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By the time the man realized that he was in danger, his neck had been twisted with a 'kacha' sound. He didn't even have time to scream before he died.

Qin Hao threw his body on the ground, patted his hands, and looked extremely relaxed. This was indeed the person he had killed most easily.

Three out of the eight great experts of Cang Hai Sect had already died, there were still five left. A sneer came over Qin Hao's face. His bloodthirsty passion flared, and he moved on to his next target.

This was a shallow grassland. There were fewer much lower reeds. People could see a much wider area and an expert came here to search.

Logically speaking, people would easily be discovered in this kind of place, so it was unlikely that Qin Hao was hiding here. However, he was still cautious, because the weed here was very lush. It was also possible that there was a person hidden within the plant.

There was a stream at the end of the weeds, which ran gently, feeding the plants and reeds of the area.

The wind picked up, and the water rippled. The wind rustled the reeds in the surroundings, making a crashing sound and masking all other sounds. However, this expert still noticed the abnormality behind him. He suddenly turned around and saw a person who was standing in the weed not even five meters away from him.

"You are..." The expert saw the familiar clothes, it was the unique clothes that only the Cang Hai Sect wore, but he could not see the face clearly. The eight of them must have known each other, but the man's face was muddy, and he couldn't recognize him.

Qin Hao could feel that this guy's vigilance and strength was much stronger than the man just now, he might have already sensed that something was amiss. Things became tricky.

"Eh …." He made a sound, then his mouth moved a few times, but he did not say a word.

"What did you say?" The person on the other side did not hear him, "The wind is too strong. Say it loudly."

Qin Hao's mouth moved a few more times, but he still did not make a sound. He wanted to use this "wind" to confuse his opponent.

"Come closer and let's talk." The expert on the opposite side was getting impatient.

He was trapped.

Qin Hao immediately walked forward with significant strides, his hands ready, raising his blade and prepared to kill at any time.

"Stop!" This expert was indeed extraordinary, he actually felt that something was amiss. Although the style of the man's clothes was similar to his, it was still slightly different. It looked like the clothes of a dead companion. Did he revive again? But her figure doesn't look, right?

Qin Hao did not give him the chance to think, and with a "hu" sound, he rose into the air, the sword in his hands drew a sword scar in the air and fiercely slashed down towards his opponent.

The expert's face changed. Luckily, he was on guard, so he immediately rushed forward with his sword in hand. He then shouted in all directions, "Qin Hao is here."

When the people from other directions heard his shout, they were stunned for a moment. Then, they listened to the sounds of fighting in this direction. As a result, they all rushed over.

Sensing the people approaching from all directions, Qin Hao didn't dare to keep fighting. The sword in his hand was the dead man's sword (to confuse the enemy into mistaking him for one of their own, he had to use the enemy's weapon, of course), not his own weapon. The power of this sword was limited, and more importantly, he knew nothing about sword techniques, so it was impossible for him to kill this expert with the sword quickly. But it was too late for Qin Hao to change his weapon. Just as the people who had rushed over to help rushed over, Qin Hao swung his sword and dove into the water of the creek. A few bubbles appeared on the surface of the water, and Qin Hao disappeared.

"Where is he? Where did he go?" Cang Nan rushed over and asked loudly.

"He jumped into the water." the man replied.

Cang Nan immediately looked at the water surface that was shaking, and roared: "Then what are you still standing here for? Hurry up and jump down! "

"This …" They hesitated. Just now, one of them fell into the water and was killed by Qin Hao, so they were a little afraid of going into the water.

"Elder Cang, we are worried that he will poison the water." One of them braced himself to explain.

"A bunch of idiots! He's in the water too, if he poisoned the water, isn't he going to poison himself?" Cang Nan was so angry that he wanted to slap him ruthlessly, but seeing that he was an expert in his sect, he did not do anything. He still needed them to work for him.

These words reminded them of this. Immediately, the two people who were good swimmers jumped into the water with a "gulp, gulp" sound, and swam towards the place where Qin Hao had escaped.

On the shore, Cang Nan and two other experts were anxiously waiting. Suddenly, one of them realized that something was wrong, "Elder Cang, I found that we have one person missing!"

"Hmm?" Cang Nan also rushed over. That's right, a total of eight people had come. Two had died before, so there should still be six left. How come there are only five of them?

Cang Nan: "Could it be that he did not come because he didn't hear us?"

"Impossible. We're not far from each other, and there's no way he didn't hear the commotion here." One of them replied.

"Did he get killed too?" Another said in surprise, "But that's impossible. If he were to be killed, how could there be no sound?" They were not ordinary people, and with the extra attention to their surroundings, there was no reason for them not to hear anything unusual.

"Elder Cang, there is still one more possibility." One man made a bold guess. "Could it be that he was scared just now, so he went back by himself?"

"Shut up!" Cang Nan's angry shout scared the man, and he quickly shut his mouth.

Escaping was something that he could not tolerate, and neither could the entire Cang Hai Sect. The eight experts had surrounded to kill a man, yet they were actually frightened to the point of running away? What was this called? This was called fleeing before the battle. If this were to spread, not only would he be shamed, the entire Cang Hai Sect would be mocked by others. This matter would become a stain on the image of the Cang Hai Sect.

"Forget about him, we will settle our scores with him after we captured Qin Hao. I won't let him off." Cang Nan clenched his teeth and stared straight at the water surface.

He had also considered jumping into the water, grabbing Qin Hao and eating him alive. Unfortunately, he couldn't swim well, so he could only stand on the shore and wait.



After searching underwater for a while, they finally found movement in the water. Large circles of water spread out from the center, hitting the reeds and weeds on the shore time and time again, creating a series of noises.

"Elder Cang, they found him." The people on the shore became excited, and Cang Nan became even more severe. If Qin Hao were forced onto the beach, he would immediately use his sword and kill him.

The movements in the middle of the water became more and more intense. The initially clear stream had already turned muddy, and a head would occasionally pop out of the water, take a breath and dive into the water again. Sometimes it would be Qin Hao, sometimes it would be the two great experts of the Cang Hai Sect.

In the water, fighting two by himself, Qin Hao found it hard to endure. In fact, his strength far surpassed those two. However, in the water, being able to swim well was more crucial. If he couldn't swim well, then no matter how strong he was, it would be useless. Qin Hao couldn't swim well.

The two Cang Hai Sect's experts took advantage of their advantage in swimming, and with short swords in their hands, they coordinated to attack Qin Hao again and again.

Qin Hao held his Scarlet Blood Saber and tried to block their attacks, but he only had the power to defend and not the ability to retaliate, which made him very angry. The Scarlet Blood Blade was a treasured blade. If they were fighting on the shore, he could quickly slash the weapons of the two men from Cang Hai Sect. However, due to the resistance of the water, it was almost impossible to cut off the opponent's weapon by himself.

Therefore, in a battle underwater, the advantages of Qin Hao's weapon could not be displayed. In this battle, he was surrounded by danger. Occasionally, his opponent would cut him a few times, causing bright red blood to spread in the water.

However, since Qin Hao dared to wait underwater for the two of them to fight with him, he had already thought of a solution. The murky water in this area gradually turned into a strange black color.

"Is that guy crazy?" The two experts from Cang Hai Sect were shocked by Qin Hao's move.

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