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In the early morning!

With all medicaments he exchanged, Yu Sheng walked into the hotel.

Lying in the bed, Ling Yue'er's mother was at the last gasp, and even couldn't open her eyes. Doctors said she at most had three months left.

"Have you got the medicaments?" Ling Yue'er rushed to Yu Sheng as soon as she saw him.

Yu Sheng took out a bottle of bluish medicament with some ice flowers in it, which looked super magical.

"Is this the latest medicament? How to use it?" Ling Yue'er's eyes widened while staring at such beautiful medicament.

"If she was able to eat, eat directly; if not, intravenous injection for several times." Yu Sheng explained.

Ling Yue'er earnestly listened to him, and asked while looking at other medicaments: "How about these?"

"These are all restoratives. Members on them represent how many tablets every time and how many times they should be taken. After injection, use them to nourish the body. The others are used after eating up those restoratives, in order to prevent relapse and completely cure the disease." Yu Sheng continued the explanation.

Ling Yue'er was surprised: "Only one bottle?"

Seeing that Ling Yue'er didn't believe him, Yu Sheng had no choice but to cook up: "Only one, just use it. It takes me 10 million yuan to get the latest medicament from my friend. The medicament is hard to produce in that it is extract from deep-sea creatures."

"So expensive!!" Ling Yue'er stared at the bottle of bluish medicament with an incredible feeling: it was so expensive. 

Yu Sheng brazenly nodded. He did not want to brag; he was afraid that Ling Yue'er would hesitate if the medicament was too cheap. He took a deep breath and looked grave. "Yes, this bottle of bluish medicament indeed costs 10 million yuan, while others are much cheaper, costing 10,000 yuan in total."

"Such a significant difference! Anyhow, it would be find if they can cure my mom. Be sure to succeed." Ling Yue'er prayed.

Ling Yue'er's father abandoned her and her mother when Ling Yue'er was a child, leaving the two of them depend on each other for survival. She would do anything for her mother.

Constant coughs came from the sickroom. 

Ling Yue'er dared not hesitate, and rushed to give her mother the medicament.

When the medicament was put in her mother's mouth, bluish light arose from her body. Ling Yue'er was startled, and kept asking "What's wrong? Is there a problem?"

"I…" Yu Sheng was speechless because he did not know either. "I don't know. New medicament is probably like this. Look at auntie's face. She looked much relaxed."

As expected, Ling Yue'er found that her mother fell asleep, which was rare.

As everything was done, Ling Yue'er glanced at Yu Sheng and blushed. "Thank you. By the way, what do you want me to do?"

"Come to work for me after your mother's full recovery, but I will not pay you salary. I have something else to do, so I'm leaving." Yu Sheng said in an extremely unromantic tone.

Ling Yue'er was a little stunned, and nodded: "I've got it! I'll keep the appointment."

Yu Sheng turned round and was about to leave, but suddenly stopped, making Ling Yue'er somehow happy, but disappointed the next second. Yu Sheng took out a book and a little box, "Practice this. It would be useful in the future when you make a living in the underground world of martial arts."

"What is this?" Ling Yue'er held the manual and the little wooden box with puzzle.

Yu Sheng explained to her: "This book is A Mirror for the Romantic, which contains cultivation methods and movements; what in the box is big refined pellet, which can endow you with 50-year cultivation base. When you are confident with your cultivation, you can eat this."

"…" Ling Yue'er stared in bewilderment at Yu Sheng. Was he joking? She got the feeling that she had never known Yu Sheng.

She dully accepted the book and the little box.

System: "It seems great that you receive this woman: You've spent so much money on her. In the future, I can arrange several love affairs for you."

Yu Sheng: "I just want to be responsible for my money. It is impossible for the present her to pay the debt, so I must strengthen her. You've mentioned that buying the whole set is cheaper, but it turns out to be 5 million yuan. You, the unscrupulous merchant, how much money do I have now?"

System: "The integral number is 10,400,000 yuan. You should consider robbing another person."

Yu Sheng: "… You are truly hopeless."

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