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The warning sign had been put up. As for whether people believed it or not, Fang Zhao wasn't too bothered.

Back in Muzhou, the veterinarians there had only examined the health and condition of the sheep-herding dogs, not bite strength, so all along, nobody had known about it. This time, PET had measured it, and this was within Fang Zhao's plans.

Fang Zhao had seen the option of measuring bite strength and, after consideration, had selected it. In the future, when he brought Curly Hair out, Curly Hair's strong bite would be revealed one day, so instead of hiding, he would use PET to put it out in the open.

In normal daily life, most of the time, Curly Hair did not exhibit a biting strength too different from a normal dog's, a far cry from the readings PET had taken. During the examination, Fang Zhao had specifically spoken to Curly Hair about it and gestured with hands just before the test. Unfortunately, the smell on PET's instrument had been too stimulating, and when Curly Hair got excited, he couldn't control his bite well.

But 600 kilograms was already a restrained result.

This result was good enough.

After sending Wa Kaning and the others out, Fang Zhao let Yan Biao and Zuo Yu return to rest. Fang Zhao called Curly Hair over to his study for lessons. Curly Hair still had a lot to improve on—such as not being able to restrain himself well enough today.

Elsewhere, Wa Kaning and the others who had just gotten out of hospital flew straight back to PET headquarters.

Midjourney, Wa Kaning received a call from his superior.

"Did it go smoothly?" the person on the other end asked.

"I... guess you could say so," Wa Kaning replied.

"Don't 'I guess' me. Sounds like you people encountered some difficulty? Was Fang Zhao not cooperative? He didn't let you examine too much? Tell me you at least managed to get the most basic tests? The records for the archive can't be too simple."

"Fang Zhao was very helpful with our work, but those two pets of his..."


"Extremely fierce."

There was a short period of silence from the other end.

How fierce could they get?

In the pet community, many times, "extremely fierce" and "extremely adorable" meant the same thing.

When recalling what those two pets Fang Zhao owned looked like, after the momentary silence, the other party laughed and said, "Understood."

Wa Kaning was stirred up. "No, Boss, you don't understand!" His arm that had just had medicine reapplied started hurting again. It hurt so much that his face twisted in pain. "Boss, what I said, I meant it literally! They really are super ferocious! Especially scary! If you don't believe me, you can see for yourself in the files I'm going to send over. If you read them, you will understand."

To not infringe on the privacy of the owner's home, they were not permitted to have any hidden cameras and they had to show the owner all their recording equipment. Every video and photo they took had been shown to Fang Zhao for vetting. Thus, they did not have a lot of photographic evidence. However, the record for the archives was there. Wa Kaning immediately sent the files over to his superior. He also took and sent a photograph of his pig-foot-like arm.

A short while later, the other party finally replied with just a "You have worked hard!"

"This time, I put my life on the line for the archive records. I was just discharged from the hospital after receiving a huge scare. Only a salary raise can console me!" Wa Kaning said seriously.

The other party pretended to be dead.

PET headquarters. Having received the files Wa Kaning sent over, the team of experts started to work on the valuation of the two pets newly added to the archives.

When they saw the copies of the two records, all the experts simultaneously raised an eyebrow.

"Seems like these two are both really extraordinary!"

"The charts are going to change," a specialist from the team said as he looked through Curly Hair's record and came up with a preliminary valuation using his own wealth of experience.

"This sea slug's value will not be low either. After all, it carries some extraterrestrial genes. Considering this, it will be superior, but it is still disadvantaged."

Pets with extraterrestrial genes were not valued lowly, as they were rare and people were curious about these sorts of things.

But the valuation also wouldn't be excessively high. This was a silent rule within the industry. There were policies restricting this so as to prevent commercial organizations from promoting extraterrestrial genes, which would cause a lot of trouble. Thus, even if their speculated commercial value was very high, they would try their best to lower it.

"What a strong bite Curly Hair has..."

Someone joked, "Could it be that it had plenty of rich experiences in the black street, causing it to revert back to the manner of its ancestors?" 

What he meant was that this dog had reverted to the form of its ancestors from the Period of Destruction. Many dogs during that period had had bite strengths of 400 to 500 kilograms, and there had also been some with bite strengths exceeding 600 kilograms.

However, they did not spend time speculating this. All they needed to do was make use of the data and information and analyze different aspects before giving it a final valuation.

"We have to properly analyze this Fang Zhao too," someone else said.

What had that got to do with pets?

Only with a "person" would there be "pets."

In the end, they still had to look at the owner.

The people of PET loved this saying from the Old Era: "

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