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Edmund frantically ran into the mining tunnel. Watching the senior officer behave this way, soldiers stationed at the mining site thought that something big had happened inside the mining tunnel, perhaps a dangerous organism being unearthed, but when they had time to think it through, that did not seem possible. If a dangerous organism had been dug out, the warning alarms would have sounded, but right now, there were no sirens at all.

But if that was not the case, what else could it be?

The mining site's soldiers considered numerous possibilities, but since the senior officer had given them new instructions, they could not make any unnecessary movements and had to continue standing guard at their posts.

Edmund had never felt his heart beat so quickly in his whole life. His blood was pumping so quickly he felt like he was losing control of his body.

Inside the mining tunnel, after he had seen the displayed readings on the instrument, Kevin Lin had filmed the readings from a distance and then decisively cut the live broadcast signal!

Finding a grade A power ore on such a remote planet far back on the development sequence, Kevin Lin very clearly knew what that forebode, but until it was officially confirmed, he did not intend to broadcast it live. At this sort of time, it was best to stay calm. Otherwise, a little carelessness and they could end up with egg on their face.

Switching over to film mode, Kevin Lin could not help but carefully picked up the ore that Fang Zhao had just excavated. After that, he struck a few poses and took a few photos from angles he felt were best.

"Hey, Fang Zhao. There is still something missing on it," Kevin Lin exclaimed. "You haven't made a mark on this piece of ore."

Kevin Lin was only satisfied after Fang Zhao had used a spray gun and marked out the serial number. Picking it up, he continued to take selfies and let the camera take clear photos of the serial number.

Edmund strode over. "Where is it!" He scanned around as if he was using radar before fixing his gaze on the small ore that Kevin Lin was holding.

Edmund took the ore from Kevin Lin's hands. "This is it?"

This piece of ore was indeed too small. It seemed especially delicate in Kevin Lin's palm. But all those lower grade power ores had no chance of comparing with it.

Edmund trembled slightly, as if afraid that his coarse hands would tarnish it. He carefully tilted his hand to let the small piece of ore roll around in his palms as he fervently stared at the tiny rock.

Edmund looked toward the few old miners beside him. "Has it been confirmed?"

An old miner understood and replied, "We have all used our own instruments to appraise it. The machines should not have been faulty. We even readjusted the instruments once more and even cross-referenced it to other ores. The result is... undeniable."


The word echoed nonstop in Edmund's head like the roaring of thunder.

Being prudent, or perhaps unwilling to believe this extraordinary occurrence unless he saw it with his own two eyes, Edmund got everyone to take out their instruments, and he personally appraised it.

Watching the reading on the instrument rise to grade "A," Edmund relaxed a little. Following that, he used his comms device to contact the base's commanding officer, Shanta. After he had briefly explained the matter, he turned to the soldiers stationed at the mine and issued new commands. "From now on, the entire planet is on high alert! Outposts scattered everywhere have raised their vigilance, and more people will be immediately dispatched to the mining area!"

Planet Baiji base.

A few conscripts that were staying in base due to injuries or for other reasons watched as many soldiers who were supposedly off-duty fully suited up and boarded a flying transport.

Not just that, the laboratory also dispatched a flying transport and a cargo transport. Inside were the base laboratory's engineers and scientists.

The entire base's atmosphere seemed a little strangled. This made those conscripts staying back feel curious.

"What happened?"

"Given the direction, they are probably headed toward the mining area."

"Something happened in the mines?"

"Today is Fang Zhao's first official day of military service, right? I heard he was posted to the mining site."

"Then it's highly likely that something happened there. Otherwise, the base would not have so much activity."


Many people had witnessed for themselves how Fang Zhao had excavated that tiny piece of rock, watched as he had placed the rock in the appraisal instrument, and seen the reading rise to a grade "A." And at that point, the live broadcast signal had been cut!

After that, the internet had gone abuzz.

"The f*ck, grade A? Is it real or fake?"

"Probably real? Would they dare to fake this?"

"Forget about others, for power ore, they probably wouldn't dare to falsify it."

"Hard to say. No one knows for sure what happened. These days, all these variety programs love to deliberately mystify things to attract more viewers. They might do anything just to obtain viewers." 

"But this isn't an ordinary variety program. Don't forget who proposed Project Starlight. Wouldn't they be afraid of the consequences if they tried to make a joke out of this?"

"Wait a while more. Whether it's the truth or not, there will surely be a follow up report."

At the same time, "First Frontline's" Press headquarters had become busy on all fronts. This was not just Project Starlight's program, it had already become a major event! They were frantically trying to contact Kevin Lin to verify the truth, but the communications could not get through.

"What lousy internet! Planet Baiji needs to upgrade its communications network!"

Not just the media, other parties had started move as well, especially those mining companies. At this time, they were even more anxious than others about verifying the authenticity. If it was true, they would seize the investment spots! 

