given Zaro’s reaction and the tense atmosphere in the house, it was highly likely that the rarely seen Old General Renault was here.

But why would the Old General even be here? To visit Zaro?

Given the current situation and seeing the gun-wielding security personnel, one of them came to a conclusion—something had happened to Old General Renault.

The health and well-being of this very important person was an important affair. Before the Renault family had done any preparations, it was important that no information was to be leaked. Therefore, even if Zaro’s friends had not seen anything, their communication devices had to be confiscated and they had to be confined to the room.

Why had Old General Renault suddenly encountered a health problem? Seeing Zaro’s kneeling figure, perhaps Zaro had angered the old man and triggered a reaction?

At the thought, the friend shivered. All he could do was offer Zaro his condolences. If Zaro had indeed offended the old general, even if he was the beloved grandson of Leizhou’s current governor, Zaro would not be spared.

At the moment, Zaro was very pale. He was still kneeling, but at the doorway of another room. He did not know what was happening inside right now, but seeing the situation with his great-grandfather just now, he did not have high hopes.

Five other members of the Renault family were already in the house. They were his uncles and aunts. The Renaults of his grandfather’s generation held important positions and were unable to set aside everything and rush over.

Zaro’s father had also rushed over. After confirming that the old master’s life was no longer in danger, he proceeded to rip into Zaro.

In the past, whenever Zaro’s father had scolded him, there would always be others to intercede. This time, nobody even bothered. Zaro’s mother sat to one side, her face fraught with worry. When she tried to interject, she was stopped by one of Zaro’s aunts. The members of the family did not know the entire story, but considering Zaro’s past actions, they came to the conclusion that Zaro was at fault for the Old General’s current condition.

Sporting a bruised face, Zaro sobbed silently while still kneeling. Any trace of his arrogant manner was gone.

Zaro might have been pampered, but he had a conscience. He had not wished for such a situation. Even he did not know what had caused his great-grandfather so much anguish. Could it have been the bragging he had done in the projection room? If he had know that the old man had been standing outside, he would not have dared to say anything.

As he knelt there sobbing, the door opened. His father gave him a cold stare and said, "Old master wishes to speak to you."

Zaro blew his nose, grabbing onto the doorframe to support himself as he got up. After contemplating, he decided to go back to kneeling and, in that position, shuffled into the room.

The old master had his back to the door, so Zaro could not see his expression. All he could do under the icy cold stares of his elders was tremble.

"Gr-great-grandfather," Zaro mumbled softly.

Having prepared himself for whatever punishment might come, Zaro instead heard something totally unexpected.

"That song. What is its title?" the old master asked.

"Eh?!" Zaro grimaced.

The others in the room were bewildered as well.

"What eh? Hurry up and answer!" Zaro’s father said as he rasped his knuckles down onto the top of Zaro’s head.


Zaro relaxed a little and tried to think. At that moment, it should have been the part where he was acting. The soundtrack was titled…

"Mi-Mission. That piece was called 'Mission,'" Zaro hurriedly said.

"Mission," the old master repeated the word with a longing gaze and a light sigh.

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