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While people outside were discussing Fang Zhao's insanely valued pets, Fang Zhao wasn't really paying attention to this matter. Instead, he was asking around for news about the revolutionary film project.

However, this morning, he received a call. Someone was coming to visit.

The Interplanetary Fund's film department liaison Joseph had called on Fang Zhao's Yanzhou residence using the address Fang Zhao had given him.

Standing in front of the door, Joseph stared at the sign that read "Ferocious beasts inside, please keep away unless invited!" He recalled a piece of news about pets he had seen recently and wondered whether the sign was being serious or meant as a joke.

Having spent more than 10 seconds yet not understanding, Joseph decided to not think about it further. After all, the focus of his visit wasn't Fang Zhao's pets. Furthermore, he had informed Fang Zhao beforehand, so he didn't count as "uninvited."

Putting on a smile to fit the occasion, Joseph pressed the doorbell.

The door opened.

"We meet again, Mr. Fang." Joseph still had the manners of an elite, but compared to the previous time they had met, his inner haughtiness had dissipated rather considerably.

The previous time, at planet Baiji's outpost, Joseph had suffered a blow. After that, taking into account the matter of the consultant team, the news from the concert a short while back, and the purpose of today's visit, Joseph naturally did not appear too arrogant.

"This must be little Curly Hair, who has a value of over 200 million?" Joseph looked at the curly-haired dog that had run out from a room, took its measure, and chuckled. "He's really cute."

Although that was what he said, Joseph had no intention of getting close to Curly Hair.

Curly Hair's gaze followed the stranger, but because Fang Zhao was here, he also knew that it was a guest and so would not show any obvious hostility. However, in his heart, besides Fang Zhao, Curly Hair would remain vigilant against any other living creature that stepped foot into his territory.

Although the eyes of Curly Hair fixated on Joseph seemed clear and innocuous, Joseph knew that dog's eyes could tell lies too. Their pupils were very large, making people think they were innocuous, but that was a deception.

Joseph didn't particularly like dogs. Therefore, whether this dog was dangerous or not, he would keep his distance. After looking at those eyes, he didn't bother with Curly Hair anymore.

Today, he was here representing the Interplanetary Fund to give Fang Zhao an invitation.

Although Fang Zhao's status within the professional music industry still wasn't that high yet, Fang Zhao's musical style was very suitable for the opening of the revolutionary film project.

"The music team of 'Founding Era' has already been established. We at the Interplanetary Fund think very highly of Mr. Fang's works. Thus, we wish to invite you to the 'Founding Era' music team," Joseph said.

"Founding Era." That was the series name of the revolutionary film project, which would definitely trend sometime in the near future across the world and every single continent.

The "Founding Era" people of the New Era spoke of was the time between the Period of Destruction and the New Era. It referred to the short time period after the Period of Destruction before the New Era had officially come into existence.

The main objective of the revolutionary project was to tell the stories of events and incidents that happened in the later stages of the Period of Destruction, all the way to the founding of the New Era.

As he was a member of the consultant team, Fang Zhao knew which stories were in the script. The plot of the revolutionary film project, "Founding Era," would tell the story up to the conferment of the great generals. Because what came after the great generals had been conferred was the New Era.

The Interplanetary Fund valued Fang Zhao highly and had reasons for inviting him to the music project team. Other than the fact that his musical style was deemed appropriate enough, there was one other reason: Fang Zhao was a member of the consultant team. He knew how the plot would develop and details of the story line and had a deeper understanding of the characters. Thus, it would be easier for him to produce compositions that fit.

Of course Fang Zhao accepted this invitation. He was delighted to receive such a request.

"I will do my utmost," Fang Zhao replied.

Even if he did not receive payment, Fang Zhao would still be willing to compose pieces for this film project. For the stories and people of this time period, Fang Zhao's sentiments were even more profound.

"Since Mr. Fang understands the storyline, you can compose a few pieces first. When the time comes, perhaps some of your works might be selected," Joseph told him.

What these words meant was this: Since you have already seen the script, if you have the inspiration, you can start composing first. As for whether it will be selected then, there are no guarantees.

Fang Zhao understood perfectly what he meant.

This was exactly the same as when Fiery Bird had first looked for him to request a piece for the game. When they had first collected some works, there had been no guarantees that any would be chosen.

Having delivered the invitation and signed the contract, Joseph's assignment this round was completed and he got up to leave. He still had other matters to attend to.

After Joseph left, Fang Zhao sat on the sofa, mulling over stuff.

Naturally, he would grab this opportunity. Whether his works would be selected or not, as long as he had inspiration, he would compose.

However, Fang Zhao was still pondering another matter.

"The actors for a few important roles in 'Founding Era' have not been decided yet.

Lots of news agencies were chasing the wind and clutching at straws, but news that had actual value were few and far between.

However, until the last moment when the contract was signed, anything could happen. Therefore, as long as an actor had been in the industry for long enough, those experienced ones would remain prudent and not divulge anything at the slightest bit of progress. Otherwise, if ultimately they did not get selected or they were squeezed out by somebody else at the last moment, it would just be a slap in the face.

At this moment, with competition from all parties, among the leading roles, only two had been decided. As for the others, rumors were floating about all day, but nobody could be certain whether they were true or false, just a smokescreen, or perhaps some firm's hype operation. However, looking at the current circumstances as well as what was being talked about in the consultant team's discussion platform, at least half of those remaining lead roles would be decided in October.

Due to technological advancements, the time it took to produce a film series had been shortened, but to ensure quality, after this project was started, there wouldn't be a rush to start filming. The criteria for selecting actors this time around was particularly stringent. There were many candidates for every single leading role, and every candidate had a rather long trial period. Perhaps there was no news yet as the candidates had not completed the trial period. Perhaps after the trial periods were over, there would be an outcome.

