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Chapter 2937: 2937

Nine Thousand King’s eyes were shining . It was unknown what he was thinking about . He went silent for a while before saying, “These questions you ask are all related to Sacred Leader . They are all secrets . Even the 10 generals would not know the answers to all of them . ”

“Does that mean you are not willing to conduct a trade with me?” Han Sen coldly asked .

“It is not like that . I know some of these secrets . If I tell you and you are not satisfied, what will happen then?” Nine Thousand King’s eyes looking shiny .

“If it comes to that, we will resume our combat . ” Han Sen lifted his lips .

Nine Thousand King was scary, and he had a god personality armament . In this universe, he was a top-class elite .

He could not change his mind . He could not deny the fact he was a slave . He was not kind, and he was very stingy . He would not take any loss .

Nine Thousand King’s personality was very suspicious . Seeing Han Sen so determined made him worry even more . He was not going to attack just yet .

Nine Thousand King thought, “Although this Han Sen is only butterfly class, the treasure and geno arts of his body are very weird . He has a geno art that can make a true god level down . He hasn’t used it yet . He looks so calm . Is he so confident he can destroy my Thousand Eye Battle Armor?”

It had to be said that in the geno god list fights, Han Sen had become famous in the whole universe . Many antique elites were afraid of Han Sen’s Xuan Yellow Sutra .

Nine Thousand King laughed weirdly and said, “This place is the leader’s dear garden . It is bad to destroy it . Fine, I can answer these questions you have asked . If you still aren’t going to behave after I tell you the secrets, you cannot take it out on me for attacking you . ”

When Han Sen heard Nine Thousand King say that, he did not feel weird . He casually said, “If you are not going to answer me some random thing, I can give you the treasure inside . ”

When Han Sen said that, he was actually thinking, “This holy garden is so weird . The meat we just ate re-appeared in the pot . The wine we drank is back in the bottle . That is so weird . ”

In fact, what shocked Han Sen the most was when he saw his deified genes . He noticed that after eating the meat in the pot, which filled up his deified genes, he was missing the six he required again . He returned to how he was before he ate the meat . That was not normal . If he could not figure out what was going on, Han Sen was not going to feel safe about it .

Plus, there were other important questions . These were questions that had been on Han Sen’s mind for a long time .

Nine Thousand King went silent a bit . He pointed at the stone pot and said, “This stone pot is the item Sacred Leader used to eat from . It is not some famous treasure, but it has a treasure that not even true god class elites have . If you put the flesh of a xenogeneic inside to cook, it can turn the xenogeneic genes into a sort of power we can absorb . It can make creatures evolve easier than if they were to consume a vat of geno fluid . ”

“Just that?” Han Sen looked at Nine Thousand King .

Nine Thousand King laughed and said, “It is just a dining apparatus . It is not bad for it to have that function . What makes it important is the meat in the pot . If I have seen it right, inside this pot is the flesh of one of the four holy beasts . It is Holy Kirin’s xenogeneic genes . ”

“What? That is the flesh of the Holy Kirin inside the pot?” Han Sen was shocked . He did not rightly believe the claim .

“Yes, it is the Holy Kirin’s flesh,” Nine Thousand King confidently said .

“No way . I have been to East Holy Kirin Garden . Holy Kirin’s flesh is there in the garden, and the flesh of the Kirin is bad . How are you able to cook it?” Han Sen frowned . He thought Nine Thousand King was trying to trick him .

Upon hearing Han Sen say that the Holy Kirin’s flesh was inside the East Holy Kirin Garden, Nine Thousand King was just as much shocked . He thought for a moment and said, “I did not expect the Holy Kirin to survive the disaster, but don’t worry . Listen to me, and you will know that I am not lying . ”

“I am listening,” Han Sen said .

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Nine Thousand King looked at the pavilion statue, which looked like Wan’er, and said, “This thing is related to your second question . It is related to the owner of the statue . ”

“Oh? Who is this person depicted in the statue?” Han Sen asked .

“The person in the statue is the leader’s little sister,” Nine Thousand King said . “In regard to her name, I do not know the answer to that . ”

“If it is Sacred Leader’s sister, she must be someone special within the ranks of Sacred . How can you not know her name?” Han Sen really didn’t believe it .

Nine Thousand King sighed and said, “The leader really loved his little sister . Her body was always very weak . Sacred Leader was worried someone might hurt her, so he placed her in the holy garden to allow the death angel to protect her . Even the 10 generals of the four holy beasts were unable to gain access . No one really knew Sacred Leader had a little sister . ”

“The leader was really nice to his little sister . No matter what she requested, even if it was the head of a god, she would get it . He would do anything to ensure a smile would adorn his sister’s face . The only reason I know about her is because she snuck out of the holy garden . She happened to bump into me . She said she wanted to walk around, but then something happened . That is why I know her . Regarding her name, I did not dare ask her for it . ”

“I see,” Han Sen said . “What was her connection to the meat in the pot?”

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Nine Thousand King sighed and said, “Our leader was very nice to this little sister, but she was sick . She could not live for long . Our king tried his best, but she could not keep on living . The time she snuck out of the holy garden, Sacred Leader immediately knew . He followed her and showed up when she passed out . He took her away and put her back . ”

“What did he say?” Han Sen asked .

“Our leader said it seemed like only the flesh of the Holy Kirin would extend her life, but even that was for only a few years . ” Nine Thousand King looked at the flesh that was bubbling in the stone pot . He went on to say, “God knows how many years have gone by, but ever since then, the meat has still been cooking . Meat that can be cooked inside a stone pot for so long must be something special . That is why I presumed it to be the flesh of the Holy Kirin . ”

After Han Sen heard that, he thought, “That means Wan’er really is Sacred Leader’s little sister . If that is true, why did she end up in a tree hole? In the Sacred Era, her lifespan was almost all gone . She required the flesh of the Holy Kirin to extend her life by a few years . It has been billions of years since then . She is still alive . What is that all about?”

“And then?” Han Sen asked .

“There is no more . I only saw her once . I never saw her after that . Ever since then, Sacred started to have many problems . Not many years later, there were many big changes . I was on a business trip for the leader, which is how I survived . As to what happened in Sacred, I have no idea . ” Nine Thousand King shook his head .

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