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Chapter 972
Chapter 972: Strange Development

The campsite was silenced .

Richard rubbed his forehead in despair while the other apprentices in his group gazed at Stewart in sadness and pity . Perhaps others didn’t know, but Richard’s group was fully aware that Mini Bubble Gum wasn’t afraid of inviting trouble . One could count one’s lucky stars if she didn’t provoke one . But if one were to provoke her… The thought of the mercenaries’ plight sent a chill up Richard’s spine . At this moment, he should have stepped in to stop their conflict . But his instincts warned him that he was safer watching from the sideline .

“What did you say, you brat?”

Stewart grunted . He wasn’t a broad-minded person to begin with, and as one of the popular talents among the new generation, he was arrogant to those who were below him in strength . Stewart thought that sooner or later, he would be the ruler of the Mage Tower, so he believed that people should fawn on and serve him . As for those who denied his presence, he would show them the consequences of their attitude toward him .

It was due to his proud attitude that he wasn’t well-liked in the organization . But Stewart didn’t care because those people who were only jealous of his abilities were nothing more than a bunch of incapable fools . They couldn’t reach his level and could only be envious of him in such a lowly, disgusting manner . Those worthless trash weren’t worthy of a mention to him!

But now, perhaps Stewart had to change his views . This was the first time someone disregarded him blatantly .  How dare this repulsive brat speak to me this way!

“Do you know who you’re talking to, little brat?”

“Shut up, slut . You have no right to talk to me . ”

Mini Bubble Gum squinted at the young man in disdain as though he was nothing more than a pile of revolting, filthy trash . Her response shocked the people who weren’t aware of how powerful she was . This was also the first time they witnessed someone speaking to Stewart in this manner . Although Stewart didn’t receive special treatment from the mentors, his talent was an asset to the organization . This was why everyone tried to disregard his presence and gave him perfunctory responses at the very least . But now, they didn’t expect someone to be more arrogant than him and the young lady seemed much more adorable than this young man who always put up an annoying face .

Cuteness always won, didn’t it?

“Shut up, you impudent brat . Do you even know who he is?”

Before Stewart even retorted, his followers rushed forward and snarled at Mini Bubble Gum . Rhode had to admit that as ‘henchmen’, those apprentices sure knew how to discern the situation . At this moment, Stewart had wrinkled his nose . Even though Mini Bubble Gum seemed arrogant, she was only a cleric, after all . Just how threatening a cleric could be?

“This sir here is the most talented figure in the Mage Tower . How dare you insult him . Hurry up and apologiz—”


All of a sudden, three holy light beams blasted from above and smashed the three pitiful apprentices like iron hammers . The three apprentices crashed to the ground with rolling eyes, their mouths bubbling with white foam . Everyone widened their eyes in bewilderment . Anne observed the action excitedly, jumping on her feet . On the other hand, Canary folded her arms and watched the one-sided battle with a gracious smile like a wealthy young lady as though this was just a part of her ordinary day . Rhode turned around and caressed Christie’s hair .

“Bring Bell and the two elves to set up our camp, Christie . ”

“… Okay… Rhode…”

Christie nodded, before shifting her gaze from Mini Bubble Gum who had placed her hands on her hips like a superhero . Then, she held Bell’s hand and left the scene . Mini Bubble Gum turned around and pouted at the leaving Christie .

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How boring . I thought I could use this chance to teach Christie how one should conduct oneself in society . One can’t be too weak living in this world, Little Christie… Well, forget it . It’s more fun taking care of this group of idiots .

“Hey, slut . ”

Mini Bubble Gum turned around and gazed at Stewart .

“You the owner of those dogs? You should watch them properly because they will end up in hotpot if they continue barking like wild ones . ”

“… Hahaha…”

Stewart’s expression twisted . His eyes turned blood-shot as he stared at Mini Bubble Gum . After a few moments, he revealed a smile on his twisted face and started chuckling softly . At this moment, everyone had moved far away from both of them, watching the commotion helplessly .

“So you’re a manipulator of spiritual energy too . I’m surprised to meet a peer here . Since you’ve attacked my loyal servants, you should know what it means, young lady . I, in the name of Stewart Carat, ask that you pay for what you’ve done! Since you’re also a spell caster, let me see if your strength is enough to taunt my honor!”

Richard gaped, but eventually lowered his head and averted his gaze .

Have a safe journey, I will mourn for you .


As though responding to Richard’s condolences, a deep, heavy impact echoed in their ears . The crowd turned to Stewart and found the petite young lady standing beside him in the blink of an eye . Not only that, but the proud young man had also knelt on the ground, clutching his stomach and retching .

“A slut should act like one . I wonder why the Mage Tower even accepts useless trash like you . Do you really think you’re something? Worthless piece of sh*t! Get lost!”



Mini Bubble Gum thrust a heroic roundhouse kick into Stewart’s face . The pathetic bugger yawped and was flung to midair, before crashing heavily to the ground . It seemed like Stewart wasn’t aware of what had happened . He grasped his stomach, looked around him in despair, and saw many apprentices in the crowd chortling . Even though Stewart saw himself as a dazzling star in the Mage Tower, those who came here were all elite apprentices, after all . Even if Stewart was stronger than the apprentices, he was no match for Mini Bubble Gum at all . His arrogant attitude had incited everyone’s displeasure in the past, and now, everyone felt glad to see him in this plight .

Not sure if it was due to the chuckles from the crowd or his fast recovery, Stewart returned to his senses quickly . He was enraged by his miserable state, especially after hearing their laughter . He blew his top . He had never been treated this way, ever! Not even his father had ever hit him!