He wanted to try out for the role of "Fang Zhao," but unfortunately, for a few important roles, there was absolutely no information about auditions.

The reason why Fang Zhao wanted to try out acting was entirely because of this Fang Zhao role. For this role that was just like the roles for the other founding generals, there was simply no information about auditions. Even if he wanted to fight for the role, he had no idea where to go. However, this time, it all depended on one's own ability.

Over at Silver Wing, the company had limited ability, and each of their respective actors and actresses had to employ their own methods and capability to fight for roles.

Fang Zhao looked at the month's summary of information in his hands. His fingers tapped on a name. If he wished to get a chance, he would have to start from this individual.

August 18. Fiery Bird's Yanzhou branch organized an event.

Fang Zhao had also spoken with the people from the Yanzhou branch and found out that this distinguished guest had been invited and would even be handing out awards, not just making an appearance.

This time, the Yanzhou branch had organized a half-year award ceremony. That meant to say that from Memorial Day in January till July, according to statistical data, this ceremony was to award outstanding individuals or teams that had performed well in this half-year leaderboard

There were similar activities in each continent to stimulate the enthusiasm of gamers. After all, a year's time was too long. Many amateurs and fans would not have the patience to wait a full year.

Zuo Yu and Yan Biao were also wearing solemn-looking black suits. Looking in the mirror, they felt like they were especially imposing. Further putting on a pair of shades, they seemed to especially have the auras of bodyguards!

"How come I have never felt like I was this cool in the past?"

Yan Biao stared at his reflection in the mirror. When they reached Fiery Bird's Yanzhou branch building, he wiped the smile off his face and put on an icy-cold expression in a flash. He had switched to bodyguard mode. 

Since he had become a bodyguard, this was the first time he had experienced such a situation. The concert previously hadn't counted, as he had arrived earlier to make preparations and simply had not needed to undergo the experience of walking through a crowd of media reporters and fans.

The car came to a halt at the drop-off point that Fiery Bird had temporarily set up. There was a pathway here leading to the venue.

Today, Fang Zhao was not wearing the same team uniform as the gaming team but, rather, an outfit that Fiery Bird had tailored specifically for him. It carried the Diting pattern, but the Polar Light tree emblem was still emblazoned on his breast.

Fiery Bird wanted to let him be the impetus for this series. If results were good, they might possibly expand the Diting series.

At the moment when Fang Zhao stepped out of the car, a loud roar emerged from all directions. There were too many people shouting and screaming and it all converged into a hubbub.

Although he was prepared, Yan Biao was still startled for a second. Isn't Boss no longer gaming professionally? Why are these bunch having such a reaction?

Yan Biao had never experienced that time, so he could not understand the fanatical attitudes of gamers. On the other hand, Zuo Yu found it acceptable.

Until now, among "Battle of the Century" gamers, whether professional or amateur, the only person who could be called a god and still maintained a stable position was Fang Zhao!

Although there might be debates on the global scale, in Yanzhou, for the majority of gamers here, Fang Zhao was just a god-tier player.

Furthermore, the members of SilverWing50PolarLight's team had publicly admitted that without Fang Zhao, they would not have seen this day. As a result, Fang Zhao's status had once more been lifted higher.

Furthermore, given the events in the past two years, most gamers felt that the halo around Fang Zhao's body was even brighter. Even if Fang Zhao was no longer in the professional gaming circles, his legacy still lived on.

This event would be broadcast live online, and the members of SilverWing50PolarLight who were en route were also watching Fang Zhao make his appearance.

There were both veterans and newcomers in the team transport arranged by Silver Wing.

"Boss Fang has already arrived!"

"So many people!"

"It's my first time participating in this sort of event. I'm so nervous!'

Two newcomers that had just signed with Silver this year were talking and sharing their thoughts as budding new talents that had just entered the industry.

"This is just a branch event. Wait till you guys go to the Fiery Bird Annual Gala. Let's see whether you freeze up from head to toe then," Schwarzer said. He was already considered a senior in the team.

Hearing Schwarzer say this, the newcomers started asking about previous Fiery Bird Annual Galas. Schwarzer loved talking and explained all this stuff to the newcomers.

Beside him, Jake abruptly said, "I heard that besides being invited as an honored guest, Boss Fang will be conferring an award."

The atmosphere in the room became silent. Even Schwarzer was keeping his mouth shut.

Dorrian added the finishing blow. "In the last half of the year, I think we haven't received any important awards."

Although the half-year region awards could not be compared to awards from the headquarter's annual gala, an award was still an award. Within Yanzou, it still had a sizeable influence. Anyone could see this just by seeing those fans outside Fiery Bird's Yanzhou branch tower.

But look at them now.

Newcomer award?


Other sorts of individual awards?

Probably none either.

There might be a team award, but it was too close for comfort. Speaking about it was embarrassing.

"Later on, during the awards ceremony, do you think Boss Fang will flip out if he sees that we didn't win an award?" someone asked.

"He wouldn't go that far, right?" Schwarzer said apprehensively.

Back then, it had been Fang Zhao who had brought them over and imparted skills and knowledge to them. Now, though?

Just like a master being invited to a large-scale event and finding out that not a single one of his own apprentices would be among the people to be commended, wouldn't it be very disgraceful?

Thinking about this, everyone in the transport felt their previous enthusiasm dissipating.

"Captain, what should we do?" a newcomer asked Jinro, who was sitting at the front.

Jinro pondered a little before answering, "Just maintaining our lovable selves should do."

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