Planet Baiji!

Shanta had already rushed over to the mining area. En route, he had already received three communications from headquarters, but he had not received all the details yet, so he could not give a proper answer. Now he was also anxious to know the truth. If these people dared to have staged obtaining a grade A power ore, he would rather not have investments or donations. He would personally send these people to prison! Ever since the base's prison had been built, it had not yet received an inmate.

Kevin Lin was already standing outside the mining tunnel's entrance, controlling the camera to film the situation in the air.

A number of military flying transports and a cargo transport descended. Machinery and instruments were carried out. Anybody who was not in the know would think that these were preparations for a war.

The soldiers station at the mine saluted Shanta. "Commanding officer!" Although their faces were serious, they were all dying of curiosity inside. These people stationed at the mining site still did not know what was going on, but they knew it was something big.

Shanta and a few of the base's other high-ranking officers headed straight for the mining tunnel Fang Zhao was in. At the moment, Edmund and Fang Zhao were already waiting at the tunnel entrance.

As Shanta took large strides over, Edmund handed the ore and the instruments over to him.

Shanta held the tiny piece of ore for a bit before beckoning for the scientist to bring the equipment over. These machines brought from the lab were definitely more accurate than the instruments the military conscripts used.

Noticing the large "A" displayed on the equipment, Shanta's lips curled upward. he wanted to laugh heartily but managed to control his mood. It was not yet time to laugh his heart out. He did not want it all to be in vain.

Shanta sharply glanced at Fang Zhao. "You excavated it?" Although he had not seen the situation during the live broadcast, he had seen the video, but that segment had too many doubts.

Fang Zhao did not feel nervous under Shanta's gaze. "Yes. I initialed it."

Shanta stared at Fang Zhao for two more seconds, then turned toward an engineer. "Can we measure the amount?" What he really wanted to know now was how much grade A power ore there was here!

However, the engineers only gave a worried smile.

"It's a new element. The surveying equipment has not been upgraded in a long time. We will have to make adjustments; otherwise it will be very difficult to get an accurate reading. This type of ore is probably found deeper underground, and it is harder to make proper measurements. Just using the detectors at the base, even if we went one round around the planet, we might not necessarily get a proper reading."

Without any means to get a proper reading and with the ore being found deep underground, it was no wonder they had not been able to discover this. Only now that the mining tunnel was even deeper had they finally excavated one piece.

An Engineer asked, "Your base's equipment is lacking too much. How long has it been since it was upgraded?"

Shanta shrugged helplessly. "No choice. We are poor. Upgrading costs a lot too. Everyone knows Baiji's ranking on the development sequencing."

The engineers also knew Baiji's previous circumstances. Without saying anything else, they gathered together to first discuss how to upgrade the detector machine.

As they thought back to how Fang Zhao had excavated that piece of ore on the live broadcast...

Shanta asked Fang Zhao, "How did you know there was that sort of ore there?

Kevin Lin also looked toward Fang Zhao. He also wanted to know the answer. During the live broadcast, Fang Zhao's actions had seemed like he was certain there was something there. On what grounds had he been so sure?

Faced with so many pairs of eyes, Fang Zhao answered, "I am a composer. I can distinguish sounds slightly better than others. Many things have their own sounds, and I can hear them when using the tools to chisel at the wall. In simple terms, I have good hearing. I heard an unusual sound over there, so I decided to try digging."

He was not lying. Other than the energy field, it did indeed sound different, but normal people were not able to hear anything special. He could not reveal the matter with the energy field, but as for his hearing ability, this was all right to reveal. Previously, he had not known that this was a grade A power ore, so he had not taken it to heart, but after that, when he listened attentively in the mining tunnel, he could here a slightly special sound.

Shanta felt as if he had just heard a joke. "Are you saying that your hearing ability is even better than detecting equipment?"

So it was not sight that mattered for mining but rather hearing?

Who do you think you are?! The Diting 1  from mythical stories from the Old Era?


In any case, it doesn't feel reliable. Is this young fellow trying to dupe us?

Watching Fang Zhao coolly standing there with nary a look of guilt, Shanta hesitated.

Could it be that he could really hear the difference?

Shanta scanned Fang Zhao with a bizarre expression. "Since you can hear that piece, then can you listen some more and tell us where there is more of this sort of grade A power ore in the tunnel? This sort of genuine grade A ore, not like those we normally dig up."

The group of engineers that were discussing how to upgrade Baiji planet's outdated detector equipment all fell silent and looked toward Fang Zhao.

Under the gazes of everyone, Fang Zhao nodded his head. "Sure."

Kevin Lin had to interrupt. "Pardon me. May I ask whether I can turn on the live broadcast?"

from Journey to the west
The Diting is an animal that served
Bodhisattva and, by pressing his ear to the earth, instantly perceived all
confidential details of all beings of all continents and thereby distinguished aurally the false from the

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