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Published at 12th of November 2020 10:27:56 AM

Chapter 69

Huo Wenhua had a temporary office in this big hotel .

Yang Zimei walked inside and vaguely saw that a gold aura was seeping out . It was clear that there was a problem .

She looked around at the decorations in the office . One needed to pay attention to Feng Shui regarding the placement of plants and decorations . There was a treasure bowl in the auspicious area for wealth on the desk . It showed that Huo Wenhua really paid attention to this . He should have invited a Feng Shui master to lay this out .

Feng Shui mainly focused on wealth and fortune and was particularly effective for wealth . Feng Shui stated that the atmosphere helped one’s courage and wisdom, which would lead to the rise and fall of businesses and success or failure in careers .

Whether it was a high-level government official or a grass-roots leader, a small shop owner or large company manager, the decorations in one’s office or on one’s desk were very important . For the high-level leaders, a lucky hexagram should be hung pointed to the south and the seat should be facing the south . If the hexagram faced the east, then the seat should face the east .

For the mid-level leaders, managers, and deputy managers’, the locations of their desks should generally be based on numerology and the four elements . That was, if one lacked the wood element, the seat should face the east . If one lacked the fire element, the seat should face south .

Of course, not everything could be copied perfectly . The orientation of the office and desk needed to take into consideration the location of the office, environment, climate, the internal structure, etc .

Huo Wenhua’s office layout was very good . It was also in line with his birthday . It could lead to a prosperous business, but why was his wealth aura leaking?

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Yang Zimei looked carefully around and found the problem .

There was a landscape painting hung in front of Huo Wenhua’s seat . The glass shimmered .

“Mr . Huo, your mainland investment doesn’t go smoothly, right? Many times, something unexpected happens and you miss the money that’s almost there?” Yang Zimei asked .

“Yes, my recent businesses have been in trouble . Can it be – ” Huo Wenhua’s eyes lit up . He looked hopefully at Yang Zimei . “Does Little Master see what the problem is?”

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“The problem is your office layout . ” Yang Zimei smiled .

“Here? But I asked a Feng Shui master to personally lay out this office . How can there be a problem?” Huo Wenhua was puzzled .

Yang Zimei pointed to the landscape painting on the wall . “Originally, everything here is laid out very well . It should promote a flourishing business . But this painting is letting your wealth leak out . ”

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“That Feng Shui master said that a good landscape painting that has both mountains and water can promote wealth and prosperity . So, I spent a lot of money to hire a famous artist to draw this . I hung it here for luck and so I can appreciate it . Why is Little Master saying that it will lead to wealth leaking out?”

“Originally, there’s nothing wrong with hanging a landscape painting . It can indeed promote wealth while you appreciate it . But you should not mount it in glass . It forms a mirror reflection and it faces your desk . This a big taboo in an office . Either put the painting behind your desk or change the glass to one with no reflective mounting . Otherwise, your wealth aura will always leak and nothing will go well . ”

Huo Wenhua sweated . He had been worried that the painting would be damaged, so he had deliberately asked someone to put the glass on it . Unexpectedly, he committed such a Feng Shui taboo .

Fortunately, Yang Zimei pointed it out to him!

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