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Kuro Kurori ssu~
Dunno why I always mistake Kaoru to Mitsuha when translating this chapter..

Is it because of the concept of a general store…..?

or maybe because there are two lolis in these two novel’s stores. FUNsensei, you have a great taste of a store owner, ain’t you? 96 Beriscas 3

And so, the signboard has been made and we are open for business!

However, the store opened quietly because we didn’t do any advertisement in particular.

Yup, I don’t plan to advertise that much. It will be troubling if there are so many customers coming to the store and it’s not like we sell unusual things either. A small shop where customers come once in a while. That is 『Convenience Store Bell』.

This store is only a disguise that has an atmosphere of 『persistently earning money to make a living』. The people will look at me strangely and it will have a bad influence on searching for my marriage partner if I’m exposed that I’m troubled with carrying a huge amount of money. I don’t need a man who aims for my assets.

In any case, if I don’t do anything either, I won’t have the opportunity to interact with people and my search won’t progress at all.

The mistake that I made last time was, 『because we’re going to open a store, we need to have earnings!』. Thus, I was only selling commodities that are equal with effective medicine at that time.

There’s no need to earn profit at the store to search for a marriage partner. I just need to have customers by managing the store somehow. In fact, the thing that is actually a deficit……is probably our living expense that is smoothly decreasing, hence, it’s all right if we got a little surplus. There’s no need to make so much money.

Ah, I wonder if Ed’s deposit fee could be paid out now.. I guess it’s not a problem if I take out my savings from the item box, huh?

Emile and Bell are going to the hunter guild. Perhaps today will only be a face-to-face greeting and information gathering. Receiving a request seems to be scheduled from tomorrow.

Francette and Roland are laid-back in their own room on the second floor. When something happens, ring the doorbell, call out loud, or pull the string under the counter and they will appear in a few seconds. Therefore, Francette can also take a break. It’s a heaven-and-earth difference compared to last time when 『they need to stick around all day along the way』.

……err.. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry….

Essentially, I’m the store owner. However, I will ask Francette to take care of the store when it’s my break time. Otherwise, there won’t be any point in starting a store. Ah, of course, Riette-chan is also with me.

Three hours each, two times in the morning and evening. A total of six hours work, close during the day. There’s neither night preparation nor early morning work. Every few days will be enough to restock the spare goods if they are stored in large quantities in the item box.

Aaah~ compared to a lunch vendor and my corporate slave era, this life is like a dream!

Moreover, even if I have an unhealthy lifestyle such as a poor diet, I won’t have to worry about adult disease as long as I have potions!

This is it! This life is what I was looking forrrrrr!!

……No, wait a second.

If I get married, won’t this dream-like life will be lost..? Won’t I have to make my husband’s lunch every day..? If I will be burdened with such troubles, I would rather……

No no no no! Don’t think about it! Just feel and don’t think!


Even if we didn’t advertise publicly, the people will still come and see when there’s a new store. Nobody came in the first morning hour as expected but there were neighbors and people who came back from work when it comes to the evening hour.

After that, though there were only a few, the number of customers was increasing little by little in the morning and evening hour.

(Customer) 「Convenience store? It’s just selling the stuffs that can be found anywhere else, huh…..」

I explained it to the customer who said so.

(Kaoru) 「Certainly, they are also sold in other stores. Water bottles in the tool store, knives in the cutlery, preserved food in the food store, cloaks in the clothing store, and such……

But, at the time when I suddenly have to leave for a long time, I would have to go through a number of shops if I need to buy them all, right? In addition, even if I have to leave in a hurry in the early morning, all of the shops will open between the second morning chime and the first afternoon chime, right? That’s why, when it comes to this store, you will only need to do a one trip only, won’t you? Moreover, it will be at the same time as the first morning chime.

……how is it? Don’t you think it’s a 『convenience store』?」

(Customer) 「Uhh.. T-that is true……」

Most of the customers were convinced when they heard my explanation. The prices are neither cheap nor expensive. Some of the goods that came from our hobbies are quite cheap though…… Cookies made by me, bamboo works made by Bell, wood carvings made by Emile, and such.

Thus, the not-so-popular but not deserted, a very ordinary shop, 『Convenience Store Bell』 was quietly opened.


(Kaoru) 「Old man, did you receive any strange things?」

(Store Owner) 「A strange thing, huh……」

The store is closed from the second morning chime (9 am) to the second afternoon chime (3 pm). Therefore, I’m free during that time……is how it should be, but I can’t go back to sleep or take a short nap because I had slept for 8 hours from around 9 pm until 5 am last night. Hence, I tried to visit a supplier. Taking Riette-chan and Francette with me.

