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Pang Pusong cried out in surprise as he was browsing the web. "Hey, Qi'an Academy of Music just announced that they have purchased 100 live tickets!"

"Lemme see... It's true, not only have they purchased 100 live tickets, they bought an additional 100 online streaming passes, saying it's a reward for outstanding students," Zu Wen said as he scrolled through the web.

Actually, they could have guessed what Qi'an Academy of Music's motive was. As an exceptional graduate of Qi'an Academy of Music, the school naturally had to show their support and let their students know a bit more about their senior Fang Zhao, who was doing really well. At the same time, they were also telling Fang Zhao, "We are supporting you this time and helping you out. Make sure that when you climb even higher, you don't forget about the support your school, teachers, and juniors have shown you."

Indeed, 100 tickets when considered against the total capacity of the music hall was a number that could not be ignored, and no one could deny this fact. Qi'an Academy of Music's actions were praised by many people in the industry.

"Take a look at the Qi'an Academy of Music, buying 100 tickets in a short while. Why doesn't our school do such things to support us?" a graduate of a certain music school grumbled.

"Other people's school."

"Think about it. On a global scale, the 'QiMu' posse is comprised of a tight-knit group of graduates. Even at Huangzhou, where competition is so great, QiMu's members are able to carve a niche for themselves. That is no coincidence."

"Fang Zhao is still but a newcomer in the music circles. Does Qi'an Academy of Music have to support him so vigorously? Fang Zhao isn't the only capable one."

"Among QiMu graduates in the last few years, Fang Zhao's reputation is the greatest. Regardless of what means Fang Zhao used, his fame and reputation are genuine. Now, he might lack qualifications in the musical aspect, but for this music hall concert, he has an institute backing him and a large commercial company vigorously running publicity campaigns. This first step that he is about to take is really solid!"

"Look at how much publicity there has been over the past few days. How much money has been spent? However, as long as his works are of a certain quality, they won't have to worry about selling the copyrights. Once the copyrights of the pieces performed during the concert are sold, their investment will have been recouped."

People within the industry analyzed this from a professional viewpoint, while those outside of the music circles watched on for the excitement.

"How many tickets have been sold?"

"Nearly a thousand!"

"With this momentum, will the advance ticket sales be sold out within a day?"

"The heck, I see celebrities showing off their e-tickets!"

"Maqiyaduo, Wen Shengyi, He Lisi, and the others are sharing screenshots of their e-tickets!"

"Don't tell me they are also fans of Fang Zhao?"

After the two globally popular drama serials "Beauties" and "Warring States" had been broadcasted, those first-rate and super-first-rate stars of Silver Wing had seen an increase in reputation on the global scale. Now, their activities and social platforms were watched by even more people.

However, there were some fans who "saw through everything."

"They are all contracted to Silver Wing and are just helping advertise."

"One look and you will know it is a company assignment. Everyone, just take a look, but don't fall for it."

"It's rare for my idol to help advertise for others."

"After all, Fang Zhao is in the music industry and not the film industry, so there is no competitive relationship between them, hahaha."

However, this time, fans were mistaken.

Silver Wing had prepared some internal tickets but had not forced these first-rate and super-first-rate stars to help advertise for Fang Zhao. These stars had personally asked for these tickets, and the publicity had been done by them voluntarily.

From what He Lisi and the others saw, Fang Zhao owned such a large piece of land in the filmed entertainment culture base. In the future, even if they left the company to start their own studios, it would be unavoidable to have dealings with Fang Zhao. Over at planet Wai, Fang Zhao was on good terms with the people of Wai base. If they were on his good side, that could pave the way for future development.

Besides these film stars, Silver Wing's Jinro and other gaming stars also helped advertise. Compared to others, the gaming team members efforts were much more heartfelt.

On social platforms, Ming Cang also vigorously show his support for Fang Zhao's concert and posted a screenshot of three e-tickets for the live concert.

Dina, who was also a deputy chairman of the Yanzhou Music Association, and others also expressed that they would be attending the concert.

Xue Jing, who was doing an academic exchange in Huangzhou, had forked out his own money to purchase 10 live tickets. Silver Wing had actually sent him tickets, but to support Fang Zhao, he had gotten 10 tickets and sent them to a few old friends, inviting them to join him for Fang Zhao's concert in August and root for Fang Zhao.

Very quickly, news of another two bulk purchases spread.

Wai military district had purchased 100 online streaming passes.

After all, Fang Zhao was among the first batch of investors in the Wai film entertainment complex, and Fang Zhao had played a large role in the development of the Wai Filmed Entertainment Culture Base. If it had only been him and Woo Tianhao, the base request might not even have been approved. Thus, as a way to show his thanks and support Fang Zhao as well as publicize their own Wai Filmed Entertainment Culture Base and make people remember their presence, Wai base commanding officer Huo Yi had sanctioned the purchase of 100 online streaming passes.

Online streaming passes also depended on distance. Prices of streaming passes for people not on the same planet were more expensive. Streaming passes with high sound quality were not cheaper than live tickets. The cost of long-distance network communications was already high, and it was even higher for high-sound-quality transmissions. These sorts of long-distance online streaming passes were much more expensive than streaming passes on the same planet. One streaming passes was the most that Huo Yi could approve.

Wai base's large spending gave rise to a lot of discussion, but this news was quickly engulfed by even bigger news.

Baiji military district had made a bulk purchase of 1000 long-distance online streaming passes and a "hall-grade" streaming pass.

"Hall-grade" streaming passes were even more expensive than live VIP tickets.

