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"What? Ten?" The eyes of the guy with a big tummy suddenly widened due to shock.

It never occurred to anyone that this gorgeously dressed, muscular man would be so stingy.

"Handsome man, don't cause trouble if you don't want to play! You're wasting our time if you're only going to bet 10 RMB." The pretty looking young woman who sat beside the guy with a big tummy said, while looking at the nine squarish black crystal chips in Wang Bing's hand, "If your boss told you to play, you should be more daring!"

"Do you think I don't have enough money?" Wang Bing was unhappy. "I'm not playing anymore!"

After saying that, Wang Bing grabbed the green chip and got up from his seat.

"Boss, you are not honest!"

After looking around for a long time, Wang Bing found Chen Fan. Chen Fan didn't go to the restroom at all. Instead, he hid in a corner and peeked at Wang Bing, who was feeling sorry for himself.

"I had no choice! Nobody knew that these guys were so daring, putting twenty thousand RMB on the first bet. You are my subordinate so it's imperative that you have to help me when I'm in trouble." Chen Fan said with a bitter smile.

"What are we going to do now?" Wang Bing did not care too much about the trouble that Chen Fan caused as this situation is only a small matter for a shameless person like Chen Fan.

Resting his hand on his chin, Chen Fan smiled slyly. "I'll take a nap first, then wait and watch the show!"

Except for the gambling services, other add-on services on the ship were cheap. The cost of a normal hotel room was at least 200 RMB to 300 RMB per night, however on this ship, they could get a room that only costs 100 RMB per night.

"I'm going to take a nap. Lower the volume when you are watching the TV." After lying down, Chen Fan shifted his consciousness to the electric eel.

The electric eel was now more than 40 meters long. Nesting on the seabed which was at a depth of two hundred meters, having a battle with any form of fish at less than 10 meters long was not a problem for it because of the continuous release of the electrical current that had a range of at least a few hundred meters.

It was more than six o'clock in the evening when Chen Fan had controlled the electric eel to swim to the bottom of the gambling boat. After controlling the electric eel to position itself onto the sandy seabed, Chen Fan opened his eyes and sat up.

"Boss, you are awake!" Sensing that there was a movement behind him, Wang Bing who was engrossed in the short drama, turned around to greet Chen Fan.

"Yeah..." Chen Fan rubbed his eyes and said, "Ask them to send in dinner. I'm hungry."

"Okay, I'm starving too because our meal at noon had such small portions," Wang Bing replied. He put down the remote control and went out.

After sending Wang Bing off, Chen Fan took out the pen and paper he brought along and sat on the sofa. Knowing that the ship was 105 meters long, 28 meters wide and had a water displacement of more than 1500 tons, he began to calculate the area of the ship that needed to be damaged so that it could sail back to port at a speed of 30 knots without sinking.

However, Chen Fan wasn't good at calculating, so he could only get an estimated figure and the data was not even half accurate.


Chen Fan patted his forehead, grabbed the few pieces of doodled paper, crumpled them into a ball and threw it into the garbage can.

After a while, Wang Bing pushed opened the door, came into the room and said, "They will send it right away!" He grabbed the remote control and continued watching TV.

Five minutes later, the sound of footsteps was heard and the door was pushed wide open. Two waiters served their dinner that included fish porridge, bone-in-meat, steamed eggs with clams and fried onion dumplings.

"So lavish!" After waiting for the waiter to leave, Chen Fan couldn't wait to grab a hot dumpling and put it in his mouth.

"Yeah, well, things are so cheap. All of these cost me less than 100 RMB." Wang Bing's mouth was full of dumplings as he cooled the food in his mouth as he spoke with garbled words.

"They're making a lot of money in the casino. I've heard that if you are a member, they will even provide women to serve you."

"So cool!" Wang Bing was short of breath suddenly, and he quickly found support by resting his left hand on the leather sofa.

"Damn cool!"

After his lavish dinner, Chen Fan went to the bar and exchanged the untouched chips for cash under the weird stare from the worker.

"Boss, didn't you mention that you sent someone to sink the ship?" Wang Bing asked with confusion as they sat on the boat that was taking them back to shore.

"The purpose of me coming is to observe the details of the ship!" Chen Fan said with an enigmatic smile. "Wait until tomorrow and you will know."

It was already late at night when they reached the pier where they boarded the ship that morning. They got in their car and headed straight for 'Lijing Hotel'.

Lying down in a comfortable position, Chen Fan shifted his consciousness to the electric eel.

Except for the monstrous beast in the dark sea, there was only a long iron chain that was connected to the anchor.

After controlling the electric eel to grab the crescent-shaped anchor that weighed around a ton with its front claw, it dragged the anchor and swam under the boat. It was such an easy task for the eel. It was like a human adult carrying a little chick. The 100 meters long gambling ship was like a huge, vulnerable lamb shivering in the waves, waiting for Chen Fan to wreck it.

After creating a few giant lines at the bottom of the ship by circling around for a few laps, Chen Fan targeted the middle part and controlled the electric eel to spin drastically. The inertia caused the sharp anchor to fly out and hit the ship. Bang!

As if it was hit by a high-energy torpedo, the over 100 meters long ship shuddered violently. After the 'bang', there was a black hole the size of a tank at the bottom center of the ship.

After the loud noise, a sharp metallic screeching sound that made a person's scalp tingle was heard.

"Ah... " The Star Neptune's captain, Ma Hongjun, jumped up from his sleep, grabbed his walkie-talkie and screamed, "What's going on here?"

"Captain, it's bad…there's bad news…" A terrible shout was heard from the other end of the walkie-talkie.

Ma Hongjun was so angry that the veins on his neck were about to explode. "Quickly, tell me what exactly is the matter or do you want to f**king die?"

"The bottom of the ship... The bottom of the ship... I don't know what happened. There is a big hole!" The man sobbed.


Ma Hongjun hadn't even replied as the hull shook violently followed by a deafening sound.

"Damn…F**k... " Ma Hongjun threw away the walkie-talkie and began to howl in pain.


After pulling out the anchor, Chen Fan hit the ship again.

It was not only Ma Hongjun who shouted. The facial expressions of the big bosses in the cabins were as though they were witnessing the Indonesian tsunami when they felt the vibration of the ship and heard the noise.

Under the enormous pressure of the Star Neptune, water was flowing into the ship profusely through the three big black holes that were the size of a water tank.

"Why... who can tell me why... "

Ma Hongjun, who ran to the cabin, stared at the three black holes with a look of disbelief.

The only other time Ma Hongjun had this type of expression was when the Chinese soccer team had beaten the Brazilian team with a score of 8-0 at the World Cup in South Africa.

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