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Chapter 3 Father Kristine's new assistant

At last Cyber got his beer and also some macaronies, that's the night snack father Kristine give to him.

Young man gobbled up the food, Kristine continues to scrub the glass, behind them, three corpses laying, Kristine opened the window, the scent of blood has been wiped out by fresh air.

In fact, its hard for us to imagine human can bleed so much out of those bullet holes, just like a red pond. Nausea, pungent, full of the smell of death.

"Phew...feels alive again! Thanks, Daddy."  

Cyber took out the napkin, wiped, and start drinking, then smashed the empty bottle, said pleasantly.

"One more drink"

"That's it, you just brutally murder two people in my place, just for some loose change, you are a real villain, still wearing cloth plucked from the dead, just like a real villain, not a bit of remorse in your eyes. 

There was a flicker of disgust in Kristine's eyes, even though he didn't say anything, but still went get a cup of beer for Cyber, said uncourteously, "Now get out after this drink, also, clean up the bodies, I don't want the son of b**** Jermy come and bring me trouble."


Cyber's hands knocking at the cup, slight of tiredness in his tone, everything happened before clotted in his mind, making him want to sleep now, he yawned, took a sip and said,

"That's an awful name, sounded like a gay." 

"Right, Jermy, the king of this block, belongs to the Russian gang, heartless and cruel, a tough one,  at least 7 of the 10missing person in this place are connected to him. 

Kristine smirked, "Guess who's his new enemy?"

Cyber looked at those three corpses, and turned back, "So these bastards with a disgusting black devil tattoo on their arm are the men of that gay? That's too bad, even an old man like you can bring them down."

The malevolent reply made the old man snort, he turned and ignored Cyber.

"Is there anyone tell you, You're a real bastard when you open your mouth."

"Many have said that before..."

A mixed of emotion flashed through Cyber's face inside the smoke, at last, he flicked his finger, " forget it, its bit boring talking to an old man like you, last few questions, and I'll leave afterward, as a reward for solving these trouble for you, sounds fair?

"Hey! Young men, I killed the last one!"

Kristine knocked at the desk to show discontent then pulled a cigarette from Cyber's cigarette case, smoked, and put it down, "pooh, some awful cigarette, and what makes you think them as troubles, maybe they're my guests?"

Kristine pulled a pipe from the counter after done talking, the kind similar to MacArthur's corn pipe, and when he lit it, the acrid smell of it gave the drowsy Cyber a shock, he snuffed out his cigarette, pull a coin, and played with it like a knife. 

"2am midnight, three rascals with tattoos and weapons, sitting in a bar with only an old man, there's still nightshift working at the dock, why is your place so quite when it was supposed to be flourishing, do I need to continue?" 

Kristine laugh deeply, the rains outside seems to get heavier, cracking down the window, the old ceiling fan making weird noises, he took a drag of his cigarette, a reddish glittered inside the pipe, he asked inside the smoke,

"A smart one... there's not many of them left in Gotham, want do you want to know, let's hear it."

"What is this place, and what time?"

The old man looked at Cyber in surprise, and then said"Here, it's Gotham, you're from another city right? This is not a friendly place, right now..."

He looked at the clock on the wall, "2:37 a.m"

"No, I mean what country? What day is today?...forget it. just give me today's newspaper!"

Before he finished his sentence, he saw the newspaper at the counter, he reached it, benefits from what he once learned, language isn't much a barrier for him, but the first line showed up only raise more questions in his mind.

"Bruce Wayne found alive? son of Gotham's back after 7 years of missing!"

"Stark Inc. analyzed, can the 22 years Tony take the job?" 

"California riot ongoing,  radical mutant organization request Congress to act on mutant discrimination."

Under the last new, there was a huge colored picture with a young man with his arm wide open, flaring, around him there were many ordinary beings running.

Cyber quickly moved to the upper right corner, with the blacken date on there, mocking his hindsight.

"July 13, 2000... what an awful day."

After a sudden silence from Cyber, Kristine didn't know how to continue the conversation, luckily a few seconds later, Cyber raised his head, looking at him asked a question that made him laughed.

He pointed to the picture with a handsome man wearing sunglasses on the news, asked straight out,

"Is this Wayne industries really famous? Who is this young man?"

Kristine looked at him like an alien, removing the pipe from his mouth, "You don't even know that? You must be from some rural place, or are you a stowaway?"

"Stop joking around alright?"

Cyber's eyes rolled over, you can tell he's not in a good mood right now, the old men thought for a moment and said,

"That young man is Bruce Wayne, the successor of Wayne industries, Wayne industries is the largest consortium in Gotham, over a tenth of Gotham people depends on it for the living, there's nobody who doesn't know him in Gotham, we all thought he was dead, but he came back, he's a real dandy, socialite, just got back and had a few parties, a very vigorous and generous, and soon He will be my boss!"


Cyber's eyes shined and heard father Kristine continue scrubbing the glass and said,

"Jermy that son of b**** thought I'll resist until the last second, to be the victim of him showing his power?no no no, I'm not that stupid, this bar worth a lot! I knew it all along, so I need to find a decent successor, Bruce Wayne is a pretty good choice isn't he? His industry will go public soon, they want to recover the business in Gotham, for that will require a vibrant harbor and some places for recreation."

As he spoke, the old man resumed smoking, talk to a stranger he just met for an hour.

"Jermy thought it's just an old man blocking his way, but three days later, he will know how wrong he is, he's against the richest man in Gotham, Those big shots only have to move their fingers, and his gang will disappear, let him know he's no more than a stray dog!"


The increasingly excited old man laid on the chair untied the second button on his shirt showing just the edge of the tattoo on his chest, "I'm old, can't take much anymore, but it's not like any stray dog can take a meat from me! Everyone thought I'll lose, I'll die, but none of them know why I resisted for a month, I'm not one to be beaten.

After the second puff, Cyber had his fingers tapping, looking at the old man.

You didn't have to talk to a stranger that you knows nothing about, so let's be honest, what do you want me to do? What's my reward? For the sake of this drink, I think we can team up like before." 

"Hahaha, you scoundrel!"

The old man leaned forward and propped his left hand on the table, "Luckily, I was the same when I was young, but now I'm old, all they need is just one bullet to deal with me, you're right, Jermy's out of patience, if not because of you, I'll be the one who's laying tonight, my last crew ran stole $500 and ran, so in the last three days, and the day of signing contract, I will need a ruthless assistant on my side, as your reward... let me think."

Father Kristine tapped at his forehead,

"Ten thousand dollars, and Gotham citizenship, although this is a terrible place, gangs everywhere, a dozen will die every day, but there's still order, at least on the surface, a legal identity can keep you away from some troubles, especially for an illegal immigrant like you."

"Oh, sounds like a great place."

Cyber mumbled, and lastly put his finger out and waved,

"A legal identity and fifty thousand dollars, I can promise you that not even a fly will can near you, you know, your live worth a lot, isn't it? And those who can fight are everywhere, but a ruthless one like me is hard to find."

"Hahaha, You're a real badass!"

Father Kristine stands up, took out a bunch of keys and threw them to Cyber, then said meaningfully, "Gotham for a person like you, will be heaven... now, go clean up those unappetizing corpses! Then roll off to the 3rd-floor and sleep, we'll start working tomorrow at 9! And I truly hope you know what you're doing, Cyber, remember we're on the same boat, at least before Jermy is killed."

Cyber caught the key and scratched his head.

"Is there ropes? Boss, also what do you guys usually deal with this things? My old tradition is just tie them up with stones and threw it into the sea."

"Oh..., what a coincidence, so are we!"

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