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The sky gradually became brighter. The field of view had already became very clear.

Online audiences watching the large green area of young sprouts displayed on the screen could not help but feel like they had witnessed an unbelievable miracle.

"Were there really no special effects used?"

"I just looked at the time. It really has only been five minutes. Otherwise, I would have thought that a few days had passed."

"The f*ck! I just went to the washroom, how did it become like this!"

"Me too. I went to order some takeout, and when I returned to the broadcast, everything had changed!"

"Brothers who have missed it can watch the video replay."

"How is that the same? The purpose of watching the live broadcast is to see those images at the first possible time. Replaying the video can no longer be considered a live broadcast; one will always feel a sense of lagging behind."

But even if they were regretting, they could only watch the replay. There was no way time could be turned back. A missed opportunity could never be gotten back.

In front of the experimental plot.

Kevin Lin was at a momentary loss for words. He curiously looked at the little sprouts that had broken through the soil in a flash, trying to see if there was anything special about them. He really did not understand it, and so he did not speak much.

Kevin Lin turned to Fan Lin. "Professor Fan, could you present a little?"

Fan Lin looked at the readings on the circular device and removed his mask. "We don't have to wear the masks now."

The group of over 10 soldiers in the background hurriedly took of their masks and put on serious faces that they thought were the most cool. Their faces were calm, but their hearts were screaming with joy. Finally, we can appear on-screen!

"One of the reasons I gave them the name 'arrow sunflower' is because the process of germination is compressed into a very short period of time, like an arrow being shot out. You all saw it for yourselves. The process happens very quickly. Blink and you will notice a sprout has appeared. However, during it's germination process, a few gases are released. Some have a scent, while others are odorless. But some of these gases can irritate the human body. If we do not put on masks, in serious cases, it can lead to shock..."

As Fan Lin was speaking, a short distance away from the experimental plot, an outpost member came out from inside the outpost and scanned the area before running over to Yan Biao.

The outpost soldier who had been about to give a report was given a scare when he noticed Yan Biao wiping away tears. "Captain... Captain, are you okay?"

Who was Yan Biao? He was Outpost 23's team leader and captain and had experienced much fighting, but this iron-blooded man actually had tears streaming down his face. What exactly had he gone through? Was he moved or was he heartbroken?

Yan Biao drew back the corner of his mouth. "My eyes are burning. It stings."

He also had not expected to be affected while standing so far away. A while ago, his eyes had suddenly felt a stinging pain, then his tears had started flowing uncontrollably. It was as if someone had thrown a tear-gas grenade over.

Now, he was feeling much better. Yan Biao rubbed his eyes and asked the outpost soldier, "What is it?"

"Message from the base telling every outpost to maintain the recent high alert and not goof off. Report to superiors should there be any unusual situations."

"Didn't they mention this yesterday?"

"It's being emphasized again today."

Yan Biao knit his brows. "Got it." It seemed like the discovery of planet Baiji's grade A ore had attracted a lot of attention.

That outpost soldier did not leave immediately after delivering his report, instead stretching his neck to look over at the experimental plot.

"Is that the little celebrity that came to our base for his military service? He looks rather average, not as good looking as me." He had not gotten to see Fang Zhao yesterday, but after seeing Fang Zhao now, he felt a little disappointed.

"There are many people who are good looking, but that fellow is popular. I hear he is very good at games," Yan Biao replied.

"I'm very good at gaming too! When I was younger, I took part in primary level e-sports competitions, and I received awards!" that outpost soldier jested.

"I heard he can detect the position of ore just through listening. Oh, just now, when the seeds were germinating, he also heard that too. I feel that his ears are even more effective than the device Fan Lin has in his hands."

Yan Biao recalled the moment when Fang Zhao had called out just before the arrow sunflowers had sprouted and felt that it was really mystical. To think a person's hearing ability could achieve that sort of level! When he had been young, he had watched a variety program that had talked about people with supernatural powers, but they had been denounced afterward, as the news had exposed some dirty tricks. Only then had he known they had all been swindlers. Thus, when he had heard about Fang Zhao's situation, he had still maintained a skeptical attitude until just now.

"That awesome?" the outpost soldier asked.

"I only believe what I see." Yan Biao noticed that outpost soldier's gaze kept stopping at the experimental plot area and knew what the soldier was thinking. "You want to appear in the background?"

"Hehe, I did have that idea. It's almost been two years since I last went home." The outpost soldier scratched his head, embarrassed. If he had not had that idea, he could have relayed the base order's through the comms device. Personally running out was to see whether he would have a chance to show his face. He was just a little soldier without any presence. Unlike Yan Biao, it was all right for him to appear on-screen.

Yan Biao chided that soldier and gave him a little kick. "Still playing mind games with me. I just knew you had that sort of idea. Go on, then. Whether you can steal a spot in front of the camera is all up to your own ability."

"Heh! Got it!" The outpost soldier stealthily ran over to that side.

Yan Biao glanced at Fang Zhao over at the experimental plot and couldn't help but click his tongue. "Tsk." He really did not know how that fellow Fang Zhao had become famous. Fang Zhao did not look particularly eye-catching and did not seem to have much original presence. At this time, it was entirely Fan Lin and Kevin Lin standing in front of the camera and conversing. That little fellow totally did not know how to steal the spotlight and was actually holding on to his paperback notebook and squatting over at the side while scribbling something. Could that be an unconventional way of acting cool?

