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A+ A- Chapter 271

The spear was from the beetle knight and could be compared to any sacred-blood beast soul weapon, yet it did not even break the fur of a baby lion. How could that be?

Even if the golden lion was a strong creature, the baby was just born and already had such a strong physique.

Han Sen did not manage to hurt the baby lion, but irritated it. Stimulated by the pain, the baby lion opened its eyes. Although its eyes were not completely open, a fierce look had appeared in its golden pupils.

Managing to stand up, the baby lion let out a tender roar, throwing itself at Han Sen.

Although it was not steady, the baby lion was rather fierce.

Han Sen clenched his fists and poked at the baby lion’s eye with the spear. Han Sen was using the spinning force this time, and the spear head was jabbed into the lion’s eye like an electric drill.

"Roar!" The baby lion let out a painful cry and rolled over.

Han Sen became even more shocked. The spear c

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