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Chapter 99

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Frank could swear that he had never seen this man before . Since Rhode's physical features were very distinctive, it's impossible for someone to forget after seeing him once . But he actually mentioned about his identity, this made his body shivered somehow .

How did he know about my identity?

In Chelis family, I was someone without any status .

Even in Barce's noble circle, only a few people knew about my name .

So how did this young man find out?

Although he was secretly shocked, Frank quickly recovered his smile and replied as if nothing has happened .

"I never thought Mr . Rhode recognized a nobody like me . It is really surprising . "

"There's nothing surprising . Barce isn't too far from my homeland, I have seen you a few times, but it seemed that Mr . Frank has forgotten . It's no wonder, since we have never really interacted much before, but . . . "

Rhode expression was still as cold as usual, but his eyes flashed a trace of ridicule .

"The noble circle is really small, isn't it?"

"Indeed it is, Mr . Rhode . "

Hearing Rhode's words, Frank was a bit skeptical . He inquired some things about Rhode, so he knew that he came from the Eastern Plain . Although that place was indeed not too far from Chelis family in Barce, that place was well known for being isolated . Even the Munn Kingdom wasn't familiar with that area, let alone Barce . Although the nobles from both sides have some kind of interaction, it only happened a few times . Indeed, he has seen some noble from the Eastern Plain, but . . . there's no such person?

However, at this moment Frank wasn't only puzzled, but also a little bit anxious . He has always liked to be low key, so he was slightly in a panic . After all, Rhode didn't hesitate to expose his identity, which made Frank very disturbed . He could even feel the suspicion from the Old President and Sereck . But now, there's no way to escape anymore .

So, he could only continue to maintain his bitter smile and replied .

"I also didn't expect it . In fact, my father told me to travel to expand my knowledge, and I have been learning swordsmanship since young because I have some talent in it, that's why I joined a mercenary group to gain some experience . But I never expected that something like this happened recently . . . to maintain my mercenary group, I can't help but doing this . "

"A noble heir wants to become a mercenary?"

Rhode looked curiously at him .

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"Mr . Chelis won't agree of such a thing, right? After all . . . . "

"I also didn't intend to ask for my father consent . I know that you mercenaries don't have a good impression towards nobles, but from many days of interaction with the others, I can feel that being a mercenary isn't as bad as the rumors . I have a deep relationship with my comrades, to help them, I will even disobey my father's order . "

"So that's why . "

Rhode nodded, and he let go of Frank's hand .

"I hope you can succeed . "

"Thank you for your blessing, Mr . Rhode . I also wish your mercenary group all the best . "

Frank nodded towards Rhode . Then he turned around to leave .

"Do you know him?"

After the door closed, the Old President frowned and stared suspiciously at Rhode .

"I saw him before from afar . I knew him, but he didn't know me . "

Rhode directly replied and pretended he didn't care, then asked .

"But I never thought that he would come here to be a mercenary . "

"He has already been here for a year . "

The Old President said .

"Back then when I saw that noble, at first, I didn’t want to accept him . But this fellow was such a smooth talker and smooth talking was also his strength which isn't bad . That’s why on the mercenary assessment I recommended him to ‘Jade Tears . ’ I've heard positive news about him . In the battle with undead creatures, both the Jade Tears leader and vice leader was injured badly, right now he handles the entire mercenary group . From the looks of it, he did quite well . "

One year ago?

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So they have deliberately planned this for such a long time . . .

Hmph, the Country of Light is sure playing big .

After hearing the Old President introduction, Rhode frowned, but he no longer continued speaking . Clearly, the Old President was already spent, since many things had happened in the Association . He, as the leader, would be very busy .

"Ok, that's enough . Youngster, do you still have any business with me? If not then please leave, I’m tired and want to rest . "

"Wait, Mr . President . About the reward for this mission… According to the agreement, as long as I can bring everyone back safely, you would double my reward . Now that I brought everyone back safe and sound, my subordinate was wounded in the process; you should show some sincerity, right?"

"You . . . you . . . Sigh . . . "

"As you can see, right now we have a big problem in Association . Can’t you even wait for a while? Are you in a hurry to buy a coffin or something?"

