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Qian Cheng's mind kept repeating Wang Tie's words after he ended the call.


What transformation?

Could it be like in the movies, transforming into a werewolf when there is a full moon?


Qian Cheng chuckled. He did not believe the bullshit Wang Tie had spouted. However, there was not a lot that would make Wang Tie give up an assignment and firmly refund the money. Could it be that, after serving a jail term, this paparazzi king had lost his nerve?

No way.

Qian Cheng drummed his fingers on the table, recalling every word that Wang Tie had said. Mulling through, he picked up a few things. Wang Tie so readily refunding him, could the paparazzi king be afraid of the other party's status?

Someone who could make Wang Tie be afraid, could it be one of Yanzhou's high levels? Generally, these high-level people were not enough to make him behave this way, unless it was the bigwigs right at the top of Yanzhou?

Qian Cheng's mind was filled with unlimited possibilities. In his heart, a hint of fear arose. Although he reported a lot of entertainment news, matters regarding bigwigs had to be dealt with differently. There were things that he could not reveal even if he knew. If he were Wang Tie and met with this sort of situation, he would do the same and keep his mouth shut. As for Wang Tie making an error in judgment, Qian Cheng simply did not consider it.

An oversight by Wang Tie? Ha, is that possible?! Qian Cheng scoffed.

At the other end, Wang Tie did not know that his few words had removed the reigns on Qian Cheng's line of thought. Even if he knew, Wang Tie would not have minded. Others were free to do as they wished. He was just feeling puzzled; how had Fang Zhao recognized him?

Also, the last sentence he'd said to Qian Cheng was not nonsense. He really felt that Fang Zhao's online and offline persona were two different persons. More importantly, what made Wang Tie unable to accept the most was Fang Zhao's age.

No one would believe that the game's top killing machine, who could create a raging storm of bullets in a few seconds, could actually be a refined composer who had graduated a little over a year ago. Although there were cases of cultured people being cruel in games, in Fang Zhao's case, this was the first time Wang Tie had ever seen something like that.

Why had he been unable to investigate? Because it was so hard to imagine the two together!

Wang Tie's face distorted as he recalled how he had been recognized. Today, he had not only changed his appearance, even his stature had been modified, and his traits were totally different from when he had been at the press conference. Having such a complete difference and being found out made him uneasy.

Accepting Fang Zhao's request to shoot a film of the Silver Light team was firstly to use this process to resolve the bewilderment in his own heart and better understand this Fang Zhao person. This was the first time in his life he had ever encountered such a situation, and if he did not clarify things, he would not be able to rest in peace!

Secondly, many people in the entertainment circle had learnt of his early release and were more vigilant. Now it would be much harder to unearth secret news of big name celebrities. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to break their defenses, why not accept Fang Zhao's assignment first? Besides, the payment was quite large, and Fang Zhao had already given him the down payment upon accepting the job. From the information on Fang Zhao, he understood that Fang Zhao was rich, so he did not have to worry about not being paid.

As Yanzhou's king of paparazzi, Wang Tie had never shot a professional publicity film. However, Fang Zhao wanted him to shoot it from the angle of a war journalist, and he could only try. He had been a war journalist, and it was this service that had gotten him released early. Regarding this, Wang Tie was not lying, just as Fang Zhao had deduced.

"Huo Li" was an alter ego he'd created after being released, to remind himself not to ever get incriminated by others again. Having experienced it once was enough. His ID in-game was also that, and Fang Zhao had temporarily added him to the team, making it more convenient to communicate and share the development of the film.

Although Wang Tie was extremely loathed by people in the industry, every time someone wanted to investigate a certain celebrity and the difficulty was high, they would still find Wang Tie. Why? One part was his capability, the other his reputation. He knew a lot, and the reason why nothing much happened to him was that people turned a blind eye and did not upset the equilibrium, as Wang Tie had tight lips! 

But if he were to really run away, both sides would suffer. Back then, before Wang Tie had been sent to prison, he had made a vicious move, causing the other party to be toppled and lose all backing from his family, cutting off a path of retreat for the other party. This was how vicious he could be. After all, he was already down and was not afraid of falling further. That incident had made many people hate him. Now that he had been released early, would he still be afraid?

But no one knew that, every time Wang Tie was speaking to Fang Zhao, he was keeping his words brief. He had no choice; he could not pretend or lie, as he felt that he would be caught on the spot.

Compete in strength? Wang Tie really felt that he would definitely lose out. Cheating the other party and running away and hiding? Wang Tie would not consider that. He felt that this was way too cowardly. A person could not live in hiding all his life, and he still had a long way more to live, so he could only face it head on.

What could he do? He was also in despair!

