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In a short while, a middle-aged man in Western dress and leather shoes came in.

He seemed to be Ye Li. Wan Shiping said he was the No. 1 hired thug under Ye Sanye. Ye Sanye sent him here to help Wan Shiping.

He was also at Inner Force Level 5. Besides, the energy in his extra points seemed to be weird. He must know some secret skills.

He looked around after coming in. Then he walked to Fang Shen first and greeted him in a friendly way, "I guess you are Mr. Fang."

Fang Shen guessed that the reason Ye Li greeted him first was that Ye Li heard some news from Ye Sanye.

After all, Ye Lanyun was much better than before after Fang Shen treated her. The outsiders didn't know that, but the members of the Ye Clan knew that.

Ye Sanye must have told Ye Li the news and asked him to be polite to Fang Shen. That would explain everything.

Wan Shiping saw Ye Li's movements and decided to be on friendly terms with Fang Shen.

Who was Ye Li? He was a cultivator and looked down upon everyone in Jianghai City relying on the power of the Ye Clan.

There was only an explanation that he treated Fang Shen politely.

The relationship between Fang Shen and the Ye Clan was much more closer than Wan Shiping had believed.

Wan Shiping decided to drag Fang Shen to his side.

Fang Shen only held a fist salute to Ye Li.

Ye Li's face darkened.

He was somebody in the Ye Clan. He was young and powerful; therefore, he was proud and arrogant.

He greeted Fang Shen first for the sake of Ye Sanye.

He didn't expect Fang Shen to accept that naturally without fawning on him.

It was not a right time to teach Fang Shen a lesson now. Ye Li snorted, saying no more.

All the martial artists were here.

Wan Shiping signaled the two beautiful ladies to get out of room.

The room was quiet.

Everyone was sipping the tea.

At this time, a video appeared in the big screen of the room.

It was a video of fighting.

A thin middle-aged man broke into a bar and began to smash the tables, chairs…

Dozens of security staff rushed to the man to fight against him.

However, within 30 seconds, all the security staff were knocked out.

The man smashed the furniture into pieces and then left. Nobody dared to stop him.

There was a dozen of similar videos.

A guard even fired at the man in a video.

But the man had a lightning speed. The guard was unable to aim at him, but hurt one of them.

Then, the man locked the guard right in the neck and raised him up. The guard struggled hard in the air.

It was for the first time that Fang Shen saw a cultivator fight with others.

How terrible it was!

If each of the security staff held a machine carbine, they might be able to kill him. Otherwise, there was no way for them to fight with the man.

A handgun was useless. This man came and went like the wind.

Besides, they would kill their companions with handguns.

The dispute between Wan Shiping and Jiang Tao was belonged to a gangland dispute.

They fought against each other for power and interests. It had nothing to do with morality.

Wan Shiping couldn't call the police. He said there were rules in the gangland that they must solve their problems by themselves without calling the police.

If Jiang Tao kept behaving like this, Wan Shiping would lose his business and his face. The Ye Clan would abandon him sooner or later.

No wonder Wan Shiping spent a lot of money to hire martial artists to deal with Jiang Tao.

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