"This is this, and that is that . Of course, I know about the Association's situation, but it’s not an excuse for you to reject rewarding me . According to the agreement, please give the reward to me . "

"You greedy b*stard!!!"

At that moment, the Old President’s angry roar echoed through the entire Deep Stone City .

Anne opened her eyes .

She stared blankly at the white ceiling and turned around to look at the window . It was already evening . The night is almost upon the city . A tiny flame burning on the candle wick gently swayed as it brought a warm and peaceful feeling to the room .


Anne woke up and shook her head . The soft bed, decorated room, smell of weeds and flowers filled the air . This gave some clarity to her previously muddled mind .

"That’s right… I was fighting with the Death Knight, and then I…"

Thinking about this, the healthy colors on her face drained and turned pale, as if she suddenly thought of something terrifying . She couldn’t help but shake uncontrollably .

I-I, I . . . transformed . . . ?

. . . In front of leader?

In front of sisters?

I really, I really did that?

"Knock knock knock . "

The sudden knocking sound gave Anne a shock, and she subconsciously screamed .

"Who is that?!"

"It’s me, Lize . You finally woke up? Anne?"

Followed by this sentence, Lize brought a hot soup and walked into the room . Looking at Anne’s face, she relieved .

"Great! You finally woke up! How are you feeling? You've been unconscious for almost two days and must be very hungry . This soup was made by Uncle Walker, I think it might suit your taste . "

Having said that, Lize placed the bowl on the table . It was clear that Anne was not as energetic as usual . On the contrary, she held on tightly to the edges of the blanket to hide her body and face . Only revealing her blinking eyes that were filled with uncertainty .

"Sis, sister… are you not afraid?"


Hearing Anne’s question, Lize curiously turned around to look at Anne .

"I, I transformed, right?"

But, Anne ignored Lize eyes completely, she only stammered and spoke in a timid voice .

"Didn’t I transformed into that? Sister? Everyone was definitely frightened, I . . . I…"

"Half beast, right?"

Hearing those words, Anne’s shivered again . Her hands clamped harder on the sheet and lowered her head . She didn’t even dare to look at Lize . Right now, she was feeling anxious because she didn’t know what to do . It was her fault; she should have revealed it to everyone from the start . But she didn’t have the courage because the old leader told her to keep her identity a secret . The reactions of the people in her former mercenary group after she transformed was etched into her mind for eternity . Everyone displayed faces of fear and hate . Now that it happened again, how would Sister Lize, and Leader react?

Do they no longer want me? Do they want to kick me out?

When Anne's thoughts began to wander off, a hand suddenly rubbed her head . Softly stroking her hair .

"You stupid girl . "

Lize stroke her head softly as she gently smiled while looking at the girl who was trembling in fear in front of her . When facing the Death Knight, she didn’t even quiver, looking at her now, it was as if the world was coming to an end .

"Frankly, everyone was quite shocked . But they weren't afraid . Marlene, Rhode, and me, we all weren’t afraid . Don’t think about such nonsense anymore, you'd successfully blocked such a dangerous enemy to save us, we must even thank you, why would we be afraid of you?"

"Sister Lize…"

Anne lifted her head and gazed at Lize; her beautiful green eyes shone radiantly as if they could pierce through a person’s heart . Lize didn’t dodge her eyes as she looked at her with warmth . After a moment, Anne once again revealed her pure and energetic smile . She then quickly threw herself into Lize’s embrace .

"I like you all the most!"

"An, Anne?"

Watching how Anne hugged her, Lize couldn’t help but smile . If Anne had a tail right now, rather than resembling a wolf, her tail would wag like she was a . . .

"But, Anne, you must prepare yourself . "


Anne stopped moving when she heard Lize's sudden change in tone .

"You have gone against Mr . Rhode’s command . This made him very angry, on the way back he kept insisting that he wanted to punish you . That’s why you must make mental preparations; you must know that Mr . Rhode’s punishment is very scary .

"This, this…"

Hearing Lize’s words, Anne revealed an awkward expression . When she wanted to think of an excuse, a sound of protest emitted from her stomach .


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