When Fang Zhao had mentioned the matter to Wayne, as per Wang Tie's request, Fang Zhao only mentioned "Huo Li" the war journalist" instead of the infamous "Wang Tie." Wayne knew that Fang Zhao did not reveal the entire matter, but since it was a request from Fang Zhao, Wayne did not probe further. He only had one request—shoot a good video. When it was done, Wayne would inspect it, and if it was not up to standard, he would use a company videographer.

"Oh right, Fang Zhao, for the publicity film's accompaniment music, will you be composing, or do you want to let Flying Pegasus handle it? Recently, Flying Pegasus have completed two film accompaniment music projects. They are idle now," Wayne told him.

Fang Zhao knew that Wayne had more he wanted to say, so he asked, "What do you think?"

"I was thinking maybe we should let Flying Pegasus handle it this time? Aren't you very busy?" Wayne suggested.

"What are the other reasons? Say them all," Fang Zhao replied.

"Err, actually, I feel that your musical style does not suit the majority of gamers. I'm not saying that your compositions aren't good—everyone can see the results for themselves and you have the recognition of figures in the music industry—but Fang Zhao, although I'm not so well versed in e-sports, I know what sort of music gamers like. Your works includes too many things, and you perfectly combine classical music with modern elements, but my suggestion is that you do not need that much meaningful music. What is needed is enough 'boom,' that sort of explosiveness! What gamers like is less classical elements and more electronic music."

At this point, Wayne paused, considering carefully how to express his opinions fully and not cause a bad reaction from Fang Zhao. He really did not want to offend Fang Zhao, who was the man the Silver Light team approved as their boss. Wayne was not considered a big deal in their eyes, so to achieve his own lofty ambitions, Wayne know that he needed to placate Fang Zhao, but there were things that still needed to be said. After all, he was a businessman. All his opinions were in the direction where the most benefits could be obtained. Therefore, when it came to choosing musical styles, he was more inclined to choosing the company's elite cooperative, Flying Pegasus, to create the accompaniment music, as the results would surely be even better.

"Continue," Fang Zhao said.

After considering, Wayne felt that Fang Zhao did not seem angry, and he gradually became at ease. Continuing, he said, "I'm really not saying that your works are no good, but our publicity film is mainly for gamers, not music lovers, to watch. However, these groups of people come into contact with electronic equipment the most, especially some veteran gamers. What they appreciate and enjoy are those more mechanized and electronic styles. Although they don't necessarily dislike your '100-Year Period of Destruction' series, if the music style was changed, the results would be better."

Fang Zhao was not a man without reason. He was indeed attentively listening to the opinions and suggestions. What Wayne was saying was not entirely correct, but at least half of it made sense.

"So this time, how about just letting Flying Pegasus complete it? All you have to do is lead the team. According to your plans, you want to serve your military term next year. November is ending, and it will be December soon. You also have to attend classes at Qi'an Academy of Music, so time might be a little tight, and you surely have a lot of matters to attend to. There is no need to waste time on this matter," Wayne advised.

"Do you have a few tunes to recommend of the style you mentioned?" Fang Zhao asked.

Wayne knew that Fang Zhao had not given it up. Pausing, he finally said, "The kind full of vigor and explosiveness. Eh, I did not study music, so I don't know how to express it. How about this." Wayne's mind though of a bunch of ideas in those few seconds, and he suddenly said, "Visit some nightclubs. I can recommend you a few."

The names of three nightclubs came out from his mouth. Wayne explained when it was suitable to enter and the times to enter so Fang Zhao would surely manage to hear the music. This reaction was that of an old hand.

"The music frequently played there is the sort I am talking about. Just take it as you gathering materials and listen a little. When the time comes, we can see whether you are able to do it. Young man, stop being so solemn all the time. Take a look at yourself; that lifestyle is just like that of an old man. Look at all the people in the company of the same age. Which one is like you?

"Be more lively and enthusiastic. If you are unable to find anything stimulating online, why not take this chance to visit nightclubs and have fun and open your eyes. The ones that I recommend are places where the music is what I really like, explosive! These places are top grade, and professionals like you who have high requirements for sound equipment will definitely not regret it. After all, the expenses of gathering materials will be paid by the company, so don't worry, just keep a copy of the electronic bill. When the time comes for you to submit a claim report, I can be your witness. Even if Director Duan knows, she won't say anything."

Wayne had said a lot, but his main idea was: All expenses will be handled by the company, so hurry up and gather materials at the nightclub!

After ending the call, Fang Zhao looked at his communications device, pondering over the words Wayne had said.

Like that of an old man?

Was the difference with "others of the same age" that obvious?

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