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Chapter 973
Chapter 973: Weird Transformation

“Let him go! Outsider!”

The powerful magic beam streaked across the air towards Mini Bubble Gum . But Mini Bubble Gum remained unfazed as the light beam struck an invisible barrier that deflected the attack back in its original trajectory .


The strong impact burst with billows of smoke . Almost everyone was shocked, including Stewart who was beaten to a bloody pulp and laying on the ground . Because instead of a protective spell, this spell was obviously an offensive and deadly one! If the young lady didn’t cast a barrier over her, maybe she would have died on the spot!

“Sir Gabe!”

Richard screeched in panic . A short while later, a slim and pale middle-aged man strolled out of the smoke . His bright robe was covered with filth and dust and was tattered by the formidable blast . It seemed like the robe had fulfilled its duty in protecting its owner . If not, he would have been sprawling on the ground now .

Gabe narrowed his eyes at Mini Bubble Gum like a wolf sizing up its prey viciously . On the other hand, Mini Bubble Gum crossed her arms and lifted her head proudly like she was looking at a beggar .

Richard felt his head spinning . Gabe was Stewart’s mentor and the coordinator of this test . He was powerful and protective of his students . The reason why Richard was hesitant about coming here was because of this man . If it weren’t for him, Richard wouldn’t have been so concerned about the safety issues of this place . But now… Richard was speechless . It was apparent that Gabe was furious . But… what could he do about it?

“How dare you attack the elite students of the Mage Tower? Do you know the consequences?”

“Haha . ”

Mini Bubble Gum chortled in disdain as though she were looking at an idiot .

“I heard an idiot saying something similar earlier on . Why? Are you here to find trouble too, fool?”

“Your doings are provocations towards the Mage Tower’s dignity! You will pay for it!”


Mini Bubble Gum pouted .

“You’re talking about dignity as a backstabber? Are you that shameless, you old fart? Don’t attack me if you’re so brave . You’re afraid now after knowing that you can’t defeat me, right? Now you’re trying to use the Mage Tower to pressurize me? This slut can’t be your illegitimate child, can he? Why does he have the same low IQ as you?”


Gabe turned ashen instantly . The apprentices shifted their gaze between Stewart and Gabe simultaneously and nodded in thoughts . They did look similar… Could it be that Stewart was really Gabe’s illegitimate child?

“Yes? What do you want, old fart?”

Mini Bubble Gum had gotten into battle mode . She squinted and cracked her knuckles before clenching them into fists . She presented a smile full of ridicule at the man .

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“Come and fight me if you dare . A big man like you, acting so effeminately . Could it be that your little one down there has been cut off already? Hmm? You sure look like a eunuch with that look of a sharp-nose monkey . I hate people like you who use your position to bully others when in fact you’re nothing more than cowardly trash . You’re obviously a good-for-nothing and only survived with your wonderful boot-licking skills to get to where you are today . Do you really think that you’re so great? Sigh… Just looking at you makes my blood boil . I shall teach you a lesson on how a dog barks!”

If it weren’t for this horrendous situation, Richard and his team would have raised their hands and cheered in celebration . At this moment, the other apprentices also seemed to be in deep thoughts . If it weren’t for their identities as apprentices, they would have expressed their respect to Mini Bubble Gum . Even though her words were harsh, they had surprisingly hit the nail on the head because it was indeed true that Stewart and Gabe weren’t well-liked in the tower .

“Bubble’s ridicule is still the usual . ”

Rhode sighed . He often saw her on forum posts sparring verbally with groups of people . In the end, the people were infuriated while she left victorious . Of course, she had been banned from time to time but, so what? According to her, she would have won either way as those idiotic dogs couldn’t sleep peacefully or even commit suicide .

I’m rich, so I don’t care even if I have to pay the fine!

Rhode had to admit that her mockeries were indeed in the Legendary Stage .

“Rhode . ”

Canary called and he heard some uncertainty in her voice .

“I feel like something isn’t quite right with that man . ”


Rhode twitched his brow, shifting his gaze to Gabe . Indeed, he discovered that there was something wrong with him . It was a strange and mysterious feeling where the man was just disagreeable to his eyes . He didn’t seem to belong here .

Yes . He was like an unrelated object added to a perfect picture, inappropriate and annoying…

“Chaos worshiper?”

There was a high chance that he was one . Canary nodded in agreement .

“There’s a high possibility… No, I think you’re right . Judging from his incompatibility level with Order, he could be considered one of the Chaos worshipers . If this continues, he might convert into a Chaos Being soon . ”

“One more brainless idiot? No wonder the Mage Tower sent so many people to their deaths here . It seems like this was all premeditated . ”

Rhode snorted . Chaos Worshipers and Chaos Beings were different . Chaos Beings were born in Chaos, the enemies Rhode fought against when opening up the land of Chaos . On the other hand, Chaos Worshipers were humans who had faith in Chaos . They followed the teachings of Chaos, attempting to destroy the world like madmen . In fact, Rhode couldn’t understand why so many people would believe in Chaos since the purpose of Chaos was to destroy the world of Order .

“Do you need Bubble to get rid of him?”

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“I think she’s about to…”


Before Rhode finished his sentence, a white radiance dazzled and he didn’t need to continue his words anymore .

“Come on, trash . I’m standing right here for you . Come hit me!”

