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Chapter 2701: 2701

The sound of the tolling bells echoed across the vast ocean . It was extremely strange to hear so much sound in a place that had previously been so dead .

“Five times… six times…” Han Sen was silently counting each chime . He counted all the way to 12, then the bells fell quiet .

The moment the bells stopped, the doors of every palace opened wide . Some of the buildings looked like modern metal structures, while others were crafted like vintage castles . Regardless of their appearances, all of the palaces opened their doors at the same time, as if they had been rigged to do so automatically .

When the palace doors opened up, a sense of life came to the previously dead and barren ocean . Han Sen could even hear footsteps echoing from the nearest palace .

Even a person who was almost deaf could have heard those booming footsteps . Each one was like a small earthquake, and the sounds pressed against Han Sen’s eardrums like a physical weight .

Those earthquake-like footsteps drew Han Sen’s gaze toward the palace’s door, and he soon saw something massive emerging through the open door frame .

It was a giant that was 100 meters tall . Although it was big, it didn’t seem clumsy or awkward . Instead, it moved its massive body with grace, exuding a sense of explosive power with every motion . If the being wished to, Han Sen figured it could cast power with enough strength and speed to destroy an entire planet with ease .

Han Sen’s brows furrowed as he noticed the manacles attached to the giant’s hands and legs . It gave him the sense that this was a prisoner of some notoriety . The giant’s eyes looked very dull, and it just stared forward into space .

Han Sen quickly realized that the giant he was watching wasn’t the only one that had emerged . A giant now stood in front of every palace across that entire ocean .

All the other giants were bound hand and foot as well, and their eyes were lifeless . They stood quietly in front of their respective buildings .

“They have such large bodies . They aren’t sinking, despite the fact that they’re standing on the surface of the sea . The current seems to be moving them, though . They’re all being pulled in the same direction . ” Han Sen hesitated . He wasn’t sure if he should follow and see what was up, as all of this seemed like weird nonsense .

Outer Sky shouldn’t have allowed a foreign object to conduct space teleportation, but the Four Sheep Cube had brought them effortlessly to this strange sea .

Han Sen had visited too many weird places in his time . So, even though this place was very strange, Han Sen wasn’t too shaken . What caught him off guard, however, was the presence of those giants .

There was an incredible gravitas to the presence of the giants, and it made Han Sen wonder if they were deified elites .

But as Han Sen thought about it, he realized that he could see 200 or 300 of the giants . If they were all deified elites, he couldn’t imagine what race they must have represented to have so many deified elites in their ranks .

Even more frightening, these power giants were being treated like prisoners . Their limbs were chained, and something was wrong with their eyes . Who could have imprisoned giants like these?

Han Sen wanted to go and find out, but he concluded that it would be too dangerous . If something had been able to trap those giants, it could likely detect Han Sen’s presence, especially if he went looking for it .

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“Never mind . Let’s just find a way to leave this creepy place . ” Han Sen picked up Bao’er and returned to the Four Sheep Cube .

“You aren’t going to go see?” Bao’er asked, looking at the giants that were drifting away on the currents .

“It’s too dangerous . For now, let’s just figure out a way to get out of here,” Han Sen answered with a shake of his head . He walked over to the Four Sheep Cube . He remembered Bao’er stepping on one of the sheep heads, which triggered the whirlpool that had brought them to this place .

“Now, we have to take a risk . ” Han Sen directed the small pigs to go back into the pool of water in the Four Sheep Cube . He picked up Bao’er and jumped in after them, but not before stepping on one of the bronze sheep heads .


When Han Sen’s foot came down on the bronze sheep head, the two goldfish started to swim around like mad again . The water in the cube became a whirlpool once more .

“We must go back . ” Han Sen once more felt a magnetic force emanating from the cube . He and Bao’er were sucked into the cube and its whirlpool . The 16 little piggies were spinning around inside like mad, too .

When the water flow stopped, and Han Sen emerged from the cube, he realized with pleasant surprise that they were back on the shores of Underworld Lake .

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“Is the Four Sheep Cube a teleporter? If that is the case, I wonder where it sent us . And what were those giants?” Han Sen looked at the Four Sheep Cube as he mulled these questions over . He continued to think to himself, saying, “This bronze sheep head gives me the ability to teleport . I wonder what the other three sheep heads do . Does each one provide a different function? Or will the others send me to different places?”

Han Sen gave the matter some thought . His curiosity regarding the object had increased immensely, but he didn’t want to take too many risks . If his instincts were correct, those giants were deifieds . And if that was true, wherever they were going had to be very dangerous .

Based on that assumption, Han Sen imagined that the other three bronze sheep heads would lead him to someplace else that was dangerous, too .

Despite all his strengths and talents, Han Sen had a flaw . He could be too curious . He knew how dangerous that sea filled with giants could be, but now that he had discovered such a weird and mysterious place, it would drive him insane if he didn’t go and find out its secrets .

“Bao’er, you stay here . ” Han Sen set Bao’er down, planning to visit the giant world alone .

“Dad, I’ll go with you . ” Bao’er clutched Han Sen’s leg, not wanting to let go .

“That place is too dangerous . I will go and scout ahead . If it looks fun, I will take you there . ” Han Sen had to comfort Bao’er for a while before she agreed to stay behind .

Han Sen took Bao’er someplace far away before returning to the Four Sheep Cube . He used his hand to press down on the sheep head .

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Just like before, the two goldfish in the water started to swim in a swift circle . They created a whirlpool in the water that sucked Han Sen inside .

When Han Sen emerged from the Four Sheep Cube, he found himself standing atop that big sea again . The giants had all disappeared . He looked at the sun, and the clock was showing that only a dozen minutes had passed .


Han Sen suddenly heard a massive explosion come from where the giants had gone . He could feel the spike of power coming from that direction .

As the power shook the air around him, Han Sen’s face changed . He whispered to himself in a hoarse voice, “That shockwave… It feels like Break Six Skies . Are these giants the legendary Breakskies?”

Break Six Skies was the secret geno art of the Breakskies . The Destroyed were one of the few races with the blood of the Breakskies in them, but they were never as good as the Breakskies themselves .

The legends of the universe claimed that the Breakskies were unable to breed . So, the universe gradually forgot them . If they wanted to extend their bloodline, they had to interbreed with other races to create hybrid Breakskies, like the Destroyed .

If these giants really were Breakskies, then the story of the Breakskies’ fall wasn’t as simple as it initially seemed .

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