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“You bast*rd! Get ready to feel my wrath!”

Stewart raised his right hand and in the blink of an eye, countless azure lightning bolts burst out from his body, diffusing to the surroundings . Not only that, but several magic rituals also appeared in thin air, spinning and aiming at Mini Bubble Gum . The young lady didn’t respond at all as she stood on the spot confidently . She placed her hands on her hips and squinted at the young man as though watching a monkey’s play .

“Richard, aren’t you going to stop them?”

Richard turned to a young lady with a long, purple ponytail who asked while watching the battle worriedly .

“This won’t end well, right? No matter what, Stewart is also a member of the tower . Besides, if he goes crazy, maybe we will be in trouble too…”

“Don’t worry, Frey . Stewart will not stand a chance against the young lady . I suppose we should get ready and hope that she doesn’t kill him . If we lose a life here, that’s when we will be in huge trouble . ”

“Lose a life?”

Frey shifted her gaze to Mini Bubble Gum, startled . She couldn’t imagine how this petite young lady would kill someone . She wouldn’t be surprised if it were Stewart, but for this young lady…

“Go to hell!”

At this moment, the countless lightning bolts had coalesced in the magic ritual on Stewart’s hand . As soon as the command was given, it would turn into a formidable light of destruction that would devastate the enemy . The lightning bolts dazzled and swelled to form an enormous energy ball . Then…


In an instant, the powerful force of energy flowing in his hand vanished completely without a trace, as though all that happened were false .  How is this possible? Where is my power? Where has my power disappeared to? Why can’t I use my spiritual energy? Why can’t the magic ritual be cast? Why?!

Kacha .


Stewart let out a blood-curdling screech . He curled up in defense to no avail . His legs were completely smashed under Mini Bubble Gum’s feet and twisted into a horrendous shape . The crowd subconsciously took a step back . They didn’t expect this petite, adorable young lady to be this vicious .

“Isn’t this fun, you piece of trash? You see, it feels alright to lose your power, isn’t it?”

“You… You…”

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“What? Is there something that you want to say to me, slut?”

“How dare you treat me this way! The Mage Tower will neve—… Arghhhhhh!”

Stewart clenched his teeth to the agony, but was yet again struck by another blast of immense pain . Mini Bubble Gum had stomped her right foot on his defenseless arm and displayed a wide grin .

“Oh, you’re bringing up the Mage Tower now? Do you really think that the Mage Tower will find trouble with us for the sake of a lowly piece of trash like you? Ha! Who do you think you are? Be a man and don’t bring up your backstage supporter after trouble has arrived!”

“Argh… Argh…”

“… Tsk . ”

Mini Bubble Gum sputtered . She clenched her fists and laughed evilly at the young man . But no one knew where the young man got the courage to lift his head and glare at the young lady .

“The Mage Tower is my pride . You…”

“You’re not the Mage Tower’s pride . Yes, I understand . Which part of you looks like an apprentice of the Mage Tower?”

“You… How dare you humiliate me! You will pay for it!”

Stewart snarled as though he had lost all rationale due to fear and anger . But at the next moment, a powerful gust of wind blew against his ears and blasted him to the stone wall behind, interrupting his words .


“Well said . I wonder how many members in your family have that honorable statement engraved on their tombstones . ”

Mini Bubble Gum squinted at the young man dangerously and presented a mocking smile . Even though Stewart blanched to her gaze, he gnashed his teeth stubbornly despite the agony . Mini Bubble Gum grimaced at the sight of his displeasing reaction . She thought of having some fun with him, but since he didn’t coordinate by crying and begging on his knees, it infuriated her even further .

“Madam Bubble…”

At this moment, Richard braced himself and went up to her .

“… Could you please stop? He will be in danger if…”


Mini Bubble Gum rolled her eyes, before cackling with laughter .

“Who do you think I am, Richard?”


Richard was stunned . It had to be mentioned that the apprentices were indeed cut off from the rest of the world for too long . While Richard traveled with Rhode’s group, Rhode’s group had introduced their names, but Richard didn’t seem to relate them to anyone . And there was a reason for that . Even though everyone else knew who Rhode was and most of them addressed him as the Void Dragon out of habit, perhaps this was also why their real names were often neglected . It was as though the popular artistes in the real world where maybe apart from the hardcore fans, no one knew their real names . This was why Richard wasn’t aware of Rhode’s true identity when he introduced himself . But if Rhode were to introduce himself as the Void Dragon, Richard would definitely know who he was .

“I’m a cleric . What do you think a cleric is for?”

Mini Bubble Gum waved her hand and a beam of light descended from above, shrouding Stewart entirely . Shortly after, Stewart’s shattered arm and legs healed and recovered quickly . Richard heaved a sigh of relief inwardly, thinking that this was the end of the one-sided fight . But her next sentence immediately put him on guard .

“Since this fella isn’t willing to beg for mercy, I shall see if his mouth is tougher than my fist! It doesn’t matter even if I cripple him since I’m a cleric . I can heal him after I cripple him again! Ha! This is part of the reason why I chose my class as a cleric!”

No, clerics shouldn’t act like this!

The crowd ridiculed in their minds . At this moment, Stewart seemed even more pale . He thought that she wouldn’t kill him with the Mage Tower as his backing, but it seemed like this was worse than death!

But at this moment, a deep voice resounded .

“Let him go! Outsider!”

A blinding magical radiance streaked across the air, launched at Mini Bubble Gum .

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