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Kevin Lin stood up from his chair in shock. "Coming here? To the outpost?!"

"From what I reckon, he will surely be coming. He should arrive on planet Baiji within 2 days," Fang Zhao said.

Kevin Lin's eyebrows twitched. He had been thoroughly battered by this piece of news. In his mind, he was already speedily analyzing the pros and cons.

The room fell silent. Fang Zhao also did not disturb him, letting Kevin Lin ponder in peace.

In a short time period, Kevin Lin thought a lot.

"So what you mean is that you intend for him to take your place and continue the live broadcast?" Kevin Lin asked.

A popular internet personality, also known as the great internet celebrity of Leizhou, Zaro was also a celebrity. Although Zaro's acting skills had not impressed many people, he could still be considered a star… and a rather strong one at that.

The title of "great internet celebrity of Leizhou" was not bragging. If Zaro really came over, viewership would surely increase. However... "Doesn't it seem like this would be in line with the concept of S5?"

Given that sort of arrogant attitude of Zaro's and his way of doing things that had a tendency to cause trouble, Kevin Lin felt that coordinating with Zaro would be tough.

Kevin Lin had a solemn look on his face as he seriously pondered this. "Zaro does indeed have some presence. Although most of the time he makes people feel like whacking him, it does raise his popularity." Viewing his internet traffic and viewership, Zaro's inclusion would surely let channel S5 maintain its popularity and generate discussion, but was it worth it?

"Fang Zhao, you also know that a lot of channel S5's audiences are of an older demographic. Will they enjoy Zaro's style of live broadcasts?" Kevin Lin knew that Zaro's audience, be they fans or antifans, were normally young, and there were rarely any that were a few decades old or above 100. If Zaro took over the live broadcast, would the previous audiences give up on the channel? Kevin Lin wasn't really that willing—after all, there were viewers who were working in related departments, and the evaluations of those older audiences were important too.

"Actually, you can view it from a different angle," Fang Zhao said. "Think about it, why do you think Zaro was able to become the most loved by the Leizhou governor in his current generation?"

The Renault family had expanded till this day and was already an extremely large family clan. Among the Renaults of Zaro's generation, there were also many elites and many who, like Zaro, were not that proper. So why did the Leizhou governor have a bias toward Zaro?

Kevin Lin agreed with what Fang Zhao had just said. "Oh, right, thinking about it this way, it makes sense."

"Furthermore, Zaro's status can help you gain even more explosive information," Fang Zhao continued.

Kevin Lin nodded his head once more. He had not thought about this. No matter what, Zaro was still a Renault. Zaro's mother's engineering company had investments on this planet. There were also trusted aides of the Renault family here who had come over from Leizhou's military district. With Zaro here, he would surely receive even more convenience.

Fang Zhao's words made Kevin Lin fall silent. Indeed, he had some prejudice, but if he continued with this attitude, he felt that he was just being petty.

Just like Fang Zhao had said before, Zaro's attitude tended to rub people the wrong way.

Kevin Lin finally made up his mind. "Makes sense. We won't know if we don't give it a try." Afterward, he sent a message to Zaro through the Baiji military district's communications network to negotiate cooperating.

The selected celebrity of Project Starlight was not supposed to be changed no matter what, but Fang Zhao's circumstances were different. Shanta had already arranged matters. All Fang Zhao needed to do was arrange a substitute for himself.

While Zaro's manager and Kevin Lin were negotiating the terms of cooperation, Fang Zhao also contacted his two elders in far-off Yanzhou.

"What?! To planet Baiji? Allocated family residential apartment? But is your rank sufficient… Oh, so that's how is it… We will definitely go! It's no issue! Recently we have been idle. We don't have any matters…" Great-Grandfather Fang simply did not bother to hide his excitement. His aged eyes were glowing with emotion.

Great-Grandmother Fang looked up at her husband. This old head had just made plans with other old folks in the retirement facility just yesterday. He had said that they should take the opportunity while they were able-bodied to travel and go on a global tour to see other continents. They had never expected to receive this sort of news today. However, even if the choice were up to Great-Grandmother Fang, she would still travel to planet Baiji all the same. As for other matters, they could just leave them behind.