Roland was writing a letter to his family to inform that he had a safe trip and……wait! Is it for the king!? That’s definitely a situation report about me!!

Apart from me, it doesn’t mean that everyone can create all the products with their ability. Rather than that, they will create something that is limited only to the items that they really want but cannot be found. Yup, the general items are usually bought at shops and wholesalers. I have a lot of money which I have earn in Balmore Kingdom and I don’t want to disturb 『this world’s logic』 that much.

Anyway, this is one of the shops where I buy miscellaneous goods. It’s a wholesale store rather than a retail store and sometimes they will have some interesting things, thus I need to visit frequently.

(Store Owner) 「How’s this? A specialty of a distant kingdom, Arigo Empire, 『An angel doll who has a sinister look』 is what it’s called……」

(Kaoru) 「Who needs thaaaaaaaaaatttt!?」

(Store Owner) 「When all six types are collected, you will be blessed by the angel herself……」

(Kaoru) 「Shut uuuppppp!!」

(Kaoru) 「Is there anything interesting?」

Next, we visited the commerce guild. As a merchant, I always need to get the latest updates.

(Irene) 「Kaoru-san, didn’t you come yesterday as well…. merchants don’t usually come every day, you know?

If there’s an urgent need or information that has a major impact on the business, a messenger will come to each of the guild member’s store… 」

‘Cause I’m free! I have too much time to spare so I don’t know what to do!

Didn’t I say that it’s okay to be not that busy..? My corporate slave’s soul hasn’t left my body yet even after nearly five years have passed! Dammit…….

Even when I was living with everyone from 『Goddess’ Eyes』 in Balmore Kingdom and stayed at home with nothing to do, I was still quiet busy because I was waiting in another kingdom for the development of new potions cooperating with Abil’s company and technically providing sailing ships to Arigo Empire……

Then comes to the evening business.

『I’m bored every day, I wonder if I have failed, huh~』 kind of thinking came in a flash

Even though I was looking for a peaceful and safe life, it’s somehow boring when I have experienced it by myself.

To be honest, I am not in a hurry for searching a marriage partner. If I don’t age, I may enjoy watching the world for a while. I’m trying to do something a bit more….

Composing myself somewhere and even after that, still……

Yup, I’m thinking aimlessly.

(Customer) 「Umm, excuse me, Is there any Hemalt seeds here?」

Hemalt? I’ve never heard of it, but because it’s a seed, it’s probably a plant.

A girl about 16-17 years old, with a face which looks like she has already given up and is at her wit’s end. She’s supposed to be an adult already when I saw her face while still being a little absentminded. 『It’s a disgrace for a store if they don’t give the product to the people in need while claiming to be a 『convenience store』 themselves』.

My head still doesn’t work that much because I had been absentminded for a while. Thus, let’s hand over the product.

(…….In a container with a two-tiered structure, the recovery potions on the bottom, the Hemalt seeds on the top!)

The container appeared in my hidden hand and I gently put it on top of the counter.

(Kaoru) 「Here’s the Hemalt seeds」

I don’t know a plant called Hemalt, but it’s probably fine. Let’s believe in Goddess’ Workshop.

The seeds are somewhat like soybeans, but of course they are completely different. There are about 20 grains. Because I can not hand over the potion, I separated the container and handed the upper side only to the girl.

How much should I go for the price…..

(Customer) 「Eh? Eeeeehhh?? I-it’s really Hemalt….seeds…」

The girl were dumbfounded. No, that, didn’t you want it?

(Customer) 「I-I didn’t think, there really are……」

As expected, it feels like she wasn’t expecting that much. Don’t underestimate a 『convenience store』. If it’s only vegetable seeds….. No, we didn’t put it in the first place though.

Well, it’s going to be the first night chime and other stores have already closed a long time ago. She’s probably the farmer’s daughter, who will go back to the countryside tonight or tomorrow early morning.

(Customer) 「T-then, how about Maltger fruits and Kurkol leaves…..?」

Hmm, as one would expect, taking out everything from under the counter is unnatural, huh…

(Kaoru) 「Please wait」

Having said so, I entered the modest warehouse, or should I say our storage room….

(Kaoru) 「In each two-tiered structure, the bottom is a recovery potion, the top is filled with a Maltger fruit and Kurkol leaves respectively!」

Ah.., if the Maltger fruit is like a watermelon or coconut fruit, or even durian fruit…….eh.. it’s just about the size of a gummy! Safe!

Then I removed only the upper side of each and returned to the counter.

(Kaoru) 「Here’s Maltger fruit and, Kurkol leaves.」

Eh? The girl did not move, it seems?

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