Baiji military district's large spending led to much more discussion, and on a larger scale. However, Baiji military district released an official statement saying that many of the pieces that would be performed for Fang Zhao's concert had been composed during his military service, and given his deep sentiments and close relationship with planet Baiji, supporting him was what they ought to do.

Whether "deep sentiments" was true or false, the purchase of these streaming passes was real.

People tended to have a nosey nature, especially people who paid close attention to military affairs. When they saw a party buy so many tickets, they could not remain calm.

"Even a military district bought tickets? Should we buy online streaming passes too?"

"Let's just buy one to support Fang Zhao."

A certain film company.

"Fang Zhao? The fella who has recently been all the rage?"

"Having just ended his military service, the company managing him hyping it up is understandable, but Fang Zhao is even holding a concert? He isn't a soldier anymore?"

"Having listened to his previous pieces, Fang Zhao's style actually fits our requirements. Let's purchase a streaming pass. When the time comes, we can consider selecting a piece to purchase and place it in the new movie we are investing in."

Given Fang Zhao's influence in the music world, he was still not big enough to be worth traveling all the way to Yanzhou's Qi'an City for a live concert.

Over at MaErsizhou, professional shooter Ma Xier had gotten his assistant to book a live ticket. He was not taking part in any competitions in August and would go over to Fang Zhao's concert for a listen.

As the second-ranked person on the game's individual leaderboards back then, Ma Xier felt a little regrettable that he could no longer compete with Fang Zhao in game, but they could still have some friendly competitions in reality. Ma Xier also rather admired the younger Fang Zhao.

"He rendered so many meritorious deeds during his military service, and his marksmanship has surely seen some improvement. I'll head to Yanzhou in August to support that little fellow and at the same time have some friendly competition with him," Ma Xier said.

Ma Xier's assistant immediately booked the tickets and noted down the time and place. He would arrange it closer to the date.

Despite having the same role, Zaro's assistant had a very different life. At this moment, he was making his own presence even less conspicuous.

"Senior master, I have helped you book a ticket for Fang Zhao's concert in April. When the time comes, you should go over for a listen," Zaro's agent said.

"A concert? Not interested, it isn't as fun as playing games!"

"It helps cultivate one's mind. Besides, given our friendship with Fang Zhao, we ought to go and support him," Zaro's agent continued.

Zaro considered it for a bit and his eyes glimmered. Clapping his hands, together he said, "You are right, I ought to go! Book a ticket immediately. I want a VIP seat!"

When he finished talking, Zaro picked up his communications device and contacted someone.


Barbara was letting someone painting her fingernails while listening to soothing tunes. She had shut her eyes to ponder over some matters.

Currently, she had gotten addicted to filming shows. Not only could she make money and increase her fame and reputation, she could also satisfy her craving to be a princess or empress in the shows.

As she was thinking about what movie to shoot next, the sound of ringing startled her, ruining the fingernail that was being painted.

Everyone nearby watched as Barbara's face rapidly turned frosty, and they kept quiet out of fear.

Looking at the name of the caller, Barbara impatiently accepted the call.

"Barbie!" Zaro said excitedly.

"Talk," Barbara said coldly.


Zaro nearly smashed his communications device.

In the past, Barbara would still have said, "If you have anything to say, get on with it." Now, one line had been shortened to a single word!

Simply arrogant!

Zaro cursed silently in his heart. However, in order for Barbara not to reveal the black mark of Zaro chasing a debt everywhere just for 5 million, Zaro sighed deeply. How had he gotten involved with such an unreasonable idiot?

That's right, from what Zaro saw, the point where he lacked money and had to chase his debts was a dark stain in his history. How could the great Zaro of Leizhou face anyone if this sort of thing were leaked?

Zaro had already warned everyone else and was only left with Barbara. Back in planet Wai's film entertainment complex, if Zaro had not reacted quickly to cut Barbara's words off, Barbara would have already said it!

Zaro wasn't sure who had said it, but he had heard that the people of Lazhou loved concerts, so when his agent had mentioned it, he had thought that if he invited Barbara to listen to a concert, the matter could be written off and would never be brought up ever again.

Taking another deep breath, Zaro said, "I'm inviting you to a concert in August. Yanzhou's Qi'an City's Golden Age Music Hall."

Barbara reacted very quickly. "Fang Zhao?"

"Yeap, it's him. The one who asked us to planet Wai to invest in the film entertainment complex."

"Sure." However, Barbara was thinking to herself,  Does an idiot like Zaro even know how to appreciate music and art?

"All right, I will contact you when the time comes. But Barbara, there is something we need to talk about..."

Zaro and Barbara discussed the conditions so that Barabara would never reveal Zaro's black mark.

Zaro's agent took a step backward from Zaro. Idiotism was contagious. He had to stay further away from Zaro.

As for the reason why he had suggested that Zaro attend Fang Zhao's concert, it had not been because of "our friendship with Fang Zhao."

Friendship my *ss.

He saw this as a chance to hype up Zaro. He wanted to increase Zaro's fame and reputation by letting Zaro use the concert as a means of visiting Yanzhou and generating buzz for himself.

Although Zaro was very famous in Leizhou and had some reputation worldwide, in Yanzhou, his reputation and fame right now could not be compared to Fang Zhao's. His motive was to let Zaro freeload off of Fang Zhao's popularity. If his global fame went up, only then would he be more confident in securing a role in the revolutionary film project for Zaro.

At this time, Fang Zhao did not yet know that his concert was being eyed by people with all sorts of motives.

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