The white beam of light burst into the sky, rumbling the entire ground . An array of colorful magical radiance shone and enfolded the petite figure . Shortly after as the magical radiances dispersed, Mini Bubble Gum stood ever so strikingly within, like Godzilla, unharmed by the army .

Even though this Godzilla was just too small to be one .

Gabe lost his cool . He paled, hands gesticulating to cast a magic ritual . Then, a powerful force of magic erupted, blasting at the young lady . Even though he was in a horrendous situation, he maintained his calm expression . From a certain degree, he did seem capable of being a high-level mentor .

But it was a pity that ants and mice weren’t different in the eyes of a gigantic elephant .

“My hand burns in scarlet flames, yelling for me to hold on to victory . Erupt! Earth-shattering fist!”

A blinding white radiance flashed .

At the next moment, the crowd witnessed Gabe being flung into the air by a tornado, his body twisting and spinning . After the tornado gradually dispersed, the pitiful mage crashed to the ground . If it weren’t for his robe, he would have fallen to his death . Richard and his group realized that even though the blast was huge, the campsite wasn’t damaged at all! Her powerful strength and absolute mastery of skills left them revering in awe .

“Why? You got anything else to say?”

Mini Bubble Gum strolled to the unconscious man, dragged him up by the collar, and glared fiercely at him . She pouted in displeasure and lifted her fist once again . At this moment… She heard Rhode’s voice .

“Alright, Bubble, time to eat . ”

“Got it, Leader . ”

Mini Bubble Gum swept a glance at the man before loosening her grip and tossing him to the ground . Then, she turned around and strolled toward Rhode, only to come to a halt when she passed by Stewart . Stewart’s forehead was filled with beads of sweat after witnessing his mentor being completely crushed by her . He didn’t expect that even his mentor was defeated mercilessly . What else could he do?

“D-Don’t kill me…”

“Tsk . ”

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Mini Bubble Gum erected her brows . Then, she raised her right foot and stomped between his legs .


Stewart screamed mournfully in pain, but Mini Bubble Gum wasn’t satisfied yet . She grinned, rubbing the sole of the boot a couple more times on the smashed testicles before joining back to Rhode’s group . Of course, she didn’t forget to cast another light beam on Stewart . But this time, he rolled his eyes and went into a coma .

Many male apprentices instinctively held on to the object between their legs, protecting their pair .

Just like this, Rhode’s group strutted off and no one except the two bashed-up idiots dared to stop them . All the apprentices and mentors witnessed how Mini Bubble Gum crushed Gabe . Even though she was merciful, they had to admit that the reputation of a high-level mentor like Gabe had gone down the drain entirely .

“Hey… Richard?” Aaron gazed out of fear and respect at the several figures who left their camp . Then, he continued . “… I realize that we’re really lucky . Aren’t we?”

“Traces of Chaos?”

Mini Bubble Gum cocked her head to the side . Then, she hammered her fist into the palm .

“No wonder the system report seems a little strange . So this was why . ”


“Yes, Leader, Big sister . Look . ”

As Phantom Guardians, Mini Bubble Gum and Canary had their individual player system interfaces . Mini Bubble Gum extended her hand and gesticulated in midair . A system interface appeared before Canary and Rhode . But no one except for the three of them could see it .

“Look . ”

The system reflected her godlike damage output and among them, there were a few that were unlike the rest .

[Purification Damage +30004]

[Purification Damage +23054]

[Purification Damage +19732]

It wasn’t news to see the word ‘purification’ because Mini Bubble Gum’s strength was pure, sacred energy . It was common to see it when she fought Chaos creatures, demons, devils, and undeads, but bewildering when it appeared from battles with humans .

“Devil or Chaos?”

Without a doubt, they got straight into the question instantly . If the enemy was a Chaos worshiper, it would be impossible to ‘purify’ him because there was only something wrong with his mind and he ultimately was still a person of Order . But since he was ‘purified’, it meant that he was either contaminated by Chaos or possessed by a devil .

“Who knows . But I think both are possible . Considering his mage identity, the latter possibility is higher . After all, he can conceal his magic aura, but if the group of old farts in the Mage Tower didn’t even notice the pure Chaos aura in him, they are better off dying . ”

Rhode came to a halt at Mini Bubble Gum’s response . He pondered for a while, before activating spiritual communications .

“Marlene, can u hear me?”

“Hmm… Rhode? Yes, hold on . I’m here . Give me a moment…”

It seems like Marlene hadn’t gotten used to communicating spiritually . After a few moments of silence, her voice sounded again .

“Rhode… can you hear me? How are you doing there? Is anything the problem?”

“We’ve just arrived at the Deepest Labyrinth and met some interesting things . By the way, how’s negotiations with the Mage Tower? Who is their representative?”

“The negotiations are done . The Mage Tower is currently building the Dimension Gate and branch office under my supervision . As for their representative, it is Madam Mandy, one of the high-level mentors . ”

“Got it . ”

Rhode nodded .

“Marlene, I need you to immediately look for the higher-ups of the Mage Tower and ask them about the apprentice test taking place in the Enchanted Forest and Deepest Labyrinth . I also want to know who suggested this proposal . By the way…”

The corners of his mouth lifted .

“Don’t forget to bring Alice along . ”

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