In their lives, the most glorious times they'd had were the times when they had been in the military. After so many years, they had expected to spend the remainder of their lives in the retirement facility, being idle and waiting to die. Never had they expected to receive a chance to take a long-distance voyage, and to the Baiji military district that was all the rage recently at that.

For the two elder Fangs, this was a rare opportunity.

After ending the call, Great-Grandfather Fang excitedly told his wife. "Hurry, hurry, hurry, pack our things. We are heading to Yanzhou military district. Little Zhao says that we will be sent to the space station. Following that, together with other military family members, we will embark on the third transport ship to planet Baiji."

Actually the two elders did not have many things. After all, they were ex-soldiers and were familiar with the procedures. Bringing along too many things might get them delayed at the security check. Certain electronic equipment was also prohibited. Many things in the military district would be distributed when they arrived.

Therefore, they only took half an hour to pack their luggage. In the remaining time, Great-Grandfather Fang went out to flaunt. "Old comrades, that global tour, you guys have to go without me. I will be personally heading over to planet Baiji to see my great-grandson!"

On the day of departure, Great-Grandfather Fang dragged his luggage along and took a photo with Great-Grandmother Fang before posting it on his social platform. Together with the photo, he posted a status:

"Setting off to planet Baiji!"

After this status was updated, the comments on it increased at a rapid rate. However, Great-Grandfather Fang did not check them. He had just been showing off a little before moving on. He still had to hurry.

Great-Grandfather Fang and Great-Grandmother Fang were the envy of everyone in the retirement facility as they set off for Yanzhou military district in a flying car.

Over at planet Baiji, on the day before Fang Zhao left Baiji, at the end of the day's live broadcast, he spoke to the camera lens. "As I have some temporary assignments that require me to leave the planet for a short duration, someone will be standing in for me and continuing channel S5's live broadcasts. During this short time, I believe everyone will receive a nice surprise."

The information Fang Zhao had just revealed gave rise to passionate discussions from online viewers.

"Fang Zhao is heading out on an assignment? Isn't he just a conscript? Why does he have other assignments? What sort of secret assignment is it that he can't reveal the details?"

"I'm more concerned with who is taking over for Fang Zhao in the live broadcasts."

"Given how popular planet Baiji is, the person standing in for Fang Zhao is probably some big-name celebrity. Otherwise, the person would not be able to handle it."

"It could be a military officer from the military district. After all, channel S5's style is different from the other channels."

"Maybe there is some secret transaction going on that we don't know about."

Regardless of how it was being discussed online, First Frontline did not reveal any information regarding the person who would be taking over.

There were also people that guessed Zaro, but the notion was rejected immediately whenever it was mentioned. Given how Zaro was, could he handle channel S5's style? If they really wanted to use Zaro, channel S5's accumulated reputation and praise would all be ruined!

Thus, everyone's conjecture was focused on celebrities that were really popular nowadays and hadn't been seen in the past few days.

To give his fans a surprise, this time around, Zaro did not divulge his whereabouts. Ever since he had decided to head to planet Baiji, he had started on a series of preparations. There also had not been any activity on his public social platform for many days.

For netizens, this was simply unusual!

The last piece of news about Zaro was that he had gone to the Leizhou governor's official residence. As this involved the governor, although Leizhou's large media organizations had captured images, they had only discreetly release news, and they didn't dare to make any irresponsible claims. After all, Zaro visiting the governor's official residence was not an uncommon occurrence. Perhaps the reason there was no news about him was because he had done something wrong and had been locked in a room by the governor and forced to face the wall?

By the time Zaro arrived on planet Baiji, Fang Zhao had already left the planet.

Shortly after, a flying transport left Baiji base and headed for Outpost 23.

The flying transport was different from the one the Baiji military district base used. It was another model bearing four words: "Luo Bu Construction Corporation."

Luo Bu Construction was a leading enterprise in Leizhou's construction industry and was also a firm belonging to Zaro's mother's family clan. At the moment, Luo Bu Construction had signed a large contract with planet Baiji. Zaro's mom was a senior management executive in Luo Bu Construction.

