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There was still continuous gunfire all over the outpost.

Yan Biao's face was pale and covered with beads of sweat. He took a look at his blood-soaked pants and winced at the pain. The protruding veins on his face twitched with every movement he made, but his two eyes were still scanning the surroundings like radar for any sign of activity.

Yan Biao used his comms device to ask those who had stayed behind in the command post, "Command post, how did the base reply?" His chest was heaving violently, and his words had some urgency to them. 

"Base says that reinforcements are on the way. Captain, you should get some treatment first. With your current condition..."

A few other voices came through the comms device.

"Captain, you are hurt?!"

"Captain, don't delay treatment. Base reinforcements are en route, we just have to hold them off a little longer."

The comms channel they were using was in multi-user mode.

"Hold your own positions! Do not get distracted! I know my own condition best!" Yan Biao wiped away the droplets of sweat that had almost reached his eye. His sharp gaze was focused on the ruins in front, trying to detect where the two terrorists had concealed themselves.

These two were just too crafty. Yan Biao did not dare to get careless. Although his perception was not as strong as a cemetery guard's, he could rely on his own experiences and intuition to deduce a few things. The two hiding themselves were surely the leading members in this attack. Even if they were not leading the operation, they were still crucial personnel and could not be allowed to get any closer to the outpost!

But those two had really sharp senses, and every time, they managed to slip away just as the snipers were about to fire. Because of this, Yan Biao was even more determined to shoot these two terrorists dead.

If he were to be brought to a safe place for treatment, surely manpower would be needed to transport him over, and there would be others required to cover him. That would make it more difficult to kill these two. If he were to receive medical treatment, he had to get rid of these two terrorist first! He could not rest easy till they were dead!

At this moment, through his earpiece, he heard a message from the command post.

"Captain, the surveillance system shows some beasts headed your way!"

Yan Biao's heart dropped. He suspected that the two hidden terrorists ahead had used some sort of method to attract over more of these beasts to increase their fire power. This way, it would be more difficult to kill off the two terrorists.

"How many?" Yan Biao asked.

"Coming from your right. There are seven... six... five... four..."

Hearing the voice on the comms channel, Yan Biao's face stiffened. The veins on his face were protruding even more than before. Yan Biao bellowed, "Are you f*cking counting down!?" This wasn't the time!

"I'm... I'm not, captain. I'm really giving a serious report. There were really seven on your right headed over, but the numbers are dropping, there are still two... one... no more. The right side is clear."

Yan Biao violently exhaled.

How long had it been since this exchange of words? Seven beasts, completely wiped out!

When had their outpost team had such a godly marksman?

"Who did it?" Yan Biao asked.

"No idea."

"You didn't see it? Are none of the surveillance cameras working?"

"They are working, but all I saw in the footage was the beasts falling one after another. I couldn't tell who shot them. However, it doesn't seem like it's someone from our outpost team. The sound of the gunfire was different—not the gun model we use at the outpost. The sounds it made seemed like they were from an even older model."

Hearing this, Yan Biao was even more skeptical.

Could the person be in cahoots with the attackers? But if he were from that side, why had he shot those beasts?

Had reinforcements arrived?

That seemed unlikely.

If people from the base were here, it wouldn't only be one.

Who the h*ll was it?

"Get to the bottom of this!" Yan Biao ordered.

Even without Yan Biao's instructions, people in the command post were searching seriously. The sharp sensors of the detection system could capture the activity of any living beasts. The people in the command post stiffened up as they watched the bright spots displayed by the surveillance system change. Hurriedly, they exclaimed, "Riode! The person is headed over to you! It's unclear whether he is friend or foe!"

The line "unclear whether he is friend or foe" astonished Riode. Generally, they would always assume worst-case scenario. But now, "whether friend or foe" meant that in the current circumstances, the other party's actions were beneficial to him.

At the moment, Riode was leading men to clear out terrorists and those beasts that had entered the outpost. Hearing this message, he replied, "Which side... Never mind, I already hear gunfire."

The passageway's surveillance camera was damaged, and those in the command post had no way of watching the situation, but through the detection system, they were able to see the bright spots of life forms on the map. Blue dots were humans, and red ones were beasts.

Riode's team consisted of five people—five blue dots. In the middle of this long passageway, there were six red dots, and they were moving quickly in Riode's direction. There was another blue dot at the other end of the passageway who was moving at an even higher speed and was catching up to those red dots. And during this process, the red dots were decreasing.

As an eyewitness to this scene, Riode's thoughts overwhelmed him.

Flapping sounds as the six beasts ran at high speeds were accompanied by low growls and howls that flooded the passageway. However, every time a shot rang out, a beast fell.

Riode did not let his men fire. They were only to be on alert as they watched the person heading over eliminate the beasts.

Whenever they encountered these beasts, they would open fire from a distance. They would absolutely avoid engaging them in close combat, as they did not understand these beasts and could only be passive. Aim at the head? That was easier said than done. When it came to reality, the difficulty was much higher. In the last hour, they had experienced it for themselves.

But now, apparently every beast was being killed in one shot. Not considering marksmanship, Riode swore he had never ever seen such a crazy person before.

That's right, from what Riode saw, this was a crazy person!

Not only was it one shot one kill, after the person had caught up to the beasts with his extremely quick speed, he did not slow down at all, instead fearlessly continuing to rush forward.

Riode scrunched his eyebrows together. Close-quarters combat?

When the steel rod struck the beast's taut, rock-like muscles, it created a thumping sound. The thumping sound had not yet dissipated when the second strike accurately struck the beast in its neck like a violent gale. A torrential barrage of attacks created an accompaniment of bones cracking and flesh being slapped.