Yan Biao shook his head. He had no idea what went through the minds of these sorts of celebrities.

Yan Biao gave a muted sigh. "However, we really do have to thank him."

Planet Baiji's position in the development sequence had started to move forward. In the future, there would definitely be more troops. Yan Biao had been guarding Outpost 23 for so long, it was probably time for him to get promoted too.

When he thought about this, Yan Biao could not help but laugh. He knew that he would be able to get promoted soon. He was really grateful to Fang Zhao. If not for Fang Zhao discovering Baiji ore so quickly, their facilities would not have been upgraded and manpower at the base would not have been increased so quickly. His rank now was captain, and if everything went smoothly, within the year, he could surely rise to the rank of major. Even if he was discharged from the military in the future, his discharge fee would not be little.

Over at the experimental plot, Kevin Lin and Fan Lin were taking turns asking and answering questions. The two coordinated very well. After continuously going through a few questions, Kevin Lin remembered Fang Zhao. Looking over, he saw Fang Zhao holding onto that familiar notebook.

"Seems like Fang Zhao realized something and is busy composing again." This was considered an explanation by Kevin Lin, telling the online audiences that Fang Zhao was not skiving off but rather was finding the time to compose new tunes.

If Kevin Lin had not mentioned it, many people would have forgotten about Fang Zhao's composition background.

However, some online audiences had some doubts: Why did he say 'again'? Is inspiration that easy to get?

Some people lamented Fang Zhao's spirit in persevering with composing during his military service, but there were also some who said Fang Zhao was showing off.

Whatever others said, Fang Zhao could not see or hear it. Even if he could hear it, he did not care at all. He was just jotting down all the inspiration that had flashed through his mind as he witnessed the scene of arrow sunflowers germinating. After he was done, he closed the notebook and kept it before once again working the land. He listened to Fan Lin's instructions and moderately sprayed the ground with water.

"Oh right, Fang Zhao, I wish to transfer you over from the base. In the future, you can stay at Outpost 23 and undergo your military service here. What do you think?" Fan Lin asked.

At this time, Kevin Lin had already shut off the live broadcast. Hearing Fan Lin's words, he nearly jumped.

"Transfer over here?!" Kevin Lin was unwilling. The conditions at the outpost were much worse than the base.

Fan Lin unhurriedly explained his analysis. "Do you guys still wish to return to the mines and film? It is better over here. You can film the flowers and grass. What can you film over at the base? You guys can't enter the mines right now, and even if you get allocated there, the base will not allow you to do a live broadcast in the mines."

Could grade A power ore and grade A− ones be the same? There would be even higher confidentiality when it came to extracting and mining. For example, the quantity excavated every day, the quality, and so on. At this moment, this information could not be public knowledge, so even if they went over, they would not be able to get information from that side. Not only them, even those newly dispatched military reporters had no way of knowing.

Kevin Lin understood Fan Lin's opinion. Transferring over would make it easier to operate compared to the base, but the living conditions were slightly worse.

Fan Lin looked over. "If Fang Zhao agrees, I can speak with Shanta and change your military service allocation over from mining to here."

"I guess I will just have to trouble you for that," Fang Zhao replied.

"Hahaha, no trouble, no trouble at all! Don't worry, you will find working here more meaningful than mining. Planting flowers and growing grass, and you can also follow the outpost team on their hunts and try some wild flavors. How great is that? It's much tastier than that compressed food." Fan Lin laughed heartily. In his heart, he pondered. Later, when he got back, he would discuss this matter with Shanta. After all, Fang Zhao was a member of Project Starlight and was different than other conscripts. The procedures would certainly be more inconvenient, and he needed to give prior notice.

Kevin Lin saw Fang Zhao agreeing. Furthermore, what Fan Lin had said had aroused him. Although the accomodations at the base were slightly better, there were more restrictions. The outpost was different. There would be more freedom, and the things that could be filmed were more abundant. Looking at the benefits, this place was indeed better than the base.

But since they would be moving over, he needed to return back to the base to pack his belongings.

During the noon break, after they returned to the room, Kevin Lin gave a call to the base, wishing to request a flying transport come over and fetch them. The team and flying transport that had brought them over had already returned to base.

Unfortunately, the request was not successful.

"They are temporarily unable to dispatch any unnecessary flying transports over. We have to wait who knows how long! So many flying transports and they can't dispatch one to come and fetch us? Surely Fan Lin had a hand in that!" Kevin Lin angrily exclaimed. "People with the Fan family name are all too sinister!"

Fang Zhao spoke as he threw food into the water tank. "Perhaps there are real missions on their side. I heard from the outpost captain that they are on high alert everywhere. The flying transports might be dispatched on missions. Actually, since Baiji ore was discovered, it has been very hard to request flying transports. That time when Prof. Fan got one was because he had collaborated with the base for a long time and has special privileges."

"That is why I just said Fan Lin is sinister! He had the idea of bringing us over here to advertise for him all along!"

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