Onboard the flying transport, Zaro looked at the scenery of Baiji below him. "There is a rather pleasing atmosphere here. The flowers and plants are thriving, fleeting clouds…"

Zaro's agent was calmly arranging information regarding Outpost 23 and did not even raise his head when he heard this. "Be more straightforward. Be more straightforward with the main point." Stop pretending to be artistic

This time, it was clear and simple. "I suddenly don't feel like eating watermelons."

Zaro's agent's expression was as calm as the ocean when there was no wind. Silently watching Zaro for a few seconds, he said. "Senior Master…"

Zaro raised his hands to cut off his agent's words, and Zaro corrected his agent. "Please call me 'Smiling Angel'."

All right, not eating watermelons, not growing watermelons, Zaro's manager had long gotten used to Zaro, who had a new idea in his head every day. As for "Smiling Angel" or whatever, that was definitely the temporary halo Zaro had decided to crown himself with.

"The governor has said that, this time, you must bring about a direct and positive influence. You even guaranteed it," Zaro's agent said solemnly.

"I know. Positive, isn't that smiling more and not arguing? Thus, having arrived here, I am no longer Senior Master Zaro. From now on, please call me Smiling Angel."

Zaro's agent: "...I feel that there is a difference between our understanding of the governor's words."

Zaro spoke sincerely. "Trust me, everything will be fine."

"That was what you said last time, when we invested in the 100-episode web drama. In the end, we made a loss of 90 million."

Zaro pretended not to hear anything and looked out of the transport. "Hey, I can already see Outpost 23!"

At the outpost, Kevin Lin had received news and was already waiting.

Today, Zaro had worn a fluorescent yellow outdoor jacket, as if afraid that he wouldn't be noticed.

"Where is Fang Zhao?" Zaro asked as he glanced at the surrounding people.

"He has already left planet Baiji. Does Senior Master have any words you wish to pass on to him?" Kevin Lin asked.

Zaro raised his hands and shook them to and fro. "Nothing else, just tell him to rest assured and complete his assignment in peace!"

Kevin Lin: "..." These words seemed a little unpleasant to him.

"All right, cut the chatter. Hurry, lights, camera, cameraman, hair stylist… Forget it, I didn't bring my hair stylist. Get into position, everyone, I'm ready to begin the live broadcast." Zaro quickly got into his own character.

Fan Lin, who was standing to the side, had thought that Zaro would look for him first after arriving. He had not expected that Zaro would do a live broadcast first. He did not say anything, instead silently walking to the side. After all, he had not thought about how to talk to this famous youth from Leizhou.

While Zaro was going over his image, Kevin Lin and Zaro's agent had a short discussion. Zaro's agent told Kevin Lin that Zaro wasn't the good-for-nothing loser that people made him out to be and that his constitution wasn't that weak.

Zaro's own father had drilled Zaro hard for a year during his military service midway through his university time. After completing that, he had not left the planet and had done his military service in Leizhou's military district. This matter was not considered a secret. There were videos during that time that showed Zaro's training was tough enough and that Zaro was not as idle as people thought. He had frequently been assigned tasks that required physical strength.With regard to self-preservation and gun handling, Zaro was much more capable than other celebrities. When all was said and done, he was still a Renault.

Kevin Lin had set a notification for the live broadcast beforehand, letting channel S5's audiences know that the broadcast was about to start.

After five minutes, the camera switched to live broadcast mode.

Zaro faced the camera lens and flashed a smile he reckoned was completely sincere and dazzling.

"Greetings, everyone! I am that mysterious person who will be taking over for Fang Zhao and continuing with the live broadcasts~."

Online audiences: "..."

"Surprised? Unexpected? Are you guys happy?!"

Online audiences: "..."

"In channel S5's live broadcasts that follow, I intend to spread love and righteousness. From now on, please call me Leizhou's Smiling Angel!"

"Online audiences: "..." It feels like channel S5 has released an extremely deadly super weapon.

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