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Chapter 3158 Death Silhouette

“The crystallizers were powerful, but they were not strong enough to overcome reincarnation. How were they connected to the God Chaos Party?” Han Sen wondered. He could not figure out why.

Han Sen was certain about one thing. Rocky Dee’s phone number only worked before midnight. It meant that after midnight, the God Chaos Party would deal with him in their own way.

Regarding the God Chaos Party, Han Sen wouldn’t dare be careless in their presence. Back in the day, they were almost able to usurp the God Spirits. Their might was not inferior to Qin Xiu.

Han Sen was also restricted by the rules of the world. Even if he did not pay heed to God’s warning, breaking the rules of the world would not provide Han Sen much of an advantage due to the short amount of time his rule-breaking would last.

Han Sen spent his time researching the positive and negative combination skills, waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

In an old building, Rocky Dee was waiting in a living room. There was a big bell in the living room. He was waiting for that hour to come as well.

“Mister Minister, just kill Han Sen. Why even give him a chance?” Next to Rocky Dee, there was a maid-like creature.

She was not described as a human because her head possessed a black draconic horn.

Rocky Dee smiled. “The God Chaos Party failed last time because we underestimated the power of humans. This time, we are going to try our best to control the powerful humans. We will not allow the God Spirits to take advantage of them.”

“I see. Mister Minister is very smart.” The maid looked at Rocky Dee with admiration.

Rocky Dee sighed. “Han Sen was able to kill Decapitation Queen and destroy Break Head Temple because his power is as strong as the 12 main gods. It is a shame that his power is hard for us to use.”

“Mister Minister, are you saying he is not going to call? If he isn’t going to, why are we waiting this long?” The maid was shocked.

“Well, there is no need to be super hasty. Besides, he is a genius. It is a firm belief of mine that geniuses like Han Sen should always be given a chance to prove themselves.” Rocky Dee looked deeply into the clock as he spoke.

Time went by, second after second. When all the needles pointed to 12, the bell made some “dong” sounds.

After it rang 12 times, Rocky Dee got up off his couch and sighed. “The God Chaos Party has not received fresh blood and a bright mind to join in a long time. I was hoping to have a good start with Han Sen. I was hoping something might happen between us. But I’m afraid…”

The maid’s eyes opened wide. She happily waited for Rocky Dee to say something. Her eyes looked sparkly. “Mister Minister, are you going to use that?”

Rocky Dee did not answer. He raised his right hand. He looked at his hand seriously.

His fingers were very long and powerful. They looked awfully pretty. His hand did not have a single scar or scratch on it, neither was his hand old and wrinkly. It was the sort of hand that could be a hand model.

On that beautiful hand, a black flame arose. It was like some demon air from hell.

In fact, it was not just his hand. Rocky Dee’s entire body burned with a strange, black flame. The look on his face had changed. His eyes brimmed with passion. His other hand reached into the sky. A paper appeared. Rocky Dee mumbled, “The art of light and shadow. The passionate strikes between life and imagination. It gives the lifeless things the most beautiful of souls… Death Silhouette.” His right hand’s black flame gathered up quickly. It was like Han Sen’s shadow was jumping in that black flame.

Han Sen was in the Feng family’s garden when he felt it. He looked at his right hand and felt something, but it only lasted a second.

“Does that mean… When I shook hands with Rocky Dee today…” Han Sen thought of something, which made him frown.

In the living room, Rocky Dee held his right hand. The black flame generated the shape of scissors. He held them in his hand.

In the next second, Rocky Dee’s eyes glowed. The paper and scissors started to move. The action was incredibly fast and elegant. There was a crazy amount of cutting going on. It unfolded like a dance. One could almost see the countless shadows of the hand. It was like a demon that had many arms.

It only happened in a moment. The very square, white paper was cut into a human-shaped body, and the white paper turned into black.

Upon looking closer, one noticed Death Silhouette was the side of Han Sen’s face. Even though it was just a black shadow, there was no face or emotion displayed. Anyone who knew Han Sen would be able to recognize it was him.

“It is no wonder you are Mister Minister. No matter how many times I watch this, Death Silhouette just blows me away.” The maid looked at Rocky Dee with nothing short of sheer admiration.

Rocky Dee did not seem to listen to the maid’s compliments. He was very focused. His eyes looked at the silhouette passionately. It was like he was admiring his own handiwork.

“What a shame. Such an interesting soul is going to disappear like this.” After that, the silhouette’s right-hand scissors turned into a jumping black fire. It was like some purgatory fire that was burning Han Sen. Rocky Dee looked at the silhouette. He then moved it to the black fire. The silhouette that touched the black fire was ignited. His feet started to burn.

At the same time, Han Sen, who was in the garden, started to burn with an invisible fire that started in his feet. It wrapped up his feet and quickly started to spread higher.

The black fire was very weird. It seemed to burn hard, fast, and violently. Despite that, Han Sen’s clothes weren’t actually immolated. His legs weren’t really on fire either. Han Sen started to feel some kind of pain that came from deep within his soul. He felt as if his legs were being charred into dust. It made people like him, who had such a strong will, feel so much pain that he wanted to scream. His body trembled.

Han Sen’s face changed. He immediately cast the Xuan Yellow Sutra, wanting to get rid of that weird, black flame that suddenly sought to claim him. Quite concerningly, the Xuan Yellow Sutra did not work on the black flame.

Within the blink of an eye, the black flame had already reached his thighs. Below his thighs, he could not feel anything. His legs were still there, but he did not feel anything at all.

Without even thinking, Han Sen summoned the Sky God Crown. He wore it and became an Annihilation God of Wealth. He went back to the god temple for a retreat. He used the god temple and Sky God Crown’s God Spirit power to fight the black fire.

All of that started to work. Under the God Spirit’s power, the black fire was suppressed. It could not spread any further, but it was not extinguished. It still ravaged where it could.

The paper man in Rocky Dee’s hands was like that too. The black fire stopped around his thighs. The flames could not go any higher.

“Very good. Let me, the Paper God Rocky Dee have a look at how strong you really are.” Rocky Dee’s eyes were suddenly burning. The black fire coming out of his eyes was like a volcanic erupting.

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