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Thinking about it, Fang Shen turned on the Amaterasu silently. He was trying to scare them, not to kill them, so he didn't use it on anyone. Instead, he released a golden crow in front of Xu Longsheng.

A mournful bird screaming broke the stillness in the room.

A golden crow flew out from Fang Shen's eye, whirling and shaking its wings. A feather floated lightly in the air.

Fang Shen controlled the feather to drop in front of Xu Longsheng. The floor before Xu was burned to a pit.

The whole process was invisible to Fang Shen, but it was totally different in others' eyes.

In the eyes of three other people, a bird's screaming came from nowhere. Then, the road in front of Xu Longsheng was blocked by black flames. Within seconds, the flames vanished and a pit appeared in the hard floor.

Xu Longsheng raised his left leg to walk to the outside, but what had happened stopped him. He stayed put where he was, forgetting to withdraw his left leg.

The girl covered her mouth with both hands. Her palms were so small that she could even swallow her fist. Her fists were one third of the size of those of ordinary people.

Tan Zheng was also frightened by the scene. He stood still, murmuring, "What's that? Since when the Fang Clan had such powerful skill?"

In Tan Zheng's eyes, Dugu Nine-Stabs was fast enough to kill you. But compared with Fang Shen's skill, Dugu Nine-Stabs was good-for-nothing.

Fang Shen was able to use the skill without any preparation or spell. He just cast a glance, and the place was burned by black flames.

Tan Zheng pondered hard on Fang Shen's skill. After all, he was experienced in martial arts.

What was the maximum range of this skill?

Was it the strongest skill Fang Shen had?

How many times a day could Fang Shen use it?

Was there any side effect to use the skill?

He was eager to learn about the answers, but he knew Fang Shen wouldn't tell him.

Cultivators at his age were all worldly-wise people. They were bold when they were young, but as time went on, they became more and more timid. Tan Zheng was no exception.

He was much closer to the end of his life. He had great material wealth. The more he had, the more worries he had.

He knew he was unable to learn about the fifth move of Dugu Nine-Stabs, as only the leader of Dugu Faction could learn it. He had to figure out a way to learn more powerful martial art.

He broke into a sweat at the very thought.

Fang Shen let his eyes settle upon them, not to miss their single expression.

Xu Longsheng and the girl were frightened. After all, they were too young to be calm.

Tan Zheng, however, was old enough. Fang Shen couldn't understand why he was so scared. He had already reduced the effect of Amaterasu by a dozen times. If he released three golden crows at one time and burned the house at hundred-meter away to ashes, Tan Zheng might be scared to death.

Since he had reached his purpose, Fang Shen sat down and leaned himself against the back. He turned to Tan Zheng and said, "All of you, take a seat. You two just listen and don't utter a word. Old man, tell me what happened ten years ago in details. If you dare to cheat me, look at the pit over there, and that's what you will end up with."

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