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Chapter 2776: 2776

“The guy we need to talk to is called Violet . He is the spokesperson for the Flower Gods . The deified elites of many races have been trying to get in contact with him, so they can try their hand at earning half of the Space Garden . ” Xie Qing King punched a command into his display to reveal the image of a Flower God .

“Is it a male or a female?” Han Sen looked at the Flower God in the video . It looked somewhat like a very gorgeous human, but a flower rose from its head . This flower was a violet .

“It is a male . In the Flower Gods, both the men and women look very beautiful . Don’t think that Violet is weak because of his beauty, however . He is actually very strong . He isn’t simple-minded or easily influenced . I have contacted him before, and he is a tricky guy to negotiate with,” Xie Qing King said .

“If he was easy to push around, I doubt the Flower Gods would let him deal with such important matters . After all, this decision will be a pivotal part of the Flower Gods becoming a higher race . If they fail, their entire race could be destroyed . They need to be careful with such matters . ” Han Sen paused and then asked, “Which race do the Flower Gods wish to replace?”

“I don’t know yet . The Flower Gods are being very careful, and they don’t leak information easily . Judging from what others have guessed, they would likely seek to take out the Tree Men that are next to them . The Flower Gods and the Tree Men have been in conflict for a long time, so they are already enemies . Furthermore, the Tree Men have been doing poorly in recent times . It has been a few hundred years since they had a deified in their race . They aren’t exactly a powerful high race . They would be one of the easier races to knock down a peg . There are a few other targets, too…” Xie Qing King brought up all the information he had on the subject .

“Do these high races not have any allies?” Han Sen asked, tapping his lip in thought .

“Yes, but because they aren’t very strong, people don’t take them seriously . Plus, the Flower Gods have connections with the Ancient God . If they want to fight, it’s unlikely that others would interfere . ” Xie Qing King pointed out more information about Violet . He then pointed at the man’s image and said, “Now, this guy is the key that we need . All we need to do is convince him, and then, we will be partnered with the Flower Gods and earn half of Space Garden . ”

Xie Qing King smiled at Han Sen and said, “The crystallizers aren’t thought of as a strong race . I don’t think the Flower Gods will worry too much about you completely overpowering them . And then, all you need to do is use your power to impress Violet . ”

“Why don’t you go there on your own?” Han Sen didn’t seem satisfied .

“I wanted to go, but I’m not deified yet,” Xie Qing King confessed hopelessly . He opened his palms .

“So, sometimes there are things you can’t do yourself?” Han Sen laughed .

Xie Qing King stared back at Han Sen and said, “It isn’t that I can’t . It’s that I can’t do it YET . ”

Han Sen stayed on Xie Qing King’s planet for a few days . The environment wasn’t too shabby . It was almost like heaven . If it was a peaceful period, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to retire there for good .

Every day, Han Sen used the Four Sheep Cube to access God’s Farm . He was hoping to see Wan’er and God’s Knife again . But even though a lot of time had passed, Han Sen had yet to see them again .

It was strange . Han Sen was initially worried that if he used the Four Sheep Cube, he would be thrown back to the Very High . But now he noticed that no matter where he was, he would travel to God’s Farm and then return to where he last used the cube .

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With things like that, it also meant he had no way of returning to the bottle world . If the Very High went to visit him, they would learn that he had escaped .

In fact, Han Sen’s escape had already been discovered . A Very High elder had planned to give Han Sen another full body checkup, but when he went into the bottle world, he was unable to find Han Sen .

This surprised the Very High a lot . Han Sen had escaped from their alpha hall without anyone noticing . As far as they were concerned, this was very bad .

But the Very High now believed someone must have helped Han Sen . Otherwise, how could he have escaped? Exquisite was initially their prime suspect, since she had done it once before . But after a thorough investigation, they realized that it couldn’t have been Exquisite .

After confirming that it wasn’t Exquisite, matters became more complicated . They believed there was a traitor in the Very High that their investigation had failed to uncover .

“He really escaped . ” Exquisite was more shocked than any of the other Very High . She hadn’t believed Han Sen when he insisted that he would get out on his own . But a short time after she had last seen him, Han Sen had done as he promised . This was quite unbelievable .

Han Sen had been imprisoned by the Very High, the top race in the universe . Not even true god elites could escape from the alpha hall once they were trapped there . She couldn’t imagine how Han Sen had managed to do what he had done .

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The Very High tried to predict where Han Sen might go, and they used some special geno arts of deduction, but they were unable to catch his trail . They hadn’t the faintest trace of a clue as to where he had fled . That made the Very High even more certain that there was a traitor in their midst . If there wasn’t a traitor, Han Sen would have been tracked down by now, they believed .

Han Sen, in the meantime, had just been introduced to Violet of the Flower Gods . The guy looked just as he had in the hologram . The man was so pretty that he could make a country fall .

But a pretty face like that didn’t influence Han Sen much . He felt like Violet was too soft, and it gave him the impression that the man was actually a toxic snake . Soft on the exterior, but filled to the brim with evil and poison .

“The prettier the snake is, the more toxic it is . I wonder how dangerous this Violet truly is?” Han Sen wondered to himself .

“You said Violet hosted a banquet and invited many deified elites from all sorts of races? What does that mean?” Han Sen lowered his voice to ask Xie Qing King next to him .

“I don’t know . ” Xie Qing King fell silent, and then he said, “Maybe he wants to put the cooperation up as an auction, and have deified elites compete with each other . See who comes up with the highest price and what-not . ”

“No way . That would be ridiculous . This decision will decide the fate of the whole race of the Flower Gods . They can’t host an auction for something this serious unless the people in charge of the Flower Gods are absolutely nuts . ” Han Sen shook his head .

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“In that case, I don’t know . Aside from that, I can’t really think of a reason that they would bring so many deified elites together . Contacting them via private means would be more beneficial . ” Xie Qing King really didn’t understand much about politics .

Han Sen looked around . He saw a few people he already knew . There was Dragon One from the Dragons, and Dia Robber from the Destroyed . Bai Wanjie from the Extreme King . Even Lone Bamboo was there . And there were many other deified elites Han Sen did not know .

“It looks like the Space Garden is a juicy morsel for a lot of races . ” There were so many competitors, Han Sen didn’t think he would be the one to be contracted .

“These big races are like hungry wolves circling prey . The Flower King might not want to cooperate with them . We still stand a chance . ” Although Xie Qing King said that, seeing people like that all around, he knew how important the Space Garden was to everyone . It had exceeded his expectations, and he knew it wouldn’t be an easy prize to win .

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