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Chapter 1161: Call Me Wilson, and Old Line of Business

Carol had always been a person who knew her limits. After obtaining her superpower, she spent most of her time hiding and didn’t dare expose herself.

She was reluctant to let someone else risk their life for her, even if this Mr. Mysterious had said several times that it was for the money.

After being on the run together for a year, Carol would’ve pleaded for Lorna’s rescue if the latter had been caught.

As for the others, she had known them for less than two months. She couldn’t say that they were very close, and could only apologize.

She didn’t believe it when Lorna and the others kept going on about how superhumans were all family.

When she was still an ordinary person, she had been killed by ordinary gang members, but it was another ordinary person like Luke who had helped her out.

So, she felt that “family” had nothing to do with superpowers.

The “family” in her heart wasn’t that cheap.

Looking at Carol, who was quiet and had her head down, Luke chuckled. “Alright, I’m going to make a fortune, not die. Don’t worry. Be a good janitor.”

They reached the entrance of the building by then.

Luke waved at her to go back.

Seeing that he was about to leave, Carol couldn’t help but ask, “What should I call you?”

Luke tilted his head and thought for a moment: Crazy for money, a mercenary for hire, ruthless methods, and guaranteed to get the job done – all up, it was like…

“Just call me Wilson,” he said.

Carol nodded. “Okay. Goodbye, Mr. Wilson. Please come back safely. You can always make money in other ways.”

Looking at her, Luke sighed and patted her shoulder. “Don’t be too kind, or you’ll be poor forever.”

Carol: “Huh?”

Luke didn’t continue.

Carol was too softhearted.

He would exclude her from his trainee list in the future if she wasn’t necessary! Such a good person would definitely be the first to die on the battlefield.

Wait, she had Elementary Self-Healing. It seemed it wouldn’t be easy for her to die? Amused, Luke shook his head and put aside his ridiculous thoughts as he disappeared into the darkness.

Carol didn’t return to the apartment until she saw him disappear around the corner.

Lorna pretended to be watching TV, but shot a glance at Carol.

After Carol sat down on the couch, Lorna finally couldn’t help but ask, “What did he say to you?”

Carol’s lips moved, and she finally swallowed the words about “Mr. Wilson” looking for trouble with Sentinel Services.

Lorna had an extraordinary affinity with those “comrades.” If she knew what Mr. Wilson was up to, she might ask him to help her save them.

The crux was that she had more comrades.

From what she said, 20 to 30 of them had been captured by Sentinel Services.

Carol couldn’t think how one person could take 20 to 30 people out of the research base on his own.

After running for so long, she realized that the more people there were, the faster her whereabouts would be exposed.

If Mr. Wilson brought a bunch of people with him, he would probably be hunted down by Sentinel Services.

Thinking that, she took out the two wads of cash from her pocket and gave one to Lorna. “He came to give us living expenses in case we starve to death before we get paid.”

Looking at the cash, Lorna was stunned for a moment. Her face flushed as she threw the money to the side. “No, I’m not a beggar.”

Carol chuckled and put her wad away. “I’ve already told him that we’ll pay it back once we start earning money.”

Lorna: “…”

After Carol went to pack her own things, Lorba quietly put away her “living expenses” and blushed.

This was really embarrassing.

Thankfully, Carol wouldn’t laugh at her.

The next morning, Luke showed up at the police department and took two cases before he left Dustin’s office. He then drove home.

Half an hour later, he boarded a flight to Vancouver as an average-looking white man.

Seven hours later, the man left downtown Vancouver in the rain and headed for the desolate outskirts.

Before long, a very ordinary and small fixed-wing plane rose from the outskirts and flew north.

As the plane headed north, the weather gradually turned cold and the rain got lighter.

Canada had the second largest landmass in the world, second only to Russia, but it only had a population of thirty million.

If the American outback was desolate, then the Canadian outback was practically uninhabited.

As long as a person had some connections in America, it was very suitable to build a secret base here.

Also, British Columbia was close to the United States, which was why Sentinel Services had moved the research base here.

Canada airspace was completely open to the United States, so whoever was in charge from Sentinel Services could report back to D.C. anytime.

The plane landed half an hour later, and Luke put it away in his inventory.

Then, he took out a brand new Big Dipper Armor.

After activating the stealth system, four auxiliary flight wings popped out of his back, and the mini jets on them used minimal output as Luke stuck close to the ground while he continued north.

After traveling the last 20 kilometers, he saw a lake.

Alkali Lake was indeed small in comparison with the many other lakes in Canada, but on Luke’s approach, the lake opened up.

At the start of spring, the countryside was still bleak; there was no sense of it at all here, and it was no different from the vast wilderness which Luke had flown through.

Luke sent up a medium-sized drone to monitor dozens of kilometers up ahead.

It was around six in the evening, and the sky was starting to get dark.

The stealth system was more useful in an environment with insufficient light. He would wait until night to take action. He could still rest for an hour.

Hiding in the woods next to the lake, Luke ate chocolate to replenish his energy while he adjusted the plan on the armor’s virtual interface.

It actually wouldn’t be hard for him to break into the research base.

If he wanted to squeeze out the maximum value of this research base, however, he couldn’t give the other party too much time to react.

A secret research facility like this, which couldn’t see the light of day, would destroy evidence if something went wrong.

Evidence like research data was one thing, but superhumans who were left alive were also witnesses.

The person in charge of the research base might blow it up, which would make this a wasted trip.

Rubbing his chin, Luke felt that it still depended on the situation.

If he could take care of the surveillance system, he could fall back on his old line of business — sneaking in.

After sneaking in, he would deal with the surveillance room first, then the leader, and the lackeys last.

As long as he proceeded quietly, he would be able to take over the base in the end. At that time, he could slowly count his gains.

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