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“Shut up!” Wei Cheng Long finally ran out of patience and yelled out loud. He was feeling a little frightened right now and this laoniang still nagged on endlessly, how could he not get angry. After he said these words, Wei Cheng Long felt that he went a little overboard, after all this laoniang was still his aunt. He looked at Wei Dong Qing apologetically and said, “I’m sorry. Leave this to me. Just watch from the sidelines.”

When Wei Dong Qing heard Wei Cheng Long yell at her that way she became dumbstruck. She knew that she was not anybody remarkable, but she was still his own aunt after all, how could this xiaozi speak to her that way. After Wei Cheng Long apologized she became very relieved and obediently retreated to the side.

“Ye Qian, I don’t know in what way my my auntie has offended you..” Cheng Long asked.

Ye Qian smiled indifferently and said, “Who told her to speak with a dirty mouth. Giving her a slap was already very lenient.”

Wei Dong Qing’s dirty mouth was very famous in Shanghai. Naturally Wei Cheng Long understood that Ye Qian was not lying. But even if Wei Dong Qing was in the wrong, she was still his own aunt. Slapping her was also not giving the Dong Xiang Corporation any face. “Ye Qian, for today’s matter, no matter who offended whom in the beginning, your slapping my auntie was wrong. You have to pay.” Wei Cheng Long said.

“And how will I pay?” Ye Qian smiled indifferently and asked.

“Very simple. You kneel down in front of my auntie and kowtow to her. Then I will pretend that this matter did not happen today.” Wei Cheng Long said.

“You plan on using the Dong Xiang Corporation’s power to put pressure on me now.” The corner of Ye Qian’s lips curved up into a smile, showing a toothy grin, as he replied indifferently.

“You’re not wrong. I am using the power of the Dong Xiang Corporation to pressure you. If you don’t apologize today, don’t think that you can leave this hospital in one piece.” Since his mask was already uncovered, Wei Cheng Long did not care about it anymore.

“But as a person I have a bad temperament. I can be convinced by coaxing but not through force. The more a person forces me in this style of acting like a hotshot, the more I won’t cooperate.” Ye Qian said slowly.

“Hmph, then don’t blame me, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.” After Wei Cheng Long spoke, he took one step back. Then he gave the four people he brought from the Black Falcon mercenaries a look and said, “Loosen his bones and muscles, you must not kill him.”

After that those four did not make a move, but turned to Wei Cheng Long and said, “You need to add to the payment for this.”

“Sure, just help me deal with this, the money matter will be settled.” Wei Cheng Long said.

The four of the turned their heads with a please expression and looked at Ye Qian. One of them spoke, “I think we’ve met before?”

Wei Cheng Long stared blankly. These four were from the Black Falcon Mercenaries, how could they know Ye Qian? The reason Wei Cheng Long did not tell them that this was their target in Shanghai was because they were in the hospital and he was on the scene himself too. If they killed Ye Qian here then the situation would become inconvenient. There was no harm in giving Ye Qian a little lesson now and then dealing with him completely later.

Ye Qian smiled indifferently and said, “I’ve never seen you before. But the Black Falcon Mercenaries have only a small reputation in the mercenary world, or so I’m told. I believe you are from the Black Falcon Mercenaries?”

The four people were obviously dumbfounded, apparently they did not expect Ye Qian to suddenly say their identities. They stared at Ye Qian blankly and then felt that he was very familiar but they could not figure out who he was. “You know us?” The person who spoke before knitted his brows and said.

Ye Qian smiled and declined to speak further. He only shrugged his shoulders lightly.

“Since you know who we are, then we advise you to pick the first option again. Why make it difficult for yourself?” The man said.

Ye Qian smiled indifferently and said, “‘Neither riches nor honours can corrupt him, neither poverty nor lowly condition can make him swerve from principles, neither threats nor force can bend him.’, this is the character of first-rate citizens of China. Besides, I’ve heard of the Black Falcon before. Today I’m lucky enough to meet you so I naturally will not let this opportunity pass.”

“Since it is like that, then excuse us. Don’t worry. Pick one of us four, we won’t take advantage of you with our numbers.” The other man said in a seemingly reverent manner.

“There is no need for that. The four of you come together. I really like a challenge.” Ye Qian smiled faintly and said.

The faces of the four men immediately fell. He knew they were from the Black Falcon and still dared to say that. Then if this xiaozi was not acting like an asshole and faking it, then he was somebody with great strength. No matter which it was, they had to test it out.

The person who was speaking threw the person beside him a meaningful look. The person beside him took a few steps forward and assessed Ye Qian from head to toe. He saw that Ye Qian had a slim body and his expression showed a disdainful look. He roared and rushed towards Ye Qian. The style of fighting of a Westerner was obviously different from the Eastern style. He focused on attacking with both fists and neglected using his legs. More often than not the legs were unstable. But it was not easy to judge whether the Western boxing style or the Chinese boxing style was superior. After all, many Chinese experts had been defeated by the Western style.

However in front of Ye Qian, these Western boxing styles were not that effective. Because Ye Qian had lived overseas for many years, he had defeated many foreigner masters in athletic competitions. So he had a deep understanding of the Western style. As for his enemy, he knew very little about the Chinese style. A saying goes, in a battle, knowing yourself and knowing your enemy is the key to coming unscathed in a hundred battles. Besides, Ye Qian was the leader of the kings of the mercenary world, the Wolf Fang, how could his skill be weak? For the Wolf Fang to have their success today was not by coincidence.

The style of Western boxing was simple, the power was very strong. Ye Qian naturally would not foolishly engage him in boxing. Even though it was not certain he would lose, but it would uselessly expense his strength. So when the fist of the Black Falcon mercenary neared, naturally, Ye Qian dodged, he was choosing to open up the middle with one strike.

There's a saying in karate, and that is: rather than hitting 3 paths, you should open up the middle with one strike. Even though Ye Qian did not study karate, karate had spread to China so this idea naturally also spread in China. Ye Qian did not study traditional ancient Chinese martial arts, but he had a somewhat of an understanding of it, even though his knowledge of it wasn’t very deep.

Ye Qian dogged his attack then approached, nearing his body to the Black Falcon mercenary. His elbow lashed out towards the joint of the other’s arm and then followed with another elbow to the side of the other’s head by the ear.

The other person’s ear buzzed and his head became a bit unclear. But he did not wait for him to react, Ye Qian gave him a violent kick, even though his body was around 200 pounds, Ye Qian still made him fly.

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