Riode's furrowed expression turned to one of astonishment.

Beast after beast fell to the ground and did not budge.



The last beast collapsed to the ground heavily. The inertia from its rushing caused it to slide some distance after it fell, leaving a trail of brown blood from the bullet hole in its head.

The whirlwind-like attack had only lasted a few blinks. Before Riode had even regained his train of thought, the entire thing was over. Those aggressive howls a few moments ago had been silenced for the rest of eternity.

Riode was still standing in his original spot. The muscles around his eyes were twitching. Even more so when he saw the other party's face; his eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets.

Those in the command post saw the six blue dots on the screen and anxiously asked, "Riode, what's the situation over there? Who is the other party? Is he friend or foe?"

Others who were in the same comms channel pricked their ears up.

Riode heard the questions through his ear piece and opened his mouth. With great difficulty, he spat out two words: "Fang Zhao."

When everyone in the comms channel heard this name, they spoke almost simultaneously.



Riode swallowed his saliva. When he saw Fang Zhao look over, he was a little startled and nervous for no reason. A layer of sweat had actually formed on his back.

At this moment, Fang Zhao's entire body seemed to be oozing a viciousness that was entirely different from how he normally was!

Riode recalled the scene he had just witnessed. The kind that went all out to beat the enemy to death without even giving them the tiniest bit of time to take a breath. In the past, how had he reckoned that Fang Zhao was a gentle and harmless person?

I must have been f*cking blind!

"Why are you even here?" Riode asked.

Fang Zhao flung the blood off his steel rod. "I came out to take a look. What's the situation like right now?"

"It's already under control. People from the base should be arriving shortly." Riode briefly spoke a little about the current situation. There was nothing confidential, and he did not need to hide any information.

"From where you came from, besides these beasts, did you encounter any terrorists? Previously, two holes were blasted in the outpost and some infiltrators entered, sabotaging a portion of our surveillance system. The command center had no way of finding them."

"I encountered one when I came over from the storehouse." Riode had also mentioned Yan Biao's situation, and Fang Zhao decided to go over and see if he could help out. "Does Yan's squad require help? I'll go over."

The conversation between the two was also transmitted to others through Riode's ear piece and receiver.

When Yan Biao heard the conversation, he was still unconvinced. Two minutes later, he had a complicated expression as he saw Fang Zhao appearing in front of him. This old soldier had made an oversight, let alone the others.

Glancing at the gun in Fang Zhao's hands, it was indeed an old model that had already halted production. This was a gun model that garrisoned troops had used a few decades ago. The question was: where had this little fellow gotten a hold of it, and how had he even brought it here? Even bringing a gun for military service?

"You need medical treatment ASAP," Fang Zhao said as he took a look at Yan Biao's wound.

"We don't have to worry about it right now. Fang Zhao, the command post said that many of the beasts inside the outpost were killed by you?"

"19. Until now, I have killed a total of 19," Fang Zhao replied.

Yan Biao's face twitched when he heard this figure. According to rough estimates, during this round of attacks, the terrorists had released eight cages here. Each cage had held approximately 15, thus totaling 100-plus such beasts. If what Fang Zhao had said was true, then he alone had gotten rid of a sixth of them!

If anyone had told Yan Biao this before, he definitely would not have believed it.

There was the sound of concentrated gunfire in the surroundings, and a number of beasts approached. This was the reason they were defending this area and were unable to move forward to the ruins ahead.

These beasts did not know pain. As long as they were not dead, they would engage in slaughter till the very end.

"You have good marksmanship? Do you see that area in front? Within those ruins are two terrorists, We cannot let them get any closer to the outpost. You can cooperate with Bie Liao. Do you know Bie Liao? He is our sniper. Those two terrorists are really crafty, so it is very difficult..."


The gunshot rang out beside his ear. The sound of gunfire from the old gun model was too loud, and Yan Biao was deafened for a moment. He stared blankly for two seconds before recovering. It was also because he was weak from his injury; otherwise, his reaction would not have been like this.

The dazed Yan Biao heard sniper Bie Liao's voice crackling through his ear piece.

"Captain, one of the terrorists has been hit. Judging from the bullet wound and the spurt of blood, he should already be dead."

Yan Biao looked slightly more at ease. "Good job!"

"It wasn't me," the sniper mumbled. He had been just about to fire when he had seen the target's head tilt back and blood spurt out.

The terrorist that had been shot dead probably had not known whether he had been hit by a stray bullet or targeted and eliminated, as the bullet had not been shot from the sniper's position. The terrorist might have been guarded against the outpost team's sniper, but he was not guarded against shots from other positions.

"It wasn't you?" Yan Biao was suspicious. Inclining his head toward Fang Zhao, he opened his mouth to ask.


Another shot rang out beside his ear.

Sniper Bie Liao's voice came through the ear piece. "Captain, the other terrorist has also been shot dead."

"Was it you this time?" Yan Biao asked.

"It wasn't me this round either," Bie Liao said grudgingly. He was the outpost's best sniper, and he normally called himself the ace marksman, but this time around, he had really suffered a blow. He had totally been unable to lock the two crafty terrorists in place, and after, he had not gotten a single one after guarding for so long. In the end, they had been killed by somebody else.

"But in any case, those two have finally been settled." Bie Liao sighed. "The remaining beasts are not a threat. Captain, you should hurry and get treated, or you will die from blood loss."

"Tell everyone at your side that nobody is allowed to go any closer. They might have bombs on their bodies."

"I know."

Ending the comms, Yan Biao looked at Fang Zhao, who had already put away his gun. "Were those two shot by you?"


The calm tone Fang Zhao used was as though he had just slaughtered some chickens.

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