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Chapter 991
Chapter 991: Devil Monarch, Grazite

A BOSS would remain a BOSS even after its strength was diminished and its connection was cut off from the Bottomless Abyss . This case was similar to the fight with the Duke Fiend . After the sealed Duke Fiend broke free, it remained in imperfect condition, but still managed to devastate the territory . Although it was still eventually slaughtered by Canary and Mini Bubble Gum in a single blow, that was enough to prove its formidable strength . On the other hand, the Devil Monarch, who was far above the Duke Fiend in strength, was harder to deal with . Even though its strength was decreased by Christie’s [Knowledge Scroll], one still couldn’t defeat it alone . In the game, one needed to form a party of 25 max-leveled players before they stood a chance against it . And now, Rhode’s group had less than 10 members and couldn’t defeat it without weakening it first .

If it were possible, Rhode hoped that Christie could ‘write Grazite to his death’ immediately, before setting the plot to capture its soul directly . That would make things so much easier . However, it was a pity that after speaking to Christie, he realized that she could only use her ability to ‘change reality’ . In other words, it was like sentence-making—adding a logical sentence to the back of the given statement to change and influence the reality of this world . At this point in time, Christie couldn’t ‘manipulate reality’ or ‘create reality’ like the other ‘Christie’, both of which were ultimate weapons of destruction .

According to Christie, in order for her to ‘change reality’, the situation had to be logical in the first place . For instance, wood catching fire and water freezing into ice were logical and possible scenarios . But the abilities to ‘manipulate reality’ and ‘create reality’ didn’t need to be logical at all . Christie could instantly rewrite the target’s gender, race, and background . Not only that, but she could also rewrite the story like how Grazite was influenced by a benevolent hero which eventually made him turn over a new leaf . If Christie’s ‘writing speed’ was quick enough, perhaps Grazite would have already become a kindhearted devil…

Besides, according to Christie, the abilities to ‘manipulate reality’ and ‘create reality’ had high requirements . If the enemy was too powerful, the abilities wouldn’t be effective and might even bring recoil damage to her too .

But Rhode wouldn’t take the risk even if Christie could . This Devil Monarch wasn’t a random animal roaming the streets . But come to think of it, since the other ‘Christie’ had the ability to manipulate and create reality, how could she not be one of the Creator Gods?

Of course, now wasn’t the time to criticize the logic flaw . Even though Grazite was weakened, the difficulty of defeating him merely dropped from a 25-man party to a 10-man party . This meant that Rhode’s group still wouldn’t have an easy time eliminating him . The 10-man party difficulty was also based on the max level of 85 . But apart from Canary and Mini Bubble Gum, no one had reached level 85 .

“Bubble, apply your buffs! Anne, protect Christie and Bell and be wary of his group attack . Activate your shield wall… No! Use your sacred shield barrier! Christie, keep the ring effect going!”

Rhode commanded, gesturing to the stone giants to launch their attacks . After battling miscellaneous devils and six-armed snake devils, there were five stone giants remaining . At this point in time, their strength had almost reached the level of the BOSS on this floor . The stone giants marched ahead and hurled punches at the enormous figure wrapped in darkness .

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“You’re asking for death!”

Grazite growled furiously, swinging his arm to flash a deep green radiance at the stone giants as though planting explosives within their bodies . Moments later, the stone giants exploded at the same time, their sturdy body and cores crumpling to fragments . On the other hand, the metal guards swiftly unleashed their death rays at the Devil Monarch . However, Grazite disregarded them completely, allowing the death rays to strike his body and they vanished in a split second .

At this moment, everyone witnessed Grazite’s true identity .

Grazite was tall and muscular . At this moment, his upper body was naked, donning a black cape around his neck . The lower half of his body was like that of a goat with hooves replacing his feet . Surprisingly, he had a suave appearance, as well as a head full of black hair combed to the back while two devilish horns protruded from his forehead . He wielded a large, snake-shaped sword in his right hand and a huge iron shield in the left . He gazed ahead sullenly .

“Humans… Angel… Demon… How brave of you . Do you know the consequences you’ll face for going against a Devil Monarch?”

The entire area went silent as Grazite spoke . It was as though he blocked off all clamors and only his voice resounded in their heads, affecting their souls and painting a dreadful picture in their minds . Perhaps ordinary humans would have instantly lost their will to fight now, but it didn’t work effectively on Rhode’s group .

“Shut your filthy mouth . You’re still 180 years early to think you can influence us!”

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Mini Bubble Gum scoffed, interrupting his words . She thrust her hand forward—a dazzling white beam shone from above, enfolding everyone in a resplendent ring of light . The soothing, sacred light eradicated and replaced the negativities in their heads with courageous thoughts and beliefs . Then, she stared at Grazite tauntingly, flipping the finger at him . It was apparent that she was displeased by his use of manipulation .

“Hmph, a tiny, lowly maggot!”

Grazite knew he couldn’t hold back anymore . Even though he was known as the ‘devil who most resembled demons’, he was still a genuine devil beneath the surface . He sensed the threats surrounding him . Then, he snarled—the blaze on the ground surged with three pitch-black Glabrezus leaping up from within, exuding a revolting stench and brandishing their giant pincers at the enemies .

“Kill them all!”

Grazite ordered . The Glabrezus instantly roared and pounced . Meanwhile, Grazite swung the snake-shaped sword, erupting a dark magical radiance that coalesced into a powerful blade ray .

“Kill the creatures! I’ll pull the BOSS’s aggro!”

Rhode commanded, instantly hurling the large scarlet blade across the air at Grazite . Then, he stretched his hand back and suddenly, Celia vanished and transformed into the dazzling holy sword in his hand .

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Grazite scoffed and slashed the snake-shaped sword at Slaughter .  Clang! The clash caused Slaughter to flinch and vanish as soon as it hit the ground . But at this moment, Shira emerged in its place with madness and murderous intent .

“… Devil… Devil… Devil… Kill… Kill! Hahahahahaha!”

Shira immediately let out an insane laughter and charged at Grazite with the scarlet sword in her hand . In the blink of an eye, she burst through the poisonous, deep green smoke and brandished the sword at the devil .


The blades clashed heavily, rasping in their ears . Grazite’s sword instantly shone in a dazzling green radiance . At the next moment, countless streams of poison acid ejected from the blade, shrouding Shira entirely . The corrosive acid burned her snowy skin . Her neck and body melted like wax, while black blood sprayed . Not only that, but her face was also corroded, revealing ghastly white bones and the teeth underneath the flesh . But this was nothing to her . She raised the sword yet again like a mad woman, striking it straight at Grazite .

“It hurts… so much… Hahaha… More! I want more! Hahahahaha!”

“Undead Puppet?!”

Grazite grimaced and suddenly, a presence caught his attention . He turned around instinctively and witnessed a holy brilliance enveloping his entire vision!

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