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Chapter 3159 Breaking the World

“Breaking the world… Underworld Silhouette…” Rocky Dee coldly shouted. The black flames on his body turned white. The flames were strong. There were like ice that could not be broken.

The black paper man was burned by the white fire, which turned it white. It was wrapped up by the white fire.

The white fire was burning on Han Sen’s body too. The scary fire felt like it was ravaging his soul. The god temple and the God of Wealth’s power were insufficient. They could not keep the white fire at bay. The light of the god temple started to go dim. “Mister.” Decapitation Queen’s body had a purple fire burning with god light. The guillotine and doll shone with a lot of god light. It helped the god temple and Han Sen fight the scary white power. They fought it together. It made the invasive white fires slow their encroachment.

Even so, the white fires were still slowly consuming Han Sen’s soul. The white fire did not physically damage the body. To God Spirits, it still dealt an incredible amount of damage.

“This is the break world power.” Han Sen suddenly thought it was familiar.

It was the same feeling when Night God No Moon used break world power, but both of their elements were different. This layer of power could not be misidentified.

Han Sen still felt that this power was weaker than Night God No Moon break world power. It was not as scary as he thought it might end up being Without a shadow of a doubt, Han Sen broke the suppression of the world’s rules and entered Super God Spirit mode. Only Super God Spirit mode could fight the break world power. The burning white fire came out of Han Sen’s eyes. It spread all over his body. It turned his body into a white shadow. His body looked as if it was no longer solid.

The power of Super God Spirit mode was finally able to put an end to the fires that corroded his spirit. Han Sen’s eyes flashed. The entire world’s substance chains were in his eyes. His hands were going toward those substance chains. It broke the white fire’s substance chains.

The white flame on him was suddenly extinguished. Stillness and silence returned. With the absence of the white flame, there were no scorch marks left behind. It was like he had never been on fire. In the living room of an old house, Rocky Dee’s white paper man was suddenly turned to dust. Rocky Dee coughed up some blood.

“Interesting. He was able to break my Underworld Silhouette. It is no wonder he was able to kill Decapitation Queen.” Rocky Dee’s eyes flashed with surprise. He put out his red tongue and wiped away the blood. A flare of excitement started to cross his face. “That is good. This beginning is quite interesting. Han Sen, you have what it takes to be my prey.”

Super God Spirit mode provided invincibility. Han Sen was finally able to extinguish the white flame that plagued his body, but it didn’t bring him any joy.

God Chaos Party was scarier than he had imagined. He was not allowed to use the Super God Spirit mode to sort out his problems all the time.

“I must learn the break world power quickly,” Han Sen thought.

The god altar moved. A man stood atop the god altar. It was God, who Han Sen was very familiar with. He was the superior being that controlled the geno hall. “You broke the rules again.” God looked at Han Sen as he spoke.

“I had to. People from the God Chaos Party tried to kill me. I could not just stand by and do nothing.” Han Sen shrugged.

God blinked. It looked like he was smiling, but he wasn’t smiling. “I am OK with it, but two worlds are suffering damage because of you. When the worlds are destroyed, don’t say I did not warn you.”

“Is it really that bad?” Han Sen did not believe his breaking the rules could cause so much damage. Qin Xiu must have done it a lot in the past. “You have been in this universe for quite a while of time now, haven’t you?” God asked. “Therefore, being the curious being that you are, you must know quite a bit about this world and how it operates by now. Am I correct? If so, have you heard about how this universe came to have so many god pulses and gene eggs in the first place?” “Ah, regarding that, I heard the reason that there are so many god pulses and gene eggs is that the geno universe had too many God Spirits die,” Han Sen said.

“That is one of the reasons. The opposite of a creature being born is dying. God pulses and land pulses are not.” God paused and asked, “How about that? After your fight with Qin Xiu, the two universes underwent big changes. What became clear to us was that creatures grow quickly. Things that were not supposed to be here have shown up far too early.”

“Is this connected to me breaking the rules of the universe?” Han Sen asked.

“To be accurate, these mysterious and weird scenes that happen are because the universe itself is in a fixing and balancing mode. The powers that should not be here have been activated. It’s like humans using their potential. If this keeps going, and the universe becomes exhausted, the universe cannot go back to running how it has been. That means the machine of the universe will stop operating. When that happens, there will be darkness and destruction.”

“That sounds very complicated, but I don’t care,” Han Sen said. “I can stop breaking the rules of the world, but you need to make sure I don’t die in here.”

Before God could speak, Han Sen smiled and said, “God Chaos Party’s minister has a frightening amount of power. Even with Moment God, he cannot be beaten. How did you guys defeat the God Chaos Party in the past?”

God knew what Han Sen was getting at, but he still said, “It is very simple. What makes you think God Spirits need to give Blood-Pulses to humans?”

“Are you saying humans give power to the God Spirits for the God Spirits to be stronger and perhaps even use break world powers?” Han Sen did not quite believe it.

“Break world powers are too destructive and tolling on the universe. God Spirits cannot use the power. As protectors of the universe, God Spirits can use this world’s power, whether from humans or gene races, to aid them. It’s like you having Decapitation Queen. When she became your sub-god, your god powers actually became stronger. She can also use her powers to assist you in combat. In that capacity, humans are similar. The more you have on your side, the more they achieve. The power they can give you can also be more.” “What level must I reach to challenge the members of God Chaos Party.” That was what Han Sen cared about.

“That is very simple. Your God of Wealth is not a fighting God Spirit, so it is a bit weak on that front. You could destroy the eight Annihilation God Spirits and make them your sub-gods, but it would be best if they were eight wild Annihilation God Spirits instead. Then, fighting Rocky Dee would be easy.” God laughed.

Han Sen rolled his eyes. “Wow, you sure make it sound easy as pie. How am I supposed to find wild Annihilation God Spirits with ease?”

“It isn’t easy. If it was, the God Chaos Party would not have just almost broken the geno hall. He made the last leader reopen the universe to destroy the God Chaos Party.” God sighed.

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